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3 creative ways to use quizzes to monetise your blog

3 creative ways to use quizzes to monetise your blog

Quizzes are a super fun, engaging way not only to potentially ‘go viral’ but also to grow your email list and make money promoting your own products or affiliate offers. Learn how in this article

Siteground vs Lyrical Host – Why I’m switching web hosts

lyricaL host logo on a desktop depict this lyrical host promo code

Choosing the right website host can save you both money and a headache down the line! here I compare two of the most popular web hosts for bloggers side by side: Siteground vs Lyrical Host. I’ll show you why I made the unexpected decision to switch hosts…

Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest – Earn Big, With or Without a Blog!

Pencil drawing of symbolis I heart pinterest to depict this pinterest affiliate marketing guide

Want to start making money on Pinterest? This detailed guide to Pinterest affiliate marketing strategy will have you on the right path to making Pinterest passive income in no time at all…

Know Like and Trust Factor: Trust-based Marketing 101

Picture of a group of women chatting and smiling depicting trust based marketing

If you use affiliate marketing or sell digital products, chances are you’ve heard how important the know, like and trust factor is? In this article we explore trust-based marketing and how to instil confidence in our audience.

Airbnb Associates Affiliate Program has closed – so what now?

picture of a villa at dusk with a beautiful pool

After a year of big financial blows for travel bloggers, the Airbnb Associates Affiliate program (which was probably one of the few affiliate programs still generating an income for many travel bloggers) decided to shut its doors for good, resulting in outrage in the blogosphere. For many travel bloggers, in a year where travel was [Read more…]

Flodesk vs Convertkit – Which is Best? [Plus 50% OFF]


Trying to decide between Flodesk and Convertkit for your email marketing platform? This side-by-side comparison will help you decide which is best for you and your business

What is EPC in Affiliate Marketing and does it even matter?

someone using a calculator on a phone to work out the EPC

Baffled by what EPC means for affiliate programs? And why should you care? I break it down in this article to help you understand how to use EPC to your advantage to make more money with affiliate marketing…

Mailerlite vs Convertkit – Which is the best email marketing platform in 2021

A side by side comparison of mailerlit vs Convertkit with 2 mockups on laptop and bullet points comparing the differences listed in the text below

Mailerlite vs Convertkit – which is the best email marketing platform for your needs in 2021? I compare the features, the price, the ease of use, deliverability and reliability and more in this email marketing platform comparison

The Best Blogging Planners for a Mega Organised 2021

Piucture of someone making notes on a to-do list next to a laptop

If you want to get organised and increase your blogging productivity then you need a good blogging planner. Check out these recommendations and find the perfect organiser for you.