9 Social Media Hacks for Lazy Online Business Owners in 2023

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Confession time. I’m a lazy business owner.

Or at least I don’t like spending much time on tasks I think are boring or that I don’t think will make me much moolah. I’m running a business and so I have to be smart with my time. I’m sure you feel the same?

And the truth is, social media is a total time suck.

The time I spend on social media could be so much better spent on writing lucrative affiliate articles, creating new courses and digital products, working with my students or just having a social life. (I vaguely remember what that was like…)

So over the years, in order to maintain my sanity, I have discovered a lot of social media hacks which save me a lot of time as an online business owner.

This means less social media distraction and a more productive, happy Leanne!

So I figured I would share some of those hacks with you. Maybe you are also a lazy business owner?! (Or a smart one?!)

Let’s dive in!

Social Media Hack One – Use pre-made templates

If you ever find yourself scratching your head trying to think of something, ANYTHING, to say on social media OR if you struggle to get any engagement on your posts then consider cheating with templates.

I stumbled across Social Media Calendar several months back and grabbed their travel templates pack.

Game changer.

I just plugged them into Canva, changed up the brand colours and then scheduled them to my social media platforms.

It’s a quick simple way to create engaging and highly visual branded social media posts.

Inside the bundle I purchased I got

  • 200 Inspiring Quotes
  • 100 Travel Questions
  • 50 Travel tips
  • 50 “Would you rather” questions

The good news?

They’ve been busy bees and now they have template bundles for just about every niche and business from female empowerment to nutrition, fashion, beauty, pets, yoga business and lifestyle.

Extra tip | When you first upload them to Canva, use Canva Pro Magic Resize and save copies for all social media formats. Make sure you change your brand colours first! If you don’t have Canva Pro yet, grab their 30 day free trial and you can always cancel on day 29!

Automate your Facebook Group

If you have a Facebook group you will know that they can be super valuable for you to grow brand recognition.

You’ll also know they are a total time suck.

Approving members, writing welcome messages, reminding people to fill out the admission questions… It all eats into your precious time, right?!

The good news is that there is now a solution and that solution is called Group Leads.

It works as a Chrome extension and allows you to automate a lot of the group admin tasks that either slow you down or cost you a fortune in virtual assistant wages.

Firstly, Group leads identify email addresses within your responses and adds them to a Google sheet. From there, they get added to an email sequence on autopilot allowing you to grow your email list easily by providing new subscribers with an incentive like a lead magnet.

Therefore, you can grow your Facebook group and email list simultaneously.

About 80-90% of my new group members usually opt in for my free mini course and that’s a LOT of email subscribers I would miss out on without Group Leads. Because let’s face it, I was too lazy to do it manually before Group Leads came along…

Group Leads will let you set up welcome messages and cycle through them on random, tagging new subscribers and welcoming them to your group.

You can also send welcome messages via DM automatically making your new group members feel all warm and fuzzy. Honestly, I get so many sweet messages about how people feel so welcomed. (Little do they know it’s an automated message, personalised with their name… mwahaha…)

I mean it would be really awesome if I could have a little chat with everyone in the DM when they first join. But there are simply not enough hours in the day for that!

As well as welcome DM’s you can also send messages reminding new members to fill in the questions to gain access.

You can even set automatic approvals or declines based on set criteria such as filling in all the questions.

The other thing I really love about Group Leads is that those precious answers to my group questions, never get lost. I can refer back to them later on. I like to use the questions to gauge what interests my members so I can tailor my content for the majority.

If you are using a VA right now for these tasks, I’d recommend grabbing Group Leads and assigning your VA more useful money-making tasks which can’t be automated with a simple Chrome extension…

You’ll save a lot of time AND money with Group Leads in the long run!

Social Media Hack 3 – Save lists of hashtags

This might be obvious but it always amazes me how many people don’t do this! And typing out 30 hashtags on Instagram for every post just sounds painful.

Now I don’t recommend using the same hashtags every time – that’s going to get pretty stale! But create a note on your phone with bundles of hashtags for each of your most popular topics and rotate through them, keeping things fresh!

Simple but effective.

Bonus tip | Use Tailwind Instagram scheduler to get hashtag recommendations and to find out their difficulty scores. You get 30 Instagram posts for free so make the most of your trial and make lots of hashtag lists!

Social media hack 4 – Use photography presets

Branding is pretty important for blogging. You want someone to look at your content and recognise it immediately as your work. Therefore, you want to maintain the same aesthetics across all your images, right?!

The easiest way to do this is to create photo presets which you can apply to all images to give them the same ‘look.’

If you’re skilled with Lightroom, you can create your own. If not, you can steal them from elsewhere. Check out my friend Marta’s presets below – they are stunning!

Social Media Hack 5 – Use someone else’s photos!

…With permission!

Too lazy to take your own photos? Yeah me too.

I love photography. When I’m on my holiday you’ll usually find me photographing a sunset over a beautiful beach. But midweek? I’m too busy!

So I cheat and use a stock photo membership to get images for this blog and sometimes for my travel site too.

Appsumo often has good deals for stock photo bundles so if you’re in a niche like travel, check there first.

For business or lifestyle niches, then consider a styled stock photo membership.

I’m a member of two because I couldn’t choose between them. But I use them so often and they save me so much time that I don’t feel too guilty. Most even have social media templates and some even offer educational resources too!

Whilst it’s more cost-effective to get lifetime memberships, I usually purchase a years subscription and then I change it up each year. Variety is the spice of life!

These are my favourites…

  1. Ivory Mix Stock Photos
  2. Ivory Mix Stock Photos

    Ivory Mix offers a huge library of stylised feminine stock photos for bloggers as well as lots of social media templates and access to a huge library of courses and workshops on everything from branding to Pinterest strategy.

    LEARN MORE GET 500 free pictures

    We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Social media hack 6 – Use the Magic Resize Tool

I touched upon this earlier but it is such a game changer that I had to mention it again.

The Magic resize tool on Canva is one of my favourite features. It allows you to click a button and duplicate your image as different shapes and sizes suitable for all social platforms.

So I create one design then resize it for Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, my blog…

It takes less than a minute and saves me hours of time.

If you haven’t upgraded to the pro version yet, you can get a 30 day free trial.

Social Media Hack 7 – get super organised with Airtable

I am legitimately obsessed with Airtable.

Organisation has never been my forte – just ask my Mum how often I left my lunch box at school as a kid or genuinely lost my homework!

Blogging was no different until I discovered Airtable.

It’s like as if Excel and Trello had an extremely attractive baby.

Create spreadsheets, galleries, calendars, surveys and kanban boards to help you stay on top of things.

I got so excited by Airtable that I created a whole product around it – the Blog Boss System.

Our pic for productivity
Blog Boss Management System

There's a lot of moving pieces to manage as a blogger. SEO, social media, affiliate marketing, email marketing to name just a few. It can easily start to feel out of control, like you're only just keeping your head above water, right?!

The Blog Boss System is your solution. Your new blogging HQ to keep you organised, productive and generally on top of things so you can grow your blog faster.

You may wonder how you ever managed without it...

You can try out one of my Airtable magic tools for free and use it to finally find a way to stay on top of your Pinterest strategy…

You’re welcome.

Get a FREE Pinterest Management template

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    Zero spam, just genuinely awesome knowledge bombs! We respect your privacy. Unsubscribe at any time.

    Social media Hack 8 – use a fake ads account to find Pinterest search volumes.

    At the time of writing this article, no one has been clever enough to create a Pinterest keyword research tool. This means it is a guessing game and truthfully, we have no idea whether the keywords we are targetting have decent search volumes or not!

    However, if you pay to promote a pin, Pinterest will actually show you the search volumes for some keywords.

    So if you want to use this feature without paying for paid ads, just create a fake promoted pins account and use the keyword tool before exiting without submitting your promoted pin!

    Social Media Hack 9 – Use scheduling tools

    Simple? Yes.

    Obvious? yes.

    Effective? Also yes.

    I’d honestly be lost without social media scheduling tools. Logging into my social media accounts daily would just be such a drain on my time. So I batch schedule my posts way in advance. Sometimes by several months.

    Knowing I have months of scheduled content is like a massive weight has been taken off my shoulders.

    My personal scheduling tool of choice is Tailwind.

    Bonus Social Media Hack

    This one isn’t to save you time working, it’s to save you money on pretty things for your house or wardrobe!

    Because you work hard and so you deserve pretty things!

    When you discover a new item for your house or designer dress that you can’t justify the price for, just pin it to a private board on Pinterest. (Download the Pin it Chrome extension if you don’t have it already.)

    Now, click on ‘see pin.’

    Scroll down until you see related pins.

    Now that Pinterest uses shopable pins, you should see lots of similar products at different price points.

    And since Pinterest knows which country you are in, they usually only show you products available locally.

    I’ve saved a lot of money buy finding almost identical products at much better prices using this Pinterest hack!

    So did you discover any new time saving social media hacks? Do you have any of your own? I’d love you to share them in the comments below…

    Can you do a fellow blogger a favour and pin this to your Pinterest board? ! Thanks a million!

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