Blogger Breakthrough Summit Review (and how to get a free ticket)

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Last year I was invited to host a blogging masterclass for the Blogger Breakthrough summit and I jumped at the chance. This was also my first time attending and I was so intrigued to see what it was all about and learn from the other blogging experts hosting presentations.

The Blogger Breakthrough Summit 2021 is now in full swing and I have to say, it has been fantastic. So I thought I’d discuss it in this Blogger Breakthrough review so future attendees can know what to expect!

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What is the Blogger Breakthrough Summit?

Once a year, blogging coaches and experts come together to offer tips and insight into a huge range of topics including

  • SEO
  • WordPress and tech
  • Pinterest strategy
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Youtube
  • Social media
  • Creating digital products

and a whole lot more…

Hosted on HeySummit, the sessions are pre-recorded (to allow for transcripts to make it accessible for all) but the presenter turns up live in the chat to answer all your questions throughout the presentation.

Some are in interview format and others regular presentations with slides.

Each presentation lasts 30-45 minutes and with a free ticket, you’ll have access to each masterclass for 24 hours after it airs.

Attendees also have the option to upgrade to get lifelong access to all presentations – perfect for busy people.

The talks are split into categories and also ability levels. This means that beginners can focus on just beginner sessions to make sure they don’t get overwhelmed. Equally more advanced bloggers can focus on the sessions where they are likely to gain the most advanced tips and strategies.

Why should you consider attending the Blogger Breakthrough Summit?

Bloggers have to wear many, many hats and it can feel overwhelming trying to not only learn everything you need to know about each component like SEO, Pinterest strategy, affiliate marketing, email marketing, social media etc but also to keep up to date with changes!

Things change quickly in the online space and we need to stay up to date at all times. Just like when I was a doctor before becoming a blogger, I attended medical conferences, now I attend blogging ones!

It helps me stay ahead of the game allowing me to grow a thriving business with my blog a little faster than if I just tried to figure out everything on my own!

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Is it just presentations?

No theres over fun stuff going on to – think of it like a blogging festival!

There is a pop-up Facebook group which is super active and a great place to get your questions answered by the presenters.

There’s a bingo competition to win prizes such as free upgraded passes and blogging tools.

Every entrant also gets a digital swag bag. Elizabeth the summit organiser has considered everything. There are even activities to keep your other half or kids amused whilst you focus on your blogging education!

In addition to the presentations, you will also be able to download freebies contributed by the presenters and some are even hosting competitions for attendees. For example, I am giving away a copy of my affiliate course Affiliate Marketing Superstars for one live attendee!

What if you are too busy to attend?

You get access to each presentation for 24 hours after it airs. Therefore if you’re in the wrong timezone or are busy elsewhere, you will still have an opportunity to watch it for free.

However, if you do want longer access or if you want access to written transcripts or a podcast version (perfect for listening on the go) then you can upgrade to the Access All Areas pass and get lifelong access.

What is the difference between the free pass, Access all areas and Pro passes?

The free pass gets you access to each presentation for 24 hours after it airs. It’s amazing this much value is available for free but it does rely on you being able to clear a little room in your schedule to make the most of it.

The Access all areas pass gets you lifelong access. So you can return to watch the presentations at your leisure. You can also read the transcripts or listen in via the private podcast stream – my personal favourite way to stay up to date!

The Pro pass gets you lifelong access but you all get additional bonuses such as discounts off blogging tools and also access to a huge range of ebooks and courses contributed by the speakers. For example, I contributed my brand new affiliate marketing ebook ‘Click and Convert.’

The pro pass also gets you access to a VIP networking event where you can network online with other attendees and some speakers!

Who are the presentations aimed at?

There are presentations for all level of bloggers. They are grouped by beginner/intermediate/advanced and the topic srange from understanding the basics of SEO to creating online courses and setting up sales funnels so there really is something for every level!

In general, the topics are grouped together on specific days. Like for example, the day of writing this there are 3 affiliate marketing presentations. I’m kicking things off with a beginner session then two other affiliate marketing strategists are doing more advanced sessions too. So collectively, we have all of you budding affiliate marketers covered!

Image of details of my talk at the blogger breakthrough summit with time (8am pst) and date 28th Jan.

When does it take place?

Usually in January each year though specific dates vary. In 2021 it runs between 25-29th January but you can still grab access all area passes after the event takes place for an additional week or so.

Why is it not live?

By pre-recording sessions, the summit organisers can make sure there are subtitles and transcripts making it more accessible to those with visual or hearing impairments.

It also means that the speakers can be actively answering your questions in real-time whilst the presentation takes place which can be super helpful!

How can I get a ticket?

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