Passive Income Superstars January 2021 Survey Results

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Firstly, if you were one of the people who took my survey – THANK YOU!

The information I was able to gather from these two surveys (one for my overall community, the other for my Affiliate Marketing Superstars students) has been invaluable. You can see the results of both surveys below.

The information I have been able to glean has really helped me to focus on the direction I want to take Passive Income Superstars in 2021. It’s helped me to understand where my audience are at, what they want to achieve, what problems they have and how I can go about helping them to achieve their goals.

I never want to be one of those coaches who only cares about their bank balance at the end of the day. I genuinely want the best for you and want to see you succeed.

I decided the share the results of my 2021 survey for a few reasons.

  1. I want to be transparent and honest with you
  2. I want you to know I am genuinely taking action on your suggestions
  3. Reading this might trigger some additional suggestions and I am always open to hearing new ideas
  4. I want to fill you in on things to expect going forward.
  5. This might give you some ideas for how you can survey your own audience.
  6. Finally, writing this down helps me focus my thoughts and makes me accountable and therefore more likely to take action.

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Passive Income Superstars January 2021 Survey Results

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    Firstly who took the survey?

    In total 82 people took the surveys – 71 took the main survey and 11 of my Affiliate Marketing Superstar students contributed.

    • The 71 people who took the main survey were a mixture of Facebook group members and email newsletter subscribers.
    • 70% were members of my Facebook community and 91% were on my newsletter list.
    • Of those who took the survey, 67% were beginners, 29% intermediate level and 3% advanced.
    Piechart showing level experience
    Passive Income Superstars January 2021 Survey Results

    Action points

    • There are more beginners in the group so I will make sure I am covering plenty of content appropriate for beginners on the blog and using Facebook lives.
    • Prior to this survey, I was under the impression that the vast majority of the group were predominantly interested in affiliate marketing. Therefore, I’ve been a little cautious about sharing too much information about email marketing and digital products. But seeing how popular both topics are, I will definitely be sharing more related articles going forward!

    Student priorities

    Understanding my communities greatest struggles will help me to create better content designed to help solve those difficulties. The top 5 issues were

    1. Growing traffic → Read more about growing traffic here.
    2. Monetisation → Learn more about monetising here.
    3. Time management → Read my time-saving blogging tips
    4. Focus and Motivation → Read about well being for bloggers
    5. Consistency and organisation → Check out the blog Boss Management System

    Quite a few bloggers mentioned how stressed they felt. Blogging can be tough so I recommend checking out these self care tips for bloggers and make sure you are looking after yourself! Don’t burn out!

    Passive Income Superstars January 2021 Survey Results

    I asked about the topics you were most interested to learn about and it’s clear I need to create more content about digital products and SEO! Watch this space…

    Passive Income Superstars January 2021 Survey Results

    The Facebook Group

    What people were saying…

    When asked what you liked best about the Facebook group, the breadth of information and tips was the most common point. People also pointed out that they felt supported, enjoyed the community spirit and valued the fact that I was often present in the group giving detailed advice.

    Passive Income Superstars January 2021 Survey Results

    Here are a few of the specific comments I got…

    “I’ve only just dived into affiliate marketing and the amount of knowledge in that groups is amazing.

    I like how you are always willing to share such great information with everyone in your group!

    It has a ton of tips and information. Plus it is good to be able to listen to other people in a similar position or, even better, have overcome their beginning stages and are seeing success.

    I love how active and helpful you are. I’m fairly new to the group so I always feel a bit shy asking newbie questions. You’ve been so helpful and totally didn’t make me feel dumb. I actually feel comfortable to ask questions

    Actually, I rarely see it on my feed. I had to look it up! I like the mix of expert content you post, and the basic questions people ask.

    I also asked about the improvements you would like to see inside the Facebook group. Many of you commented that you just weren’t seeing my posts inside your newsfeed but that you wished you did.

    I would recommend if you are one of these people, you navigate to the 3 grey dots in the top right corner of the screen inside the group and click on notification settings and then select ‘all posts.’ That way, any activity inside the group including all my tips and educational content, will appear inside your newsfeed.

    A few people also commented that they would like to see more engagement between other members. I’m also really keen to improve the community aspects of the group. I don’t want it to be JUST about education, I want it to be a safe space to connect with other bloggers.

    Part of the issue recently has been with a Facebook algorithm change. They are introducing pay-to-play strategies inside groups which is a huge shame. Groups are supposed to be about community not paying for clicks.

    Fortunately I have a few ideas for how to beat the algorithm – see below.

    Passive Income Superstars January 2021 Survey Results
    Passive Income Superstars January 2021 Survey Results
    Passive Income Superstars January 2021 Survey Results

    Action points

    • We are running a competition in the group to boost engagement. The most helpful group member will win free access to Affiliate Marketing Superstars course. The competition will run until February 12th but I will also think about what we can do on an ongoing basis to keep engagement up. Higher engagement leads to increased reach and the more we see posts in our feeds and interact with them, the better the ongoing reach and engagement.
    • I am introducing some threads as you advised you would like me to. I made sure that two of them were focussed more on engagement and community.

    Here is our thread schedule (focussed on boosting passive income and community spirit) which I will be reviewing again in a few weeks time. I’d also like to start adding in monthly collab threads. Watch this space…

    💰 Make Money Mondays → Recommend a product and drop an affiliate link.

    💰 Tempt me Tuesdays → Tell us about your digital products that you sell.

    👭 Winning Wednesdays → Share your wins, both big and small.

    💌 Freebie Thursdays → Grow your email list by sharing your free lead magnets.

    👭 Friday Fundays → This will be something different each week designed for connecting beyond our blogs!

    What you can do to help the Facebook group become the best community it can be..

    When you see a post from the group, make a comment or if you don’t have time, just hit like! When you have questions, just pop them in the newsfeed. The more you engage, the more our community will grow and we will beat the pesky Facebook algorithm changes!

    My email newsletter

    What people were saying…

    In general, people LOVED the tip based emails with 37/71 people commenting that the useful tips was their favourite thing about being on my email list. You also particularly liked getting special offers and hearing about freebies and summits.

    Others liked the more personal emails and some loved case studies. I plan to continue creating a combination of all of these but with a focus on tip based emails.

    Passive Income Superstars January 2021 Survey Results

    Comments about my email newsletters

    “They feel like they’re from a real person. You come across as helpful and approachable. I’ve replied to a couple of your emails. You always respond and I never felt like you wouldn’t answer my questions or have the time to help.”

    “Honestly, I LOVE them! They are one of a veryyyy few, that I read. I love that there is always the chance that there might be a gem in there – a tip on affiliate marketing e.g. that really helps me. Also, I like that you are sharing some personal details lately, very likeable. 😊”

    “I find the newsletters interesting and full of helpful information. I strive to be as successful as your newsletter/site is.”

    “I read them – so that’s a plus. So many others I delete or ignore. Must be your headings. I am working on my affiliates and blogs so you are front and center in my head.”

    “I love the info you share in emails – always worth my time to open them as I will learn something valuable.”

    “You have a very easy going voice, I don’t feel pressured to do anything”

    “Just like in the FB group – a lot of very informative content with real-life examples.”

    “It’s full of helpful info and I feel like we’re becoming friends 🙂
    You don’t just pop in randomly to promote stuff.”

    “You don’t waste my time with fluff. Short and sweet”

    Passive Income Superstars January 2021 Survey Results

    Action points

    • More tip based emails and continue to use a variety of formats.
    • You like your emails short and to the point without fluff – noted!
    • Personality and connection was a common reason for opening my emails so I will continue to include more personal aspects in my emails!

    My products

    Next I wanted to know how I could help you with products by understanding how you learn and what products you are considering purchasing. Also understanding your biggest issues (see above) helps me to identify products I can create to help you with those issues.

    Blog posts and templates were your top two favourite ways to learn. Video courses were slightly more popular than ebooks or text based courses.

    Passive Income Superstars January 2021 Survey Results
    Passive Income Superstars January 2021 Survey Results
    Passive Income Superstars January 2021 Survey Results

    Action points

    • I’m planning to add more video content to my courses
    • The majority of products purchased were my affiliate marketing courses but when I asked what products you were planning to purchase, there was a much broader distribution. This made me wonder if I need to promote the other products a little more often than I do as it seems there is a lack of awareness for some of the other products.
    • Quite a few of you are interested in one-on-one coaching and I am planning to introduce this soon. Initially with just a couple of people and if it’s going well, I can open up a few more places!

    Get a FREE audience survey template

    Survey your own audience using this FREE airtable template to discover what content to create, what affiliate products to promote and how to get them more engaged with your content

    Passive Income Superstars January 2021 Survey Results

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      Affiliate Marketing Superstars Survey

      Next up was my Affiliate Marketing Superstars student survey. I wanted to learn how I could continue to improve this course. I am so determined this should be the absolute best affiliate marketing course for bloggers and as such, I need to get unbiased feedback.

      11 students took the survey (of about 70 AMS students in total.)

      The survey was anonymous unless they chose to add their name and a testimonial. I wanted students to have the opportunity to be completely honest and feel able to leave negative feedback too.

      Of those that took the survey, most were still working through, applying the theories. A few had completed the course and taken action. Those people had some incredible results I will share with you shortly!

      What people said

      “Leanne answers any questions quickly and without making you feel silly.

      “It was easy to understand but not just surface-level information.”

      I like the easy to understand format and language which makes the information actionable. Although I equally like the fact that the FB group is very supportive and Leanne’s answers to questions are always in-depth.

      The content is comprehensive but still easy to follow and in bite size chunks.

      You do a good job of explaining things clearly. I like the videos mixed in with text content. I like that there was very basic info but also more advanced concepts

      Honestly I think it was a steal! I got it for around $170 when you offered a deal in September. For newer bloggers, the $200 price point is probably attractive but it could probably be priced at $300 for all that’s included

      As always with Leanne’s products, the clear and concise instructions with detailed step-by-step guides really help to up your monetization game. The course has ample content for every aspect of making money through your blog, from links to products, reviews, email funnels and more. It really is the no-BS way to learn about affiliates.

      Affiliate Marketing Superstars is the program to invest in if you are serious about utilizing affiliates programs and making passive income. The information is easy to digest, not overly techy and amazing value for all of the information and bonuses you’ll receive. Invest in yourself today!

      Suggestions made to improve the course

      • 1 person wanted more video content
      • 1 person wanted more information about programs to join
      • 1 person wanted more examples in more niches another wanted more email marketing examples.
      • 1 person wanted more information about Thirsty Affiliates
      • 1 person wanted more information about affiliate plugins for them to be able to have something similar coded for a non WordPress website. This is a very specific issue so I’d recommend for the person who wrote this, if you’re reading this now, pop your questions in the Facebook group and I’ll do my best to answer them there. That’s exactly the sort of thing the Facebook group should be used for!
      • 1 person wants more help on understanding Convertkit – this is a bit of a separate topic but I do have plans for a low-cost Convertkit course… Watch this space!
      Passive Income Superstars January 2021 Survey Results

      What made you purchase?

      The first thing I noted was that over one third of the students who filled in this survey had purchased other affiliate marketing courses or ebooks in the past but still felt there was gaps in their knowledge. These people all stated they were now much more confident in affiliate marketing – this made my day!

      Passive Income Superstars January 2021 Survey Results

      What made students decide to take the plunge

      These are the reasons people gave me for deciding to purchase the course

      • Heard about other case studies from other bloggers who are doing really well.
      • Feedback and recommendations from others.
      • Getting to know me inside the Facebook and building the trust.
      • Knowing my background was in travel and that I started making good money when my page numbers were still relatively low.
      • They enjoyed my free content and found me likeable (thanks!)
      • Was something on the to-do list for too long then a timely discount pushed them in the right direction.
      • What they were doing wasn’t working and they felt they needed some help.
      • They were making money but wanted to start scaling and getting bigger results and needed help to get over that hurdle.
      Passive Income Superstars January 2021 Survey Results
      Passive Income Superstars January 2021 Survey Results

      I was really pleased that every single student who had finished the course felt more confident with affiliate marketing! Yay!

      I asked how long the course took them and most students liked to work through it slowly, taking action as they went. Others went through it in a few days or weeks but then went back to review and action it. This is really useful for me to understand as this is often a question people have before purchasing.

      The course was very detailed, I was worried the amount of information could feel overwhelming especially for beginners. I’m very detail-driven and I didn’t want to create a course which just served ‘surface content’ that could be found free elsewhere! I’ve purchased those courses myself and they are so annoying!

      But by creating such a detailed course (there are over 70 lessons!) I was worried it could feel overwhelming.

      I was glad to see that no one said it was too overwhelming. A few agreed that it was a lot of information but that because it was broken into bite sized chunks and organised well, it wasn’t a problem – they were just grateful for the depth of information! Yay! This was a relief as it was my biggest concern.

      Passive Income Superstars January 2021 Survey Results

      Off the back of this, I asked if my students had any suggestions to make the volume of content less overwhelming. They had some great ideas…

      • Include an indication of the time it will take to achieve each topic.
      • Create a group accountability thread inside the Facebook group.
      • More activity in the Facebook group to keep people on track such as Zoom networking sessions.

      Course favourites

      Next I asked my students about their favourite lessons and resources.

      The most popular modules were

      • Affiliate strategy
      • Creating articles which convert
      • The technicalities
      Passive Income Superstars January 2021 Survey Results

      The most popular bonuses were

      • The affiliate article templates
      • The workbook
      • The Facebook group
      • The end of module action points
      • The case studies
      Passive Income Superstars January 2021 Survey Results

      Course outcomes

      I asked my students if they were happy with the price and thought it was good value for money. I also asked how much they thought the course was worth.

      I was told the course was worth between $200-300 with an average vote of $245. Other students pointed out the price is about right now but if I were to add more video content it could be worth around $300.

      Currently, the price is $197 and I was happy that not a single person thought it was overpriced and many told me it was worth more than I charged!

      Happy days!

      I asked those who had completed the course, how much more money they were making. Only a few students had completed the course so it was a small sample size.

      1 person told me they went from earning <$100 to <$2000. Another went from <$300 to $2000.

      What was particularly interesting for both of these students is that they were both in a niche dramatically affected by the pandemic like travel.

      This is super inspiring and I couldn’t be more proud! 🤩

      Another who was still working through the course had doubled their income and one student told me that they are on track to earn more in January and February than they did during the whole of 2020.

      There was one student who had completed the course but hadn’t increased their income yet. However, this person stated they were happy with the course and would recommend it to a friend so it’s possible they just haven’t actioned the strategies yet or it is due to the impact of Covid as they did state they were in an affected niche.

      Some travel blogs are definitely more affected than others depending on the sub-niche, type of travel and locations they focus on. For example, New Zealand domestic travel has resumed as normal.

      I wish now that I had asked specifically if each student had had time and opportunity to action strategies as I think this would be a useful insight. I’ll be adding that question for future survey takers!

      I asked my students if they would recommend Affiliate Marketing Superstars to a friend. A few already had! A couple were too early in the course to say for sure but everyone who had finished the course or completed a significant portion of it said that yes, they would recommend it to a friend! Yay!

      Passive Income Superstars January 2021 Survey Results

      36% told me that they would now be highly likely to take up one-to-one coaching with me. Another 36% said it was something they would consider.

      73% told me they had joined my affiliate program or planned to in the future.

      Action points

      • I plan to introduce more video content during the year including some other surprise extras. The price may go up slightly at this point to reflect the time it will take to achieve this but I do intend to keep it affordable.
      • I am working on a more in-depth spreadsheet with affiliate program recommendations which should be inside the course soon.
      • I plan to include more examples in more niches. Whilst there are many travel bloggers in the course due to my background in travel, I want to make sure everyone is catered for. So I will be on the prowl for good examples of affiliate marketing in different niches to share with you…
      • I’m planning to put together more articles about Convertkit and possibly a low-cost course. This won’t be included in the course as it’s a little separate from the topic of affiliate marketing and not everyone inside the course will use Convertkit.
      • I plan to start an accountability thread inside the AMS-only Facebook group.


      Surveying both audiences was such a valuable experience. I plan to do this annually going forward and I would also like to do surveys for my other tools, toolkits and ebooks.

      I was so grateful for some really lovely feedback as well as some constructive feedback which I can take action upon to continue to improve Passive Income Superstars and our community.

      I’ve already started to put many of these action plans into action. But there are a few other things you can expect during 2021 at some point…

      • More improvements to Affiliate Marketing Superstars. I’m constantly making tweaks and adding news strategies but I’d also like to add more video content. Watch this space!
      • I’d love to do a course on email marketing at some point. This may be a project for the latter half of 2021. I would also love to create a course about creating digital products at some point in the future.
      • There will be mnore content about. SEO, digital products and email marketing on the blog.
      • I plan to slowly start introducing some one-on-one coaching
      • You can expect more threads in the Facebook group designed to help you grow your list, earn more passive income and network with other members of our community.
      • I presented at the Blogger Breakthrough summit recently. It was the biggest conference I had spoken at and I got such great feedback which helped my confidence levels no end! I’m hoping this means there will be more speaking events in the future!

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      Passive Income Superstars January 2021 Survey Results

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        Have you surveyed your audience? Has this inspired you to do your own survey? Tell us in the comments!

        Also, let me know which change you are most excited for!

        Thank you once again to everyone who kindly gave their time to help me with this project!

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