Blog Boss Management System

Do you ever feel overwhelmed juggling all the moving pieces with your blog?

If you have ever felt out of control trying to navigate the complex business of blogging, you are not alone! Bloggers wear so many hats after all..! 

There’s content creation, photography, SEO, Pinterest strategy, Instagram, Facebook algorithms, email marketing, website management, graphic design, affiliate marketing, ad management, pitching brands, managing collaborations and SO MUCH MORE to master! 

And don’t even get me started on tax returns..!

So if you’ve felt overwhelmed, out of control or unorganised, then let me introduce you to your new best friend…




Your blog organisational head quarters. Your ticket to easy-breezy efficient blogging.

Blog Boss Management System
Blog Boss Management System

The Blog Boss management system is way more than a blog planner. It’s a one-stop-shop management system helping you navigate the complex business of blogging with a sense of calm and clarity. 

No more scrambling to find that genius idea which you scribbled down on a scrap of paper somewhere and haven’t seen for days. No more juggling messy spreadsheets, downloads and unorganised folders. 

Using my favourite, free, simple-to-use  management tool, Airtable, you will finally have a system which is user friendly and keeps even the most chaotic of bloggers on track. 

Keep EVERYTHING in one place. From your brain waves and take home lessons to your strategy notes, content planning, Pinterest management plan and blog expenses for tax returns. 

Strategise, plan, track, and take notes all in ONE place. You can even upload learning resources like ebooks or your Pinterest graphics to keep everything in one convenient location for efficient blogging. 

Blog Boss Management System
As someone who has more than one blog, I need to be super organised or stuff just doesn't get done. But you end up with sheets of paper, files, bits in Notion and no real sense of being in control. With Leanne's system, I now have a central hub for my business that can be customised for each blog and makes use of the power of Airtable, one of my favourite tools. You cannot afford not to have this if you are serious about your blog - and even more so if you want to succeed at affiliate marketing!
Blog Boss Management System
Angela Tempest
Blogger and Pinterest management consultant
Blog Boss Management System

Strategy & education

Do you collect courses but never get around to actioning them? Well that's a thing of the past. Keep all your aha moments, goal planning and new strategies in one place. Stay laser focussed on where to spend your precious time for maximum results, blog growth and income.

Blog Boss Management System

Planning epic content

Learn to structure blog posts which get a ton of views, newsletters your list can't wait to open, pins that get found and clicked on and plan an affiliate strategy that actually works. The planning sheets in this management system will make effective content creation a total breeze.

Blog Boss Management System

Tracking results

Stay on track with super simple tracking systems that will help you keep on top of all of your important stats. From affiliate conversion rates to email engagement and of course keeping track of those pesky expenses for a calmer tax return experience!


Airtable manages to be an extremely powerful organisational tool whilst retaining the simplicity of a spreadsheet. It will revolutionise the way you manage your blogging business. 

Think of it like the perfect blend of Excel, Word and Google drive. You can see your plans and stats at a glance but you can pack a lot more detail in and even upload documents like article drafts or educational resources. And, it’s extremely simple to use!

You can view the information in various ways from expansive spreadsheets which showcase the bigger picture to cards with a huge array of focussed information. 

You can interlink tabs so that planning cards link seamlessly with tracking spreadsheets. You can filter and sort tasks by priority or financial gain as well as add links, emails, phone numbers, dates, checklists and priority ratings…

It has the look and feel of a simple spreadsheet (albeit a little prettier,) but it’s capability goes far beyond that of a typical database like Excel or Google Sheets. 

As someone who has struggled with organisation in the past, Airtable has turned my management system around, helping me stay calm, decisive, in control and most importantly, efficient. The best bit? It’s free to use

Blog Boss Management System
Blog Boss Management System
Leanne you are a GENIUS! Thank you for your hard work, creating this product. You have taken one of my goals in a new direction....I can implement an airtable for various components related to my niche, now you have introduced this platform to me. I have been searching for a way to stand out in my niche and here it is! I have always been thorough with any project I have put my mind to. I think that's why I enjoy your work. All of your content is created with such clarity, so easy to understand.& implement 
New blogger



  • You felt calm and in control and knew exactly what work to be prioritising to get you faster results, rapid growth and more money in the bank…
  • You never mislaid a brilliant idea or forgot to take action on something you learned but then lost the notebook with your take-home messages scribbled in…
  • You had an endless source of hashtag lists, Facebook engagement posts and Pinterest titles and descriptions to pick from on the go – keep your content fresh whilst saving hours of time!
  • When it came to completing your tax return, it was a total stress-free breeze because everything you needed was in one place – even your receipts!


(click on the dropdown boxes to see what you will get inside!)

  • Resource cards with reading recommendations and space to upload useful resources.
  • Learning cards to document your new ideas, strategies and take-home messages and track the results. Think of it like the workbook which keeps giving!
  • Course tracker so you never lose access to a course or forget to complete it!
  • Strategy worksheet to create a laser focussed plan for your website
  • Blogging goals action plan and tracker
  • Year plan (plan out affiliate promos and special holidays plus your monthly blog and email content.)
  • Blog post planner – a space to brainstorm and then order by priority.
  • Pitch ideas planning worksheet for proposing collaborations with brands.
  • Plan how to promote affiliate products in a way which is strategic and effective
  • Map out blog posts to streamline the creation process
  • Plan epic newsletters your subscribers will be excited to receive
  • Lead magnet planner to help you grow your email list rapidly
  • Email funnel planner to map out a way to engage, nurture and monetise your email list effectively.
  • Sponsored post planner to keep track of collaboration arrangements
  • Social media content plan – allowing you to repurpose content to save time whilst publishing more consistently.
  • Manage your Pinterest strategy without the headache. You’ll know what you’ve pinned, where and when and have no shortage of descriptions, title and images to pick and mix from to create fresh content. 
  • Keep lists of Instagram hashtags in sets of 30 for all your popular topics. You can then mix and match on the go. Also keep track of the level of competition and which are your favourites to use for important posts. 
  • Plan out questions and topics you can talk about on Facebook to increase engagement. You can then reuse these next year saving more time! 
  • Plan out collaboration and guest posts and make sure you hit deadlines and meet requirements as well as ensuring the other blogger lives up to their end of the bargain. 
  • Track your blog posts and make tweaks to grow and monetise them faster
  • Track affiliate applications and keep notes to reapply when you hit certain targets
  • Track your affiliate and article outcomes so you know what is working and making you money and what isn’t so you spend more time on projects which actually generate income. 
  • Track email campaigns and identify high-performing emails to repurpose within future email sequences – helping you to automate even more of your business.
  • Keep track of networking contacts plus those little details which help you stand out when you follow up. 
  • Track your 30 day sponsored post results so that you can create useful case studies to demonstrate your ROI to brands. 
  • Track your Google and social stats, track your ad revenue breakdown, your projected and actual income and keep a record of all blog expenditures. I even share with you the items I claim back on tax to guide your documentation. Upload your receipts just in case you get audited by the tax department!
Blog Boss Management System


You will save SO much time…

Blog Boss Management System


(Click on the dropdown boxes to learn how these bonuses can help you.)

Working with virtual assistants, Pinterest managers, social media managers? Or running a whole team? 

Then you need this system in your life. 

Easily delegate tasks to your VA or other members of your team. You can share this table with them so they can see it in real-time as you update tasks and edit it themselves accordingly. 
Let your team know what deadlines to work to, who the task is assigned to, how much of a priority it is and share files as you work on projects together. 
If you pay your team on a project basis, they can also assign fees to the tasks which you can then approve. 

You can upload invoices and keep track of payments to your team in the payment tab. 

Airtable doesn’t just help you run your blog, you can also use it for fun stuff too. Like for example, in this bonus board, you can plan trips away or document Netflix and Podcast recommendations. Or you can add recipe suggestions with ingredient lists so you can access them whilst you’re already out shopping! 

It also covers some practical topics too like personal finances, to-do lists and shopping lists. 

Full of ideas but not sure how to prioritise your blog content? Using this decision-making tool, you will gain clarity about where to spend your time to grow and monetise your blog a little faster!

By answering some simple questions about the blog posts you have in mind, you will generate a priority score. Add this to the summary table and it will auto-shuffle to show you which articles need to be your priority! 

Is your to-do list out of control? We’ve all been there! 

Gain clarity and understand which project to tackle next by using this tool to rank each task by blog growth and money-making potential. Your time is precious – spend it wisely!

So many ideas and so little time? 

Use this tool to understand which affiliate products are the best fit for your brand AND have the most money-making potential. You can then focus your efforts on these products and programs to start making money faster! 

New to Airtable? No problem. It’s a simple tool to use but I also include video tutorials showing you how to use the tool and how to gain the most from it. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it before!

Tutorials come in both text and video form .

Use this template to send a survey to your social followers/email list/Facebook groups etc to get feedback and find out what content they want and what problems they have (which you can then solve with affiliate products!)

Their answers will automatically get populated into a spreadsheet for you to refer back to helping you to create the best content and grow a loyal community of follwers who feel super special because you asked their opinion and acted on it! 

"Leanne has worked her incredible magic and created the ultimate blogging organiser that will save you time, track your posts, and help you organise your ideas. As bloggers, there are so many moving pieces (and so many pretty notebooks) but Leanne's tool is an all-in-one HQ for everything and anything blogging related! If you're thinking about investing in this resource, do it. You'll save HOURS of time with Leanne's streamlined system!"


This blog management system is suitable for all levels of bloggers. The sooner you get organised and focussed, the faster your blog will be successful. 

Beginners will benefit from strategy and content planning worksheets to help them get it right without too much trial and error. 

More advanced bloggers will find the email marketing planners and trackers particularly useful and may benefit from the delegation planner for working with virtual assistants. 


Yep, it’s a really simple, user-friendly tool that I think you will really love using. I don’t know how I managed without it now! 

But just in case, I have also created some video tutorials showing you how to use Airtable and get the most from the program. You’ll be up and running in no time at all.

Yep, once you have paid for this management system, you will not have to shell out more for your subscription – Airtable is completely free! 

There is a pro version but you probably won’t need it straight away. I still use the free version myself.

That said, there are some cool features I’m tempted by like the ability to search tables and turn databases into pretty graphs. But you certainly won’t NEED these. 


You can invite a virtual assistant to collaborate on your own board. It means you can set tasks, communicate updates and collaborate on the same projects when needed. 

If you work with a VA then you will find the bonus tool, Delegate Like a Boss, particularly useful!

Yes there is a free app you can download! 

Whilst some things are better to visualise on a desktop, I find the info cards feature super useful on an app. 

Eg, I can grab a list of my Instagram hashtags, or a Pinterest description and image I saved earlier or I can make some notes when I learn something new or stumble across an idea!

If you’re not yet familiar with Airtable, I would start by using it on Desktop first to understand how everything works and links together and then the app will make a lot more sense!

This is SO much more than a blog planner. Firstly there is so much more scope covered with this system – it’s many tools in one neat organised package. 

Many blog planners you will download, print, use for a few days then lose down the back of your sofa!

This is designed to be a system which makes your everyday easier, keeps you focussed and organised and won’t go missing! You can keep everything in one place creating a more streamlined management system. 

The digital nature of this product means that at the click of a button you can organise everything in order of priority or money-making potential!

One of the common roadblocks a lot of my students tell me they experience is difficulty prioritising tasks. They tell me they get overwhelmed by all the moving pieces of blogging and find it hard to know what to focus on 1st. 

So I set about solving this problem and came up with 3 decision making tools. 

They are based on questionnaires where you rank statements 0-3 depending on if you agree or not. Each statement is focussed on what benefit that task will reward you. 

The score gets automatically tallied and when added to a list of tasks, they automatically get shuffled into order of priority based on what will have the biggest impact on your business, helping you to grow and monetise your blog much faster and efficiently.  


There are 3 decision tools: 

  • Which blog post to prioritise
  • Which project to prioritise
  • Which affiliate products to promote and prioritise.

Due to the digital nature of this product, I cannot offer refunds. But if you have questions about it before purchasing, feel free to reach out and ask me.

Yes, you can earn 30% with a 12 month cookie. Just reach out to me at and we will get you set up!

Blog Boss Management System


If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

But in the meantime, if you’re ready to get blog-organised, sign up right here!