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There are so many courses, ebooks, templates and resources for blogging that it can be overwhelming to know which to get. This is why I have created this list of my recommended blogging courses and resources to help you accelerate your blogs growth and monetisation potential.

These are all blogging courses I have either created myself, have personally taken or that I know and trust the creators completely.

Let’s start with my own blogging courses, ebooks and template packs…

Passive Income Superstars Ebooks, Templates and Courses for Bloggers

  1. Affiliate Marketing Superstars Course
  2. Affiliate Marketing Superstars Course

    If you are ready for a deep dive into affiliate marketing strategy, this course could be right up your alley.

    With a focus on ethical strategies which work even for small blogs, this course is packed with tips and ideas that will work for all niches.

    It starts with the basics for newbies but works gradually up to some advanced strategies including Pinterest marketing, automated affiliate email funnels, bridge pages, using paid ads and promoting flash sales and open-close cart sales...

    Possibly the most comprehensive affiliate marketing course available for bloggers...

  3. Blog Boss Management System
  4. Blog Boss Management System

    There's a lot of moving pieces to manage as a blogger. SEO, social media, affiliate marketing, email marketing to name just a few. It can easily start to feel out of control, like you're only just keeping your head above water, right?!

    The Blog Boss System is your solution. Your new blogging HQ to keep you organised, productive and generally on top of things so you can grow your blog faster.

    You may wonder how you ever managed without it...


Other blogging courses, ebooks and templates that I recommend

Purchase any of these blogging courses via my affiliate links below and I will gift you a copy of Click and Convert ebook as a thank you. Just send me an email with your invoice to

  1. Blog Flipping Course - HerPaperRoute
  2. Blog Flipping Course - HerPaperRoute

    Chelsea knows a thing or two about earning big bucks from flipping blogs. She regularly buys and sells blogs for a BIG profit and even runs a blog brokerage business. In this course, she will teach you everything you need to know about quickly growing a monetised niche site and how to sell it for a big sum.


Lightroom presets I recommend

Any questions about these blogging courses, just reach out and let me know!

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