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How to get more Traffic to your blog and see actual results!

Your might be producing the most incredible articles but if no ones reading them, then you’re a long way off having a profitable business! In order to make money from your blog, you need lots of traffic AND the right traffic (e.g. people actually interested in the products you are promoting.)

It can be really frustrating when no one is reading your work. I’ve been there. I got an initial flurry of traffic – mostly my Mum checking in every day (thanks Mum) and a few curious friends eager to see what I was up to. I was so excited to get 3000 views in my first month blogging. But the next month it was 2000 and then it just plateaued. For AGES. 

But then I discovered the magic of SEO and Pinterest and finally my traffic started to rise. Every month it grew quickly. Most months I now achieve 10-30% growth compared to the last and in one year, my blog views grew by a staggering 450%   

Sadly, Pinterest and SEO wizardry are not skills you can learn overnight. Sure you can learn the basics pretty quickly but if you want to excel in the already competitive blogosphere, you have to get absorbed in both topics and learn the intricacies which will help get your blog seen ahead of all the other millions and zillions of bloggers out there trying to do the same thing. Pinning erratically and throwing in a bunch of poorly research keywords just ain’t gonna cut it! 

But don’t panic. I’m going to break it all down for you and make super easy to digest. Stick with me and I will teach you everything I know about maximising your traffic using Pinterest and SEO magic skills…


What is SEO anyway?!

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It’s a strategy bloggers and online businesses use to teach Google what their website and their articles are about. Google then decides which are the best and most relevant articles to show people when they do a Google search. 

You can achieve this by using keywords in your titles, articles and images as well as writing articles that stay relevant and on topic. It’s important to write lots of articles on particular subjects to demonstrate to Google that you are an expert in that field! 

picture of a girl brainstorming to choose a blog name
screenshot of keysearch keyword seo tool

But how do I choose a keyword to focus on?

It’s important that your keywords are;

  1. Inline with user intent 
  2. Searched for frequently 
  3. Not overly competitive

Most bloggers use a keyword research tool to find out this information before planning their content. I recommend using Keysearch. It’s the single most valuable investment I made in my business. 

Check out Keyserach here


What about Pinterest?

Pinterest is an awesome tool and whilst SEO is a slow game (but one absolutely worth playing,) Pinterest has the potential to give much quicker results. 

Many people think that Pinterest is another social media platform but actually it’s a visual search engine. Therefore SEO is just as important here. 

People often use Pinterest as an inspirational tool so it suits more generalised articles which will appeal to a larger audience. 

To be successful on Pinterest, you will need to stay very active on the platform as well as create beautiful, visually appealing pins optimised for keywords. 

screenshot of colourful pins on pinterest
Screen Shot of schedule on tailwind


How do I pin a lot when I’m super busy already?

Luckily there is an awesome tool for that too and one I recommend you invest in early. Tailwind allows you to automate your Pinterest schedule and plan a month of content in less than an hour! 

It also helps you connect with other pinners so that you can promote each others work via tribes. Add to this, they have brilliant analytics, a million times better than Pinterest analytics. 

I wouldn’t be without it. It save me SO much time and helps bring a lot of traffic to my website. 

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