Styled Stock Society Review – Feminine Photos for Entrepreneurs

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In a crowded market where it’s increasing harder to feel ‘seen’ in the blogosphere or solopreneur world, branding is more important than ever.

That means using beautiful photos and graphics every time you post is essential. It can be exhausting trying to create enough of your own photos to keep up. Maybe photography isn’t your thing? Or the photos on free stock photos aren’t in keeping with the feminine style you want to portray.

The solution is a premium stock photo membership such as The Styled Stock Society.

In this Styled stock society review, I’ll be taking you inside my membership and showing you why I love it so much and why it’s worth joining for the bonuses alone!

What you can expect in this review of Styled Stock Society:

  • Why you should invest in a premium stock photo membership.
  • What is a styled stock society memberships
  • How much does it cost?
  • How it works.
  • What you get with membership
  • The pros and cons of Styled stock society membership
  • Styled Stock Society alternatives

Want to skip the Styled Stock Society review and go straight to the product? You can see the membership details here.

Just here for the freebies? No worries, you can download some gorgeous stock photos for free here.

You won’t get as many but it’s a good place to start right?!

selection of 8 styled stock society stock photos in neutral feminine colours such as a stack of pink cosy jumpers and a plate of pastel macaroons

Firstly, why join a premium stock photo memberships?

Good question. When there are plenty of free stock websites like Unsplash and Pixabay offering photos without needing to part with cash, why would you invest?

The risk of copyright infringement and hefty fines with free sites.

Well, firstly there is a dark side to free stock photo websites.

You see anyone can upload photos to the library, remove them and slap you with a copyright fine. And copyright fines are not cheap. We’re talking $$$$!

Even if you used them in good faith, you are still responsible for what appears on your website and if the person who uploaded them did not have permission to do so, you could get in trouble. There just isn’t enough protection for bloggers on free sites like this.

To help you stand out in a crowded market

Secondly, we work in a very crowded blogosphere where it is increasingly harder to stand out. Free stock photo sites are used by every blogger and his dog and so it’d not surprising when all of your pins and Instagram graphics start to look like everyone elses.

By signing up to a premium membership, you’re part of the exclusive group of people allowed to use those images. Which helps your content stay fresh.

To keep up with Pinterest’s demands

Eugh, anyone else feeling the strain of Pinterests new demands for more and more fresh pins?

It’s so blumin’ time consuming trying to keep up! Searching for new images is another job you just don’t need added to your never ending to-do list!

With a stock photo membership like Styled Stock Society, you’ll never run out of beautiful images because new images are being added constantly.

To keep your brand cohesive

Every single photo in the Styled stock society membership is light, airy and feminine. It makes keeping a cohesive brand a doddle.

Styled Stock Society Review - Feminine Photos for Entrepreneurs

Styled Stock Society Review

What is the Styled Stock Society Membership?

The Styled Stock Society membership is an all-areas-access pass to a huge library of gorgeous, soft, feminine photos for bloggers and entrepreneurs..

It includes access to over 3000 gorgeous photos suitable for various niches but especially lifestyle and business. (Don’t worry if you’re in a different niche, I’ve listed some alternatives further down in the article.)

It also includes access to hundreds of Canva templates and there are also some additional design bonuses.

Every month new templates and photos are being added to this extensive library.

How it works

You choose your membership and will be given a login. You can then login whenever you like and download as many photos or templates as you like.

You can then use these images and templates to create gorgeous feminine websites, lead magnets, pins and social graphics.

Styled stock society pricing

Styled Stock Society Review - Feminine Photos for Entrepreneurs

If you just want to dip your toes into the world of premium stock photography then you may want to start with the quarterly offer. At $75 it’s affordable for most but it is of course the least money-efficient option.

If you’re feeling more committed, you’ll save 2 months membership if you sign up for a year and if you can see this being a long term investment, the lifetime membership will work out the cheapest in the long run.

With each membership, you have access to download as many photos or templates as you like and there will be new stock added every month so you’ll never run out of images.

It’s important to know that you can cancel at any time so you will not be locked into any contracts.

These prices were accurate as of July 2020 but of course they may be subject to change. (Surely it can’t stay this much of a bargain forever?!)

Click here to buy your own membership

Click here to get 20 free images

Who would benefit form a Styled stock society membership?

The membership is aimed towards lifestyle and online business niches.

I think female business and blog owners in the following niches would benefit most;

  • General lifestyle
  • Laptop lifestyle / blogging / marketing
  • Weddings
  • Health
  • Beauty

However food and craft bloggers will also find some suitable images.

Who would NOT benefit from a Styled Stock Society membership?

I wouldn’t recommend this for travel bloggers looking for stock images. There are a few travel-themed photos but not enough to make the membership worth the cost.

Also, if you are in the travel niche, you would need very specific images. Instead, I’d recommend Canva Pro or Deposit photos.

That said, the Canva templates inside the Styled stock society membership would come in handy for ANY niche.

Styled stock society templates

Styled Stock Society Review - Feminine Photos for Entrepreneurs

One of the things I love most about this membership is that you don’t just get access to thousands of beautifully styled stock photos, you also get so many gorgeous Canva templates for creating captivating Instagram posts, clickable pins and enticing lead magnets to grow your email list.

This has the power to save you days worth of your precious time creating your own templates. It also ensures that your graphics and digital products look professional every single time!

I used one of the templates from Styled stock society to create this workbook which accompanies my free 5-day affiliate course. (Psst have you signed up yet?!)

Whilst I have the design skills to create my own, it would have taken me AGES to achieve what I managed in under an hour with this template. I just switched up my brand colours, added a few images (from SSS obviously) and added a bit of text.

Styled Stock Society Review - Feminine Photos for Entrepreneurs

Styled stock society bonus products

If you’re on my email list, you will know I love a bonus or freebie.

(Not on my list, go sign up now via any of my freebies, I’ll wait…)

Okay, so back to the bonuses. You will also get…

  • A free Instagram resource guide
  • Mockup designs to help you sell your products
  • Feminine gifs for Instagram stories
  • 365 Instagram prompts so you’ll never run out of things to say.
  • 5 stock video clips
  • 100 ready-to-post Instagram graphics.
  • Content planning worksheets

And there are new bonus products being added all the time…

The pro’s of a Styled Stock Society membership

What I love about my Styled stock membership is that I can download as many images and templates as I like. There are no limitations.

The images are really good quality and whilst there is a lot of variety they are also very cohesive throughout the library. I paired these images below at random and look how lovely they look together?!

Styled Stock Society Review - Feminine Photos for Entrepreneurs

My favourite aspect though is probably the templates. They save me SO. MUCH. TIME.

The con’s of a styled stock society membership

Hmmm, there aren’t many! But since this is a styled stock society review and not just some promo ad, I had to rack my brains for some negative points!

What I would love to see is the addition of more stock video footage. The 5 bonus videos are fantastic but they could do more. These are the sorts of clips you could add to your homepage to give it a unique interactive feel. You could also use them for promo videos or to create intros for your Youtube videos. (Actually, I might go do that now for mine..!)

As I mentioned earlier, this isn’t the right membership for travel bloggers or anyone in a niche where they need very specific images.

I would also say, though there are some family and pregnancy images, this membership is not for family bloggers. Which is a shame as I can imagine many family bloggers would prefer to use stock photos rather than pictures of their own children for privacy reasons.

Styled Stock Society Review – Value for money?

I would absolutely say it is good value for money. The template library alone is worth the price tag.

Building a beautiful, cohesive brand? Priceless.

Click HERE to get access to The Styled Stock Society

Frequently asked questions about Styled Stock Society

Still not sure? Get 20 free photos here so you can see if you like them!

Alternatives to Styled Stock Society Membership

Ivory Mix

Another strong contender is Ivory Mix. Their VIP membership is very affordable and includes access to over 5000 stunning stock photos, graphics and templates. They also include caption templates so you’re never lost for what to say on Instagram.

But where Ivory Mix stands out is that not only do you get all these photos and branding tools, but they are also hot on education. You will get access to a huge range of on-demand workshops AND access to all their premium courses.

What is so awesome is that the VIP membership that gets you access-all-areas is about the same price as just one of their courses. So you’re getting a 97% discount!

The downside? You can only join at specific times throughout the year when they take on new members. However, they take on new members most months so you won’t have to wait long once you’re on the wait list.

Click here to see what you get with a VIP Ivory Mix Membership and to get on the waitlist

Here’s an example of some of their images – these were included in their free membership option too!

Styled Stock Society Review - Feminine Photos for Entrepreneurs

The best bit? The Ivory Mix is VERY generous with their freebies.

Not only can you download 550+ free beautiful stock photos for FREE but they’ll also send new collections to your email every month. When you sign up for their free plan, you also get;

  • Over 20 Canva tutorial videos so you can be a design pro in no time.
  • A 40 page Pinterest strategy ebook – so you can drive more traffic to your website or blog.
  • Instagram growth e book so you can grow your ‘gram.
  • A branding workbook so you can have a beautiful website, unique to you
  • Video tutorials for Pinterest, Instagram and branding.
  • 30 days of Motivation positive affirmation guide
  • Phone photography cheatsheet

Seriously, this girl loves freebies as much as I do!

Grab this huge list of freebies +550 gorgeous photos by clicking here

Appsumo deposit photos

Deposit photos is a great option for anyone looking for very specific stock photos. Their library is much larger than these feminine stock memberships therefore if you are in a niche like travel where you need very specific photos of tourist attractions and locations, this is a great option.

They don’t have as many beautifully styled feminine stock photos so if your brand is in the lifestyle or female entrepreneurial niches, then stick to the membership options.

But travel bloggers, step this way! I have deposit photos for my travel site and it is so so useful. I’m never short of professional photos of my destination.

I’m a photographer myself and often I use my own images but with Pinterest demanding ever more fresh images for pins, I can’t always keep up! Also sometimes I need photos of places I visited back before I knew how to handle a camera. These are the times I turn to my deposit photo credits.

Rather than an ongoing membership, here you pay for credits. So 200 photo credits cost me $49 with this deal. There is no time limit for using these credits. This is seriously cheap when you compare it to prices for websites like Shutterstock or Adobe.

You CAN pay for a membership but unless you want to download more than 100 images every month (unlikely) then it works out a lot more wallet-friendly and flexible to use the app sumo deal.

Canva Pro

‘Wait a minute, isn’t Canva Pro a design tool not a stock photo site?’

Well yes, that’s true but their Pro membership has just had a makeover which now places Canva Pro as a contender for best stock sites.

Thats because not only can you design pins, social media graphics, ebooks and lead magnets with Canva but the pro version now offers access to 60 million stock photos.

This means that the next time you’re creating a pin or social graphic, you can choose an image from their huge library right from within the app.

They do have beautiful images and some that fit that light, airy, feminine look that many of us female entrepreneurs and bloggers aspire to. But the benefits here are the design tools and the access to many specific photos.

If it’s light, airy, feminine lifestyle images and flatlays you’re looking for, Canva still can’t compete with the likes of Styled Stock Society or the Ivory Mix.

Again, Canva Pro’s photo library is perfect for travel bloggers. Type in Paris and you’ll probably find 300+ images of the city.

Styled Stock Society Review - Feminine Photos for Entrepreneurs

The other benefits of a Canva Pro account include

  • Not only do you get a lot more photos, but the quality is so much better than the free ones.
  • Your own branding kit where you can choose or upload colour schemes, logos and fonts so that it’s easily available to you to speed up the design process.
  • The folders tool which is SO useful. I save all my personal templates and those I’ve purchased or been given as freebies and I can find them easily whenever I need a new design. I can also save photos of my most used images such as my logos and mockups of my products.
  • You get access to way more fonts and elements helping you make professional looking designs.
  • You can share templates which means that you can create your own and sell them on your online shop. Templates are in high demand currently as bloggers juggle a million tasks. They make life so much easier. So why not create some and grow your passive income?! I sell ebook and lead magnet templates myself – have you checked out my online shop?
  • It’s way cheaper than a membership for a stock site like Deposit photos or Shutterstock but you can access similar photos whilst also getting the benefits listed above.

Learn more about Canva Pro here in this Canva Pro review

Click HERE to get all the Canva Pro perks

So which stock photos should you get?

  • If you want design tools and a huge library of very specific images, choose Canva Pro. In fact, I think every blogger should have this pro-tool anyway! It’s such a time saver.

If you just want freebies then register for these:

Which will you be getting? Tell us in the comments!

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