Is Canva Pro Worth it for Bloggers? A Canva Pro Review

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Is Canva Pro worth it?

This is a question I hear asked all the time in the blogosphere.

In fact, I asked myself the very same question a year or so ago. The free version of Canva offered so much already that was upgrading to Canva Pro worth it?

Well the short answer is yes. I wouldn’t be without it now!

But, your business may be very different from mine and so let me share this Canva Pro review with you.

I’ll show you the features and what is the difference between free Canva and Canva Pro and you can decide for yourself whether upgrading to Canva Pro is worth doing for you and your biz!

Ready? Let’s go!

Canva Pro Review – Is Canva Pro Worth It?!

What is Canva?

Canva is a simple drag-and-drop design tool designed to be used by anyone – you don’t need a degree in graphical design to make beautiful graphics with Canva.

Despite being simple and beginner-friendly, it is also a powerful tool and even experienced graphic designers still use it on a regular basis.

A screenshot of Canva Pro dashboard

What can you use Canva to create?

You can create a huge range of digital designs within Canva.

Here are just a few ideas of the ways bloggers can use Canva…

  • To create oodles of ‘fresh’ pins helping to keep the Pinterest Gods happy.
  • To create social media posts such as Instagram grid posts, stories, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter posts.
  • To create lead magnets to entice new readers onto your list of subscribers. Lead magnets may be cheat sheets, PDF guides, recipes, how-to guides, planners and printables.
  • To create digital products such as ebooks, planners and workbooks to sell for passive income.
  • To create media kits to visually represent your brand to potential collaboration partners.

What is the difference between the free version of Canva and Canva Pro?

Whilst even the free version of Canva is incredibly powerful, Canva Pro offers many additional dfeatures designed to help bloggers and entrepreneurs save time and streamline their businesses.

I use some features more than others and I’ll share with you some of my faves soon.

Here’s a little summary of the extras you get with Canva Pro

  • More pro images
  • More pro audio, video and elements
  • More templates
  • You can resize your images for otehr social platforms with 1 click
  • Remove the backgrounds from images and make them floating stickers
  • Get organised with folders
  • Get more upload space – 100GB instead of 1G
  • Animate your images to make eye catching social posts or video pins
  • Upload to social media platforms direct from Canva
  • Create a brand design kit with your logos colours and fonts
  • Access 3000 fonts or upload your own
  • Save designs as GIFs and MP4 videos
  • Share your templates with others

Is Canva Pro easy to use?

Canva is SO easy to use. And the same goes for Canva Pro.

It is a drag-and-drop design tool which is very simple to use yet is extremely powerful and can create some epic designs with very little effort.

As well as allowing you to create designs from scratch, you can also purchase templates to use inside Canva to streamline your process even further.

Find out for yourself just how easy it is to use with this free trial…

Are there any disadvantages to using Canva Pro?

I personally find the app isn’t as easy to use as the desktop version so if I were to change anything it would be the app.

That said, any type of design process is best done on a desktop anyway and so it would be rare occasions where I use my phone to create a design.

So despite this, I would still say that yes, Canva Pro is worth it!

Canva Pro Features which I use and love.

Use this video to take a behind the scenes look at Canva Pro…

Inside Canva Pro…

Access to premium design content including millions of premium stock photos

With Canva Pro, you get access to 75 million design assets from premium stock photos to premium fonts, audio and video. It’s very rare that I can’t find what I need inside Canva.

If you were to get access to this number of premium images via a premium stock membership, you would be paying a LOT more money!

For example, with Adobe Stock, you will only get 10 images a month with a membership that costs three times the cost of Canva Pro (which allows unlimited design downloads.) To get access to 750 images, you’d be paying $200 a month with Adobe!

Access to 420,000 templates.

Stuck for design inspiration? Canva has you covered. With Canva Pro, you get access to 420,000 templates (compared to 8000 with the regular version.)

Use these templates to create pins, lead magnets and social designs.

Premium Fonts

Canva Pro gives you access to 3000 fonts. But if you have a font you want to use that is specific for your brand, you can also upload this to your brand kit and be able to access it instantly when creating designs keeping your brand beautiful and cohesive.

The Brand Kit

Upload your design hex colours, your logo and brand fonts just once and they will be stored in your design kit for rapid access. SUCH a time saver!

A screenshot showing the brand kit you get when you upgrade to canva pro

Get access to folders

Don’t underestimate how useful this one is! I’d be lost without my folders! I have folders with my favourite photos, my favourite templates, my mock up designs, my Pinterest templates, my logos and brand images.

It saves me hours of scrolling to find what I need.

I also run two websites so I can have separate folders for each.

I can also organise folders into folders so for example, I have a templates folder which opens up into Instagram templates, Facebook templates, lead magnet templates, workbook templates etc.

You get the idea. It’s crazy useful.

Here is just one of my folders with all its sub folders

Is Canva Pro Worth it for Bloggers? A Canva Pro Review

Get more storage.

The free version of Canva allows your 1GB storage. With the pro version you get 1000 GB so you don’t have to think about the file size of images you’re uploading.

Use the Content Planner

If you don’t already have a social media scheduling tool then now you can schedule your designs to your social media channels right from within Canva Pro.


Now you can create animated designs withing Canva. Perfect for Facebook ads or creating video pins for Pinterest. Video pins help boost brand engagement which helps boost ALL your pins up the Pinterest algorithm,

And it only takes a few seconds to add some animations to your design which will help you catch the eye of your readers and pinners.

Here’s an example of an image I used as an ad for the Genius Bloggers Toolkit.

Magic resize

This feature alone is worth upgrading for. Say you’ve created a square Instagram post but you also want to create something similar for Facebook, Pinterest and stories all of which are different shapes and dimensions. With Magic resize, you can resize your design to suit all social platforms with one click.

Therefore you can create Instagram posts, stories, pins, Facebook posts, Facebook ads, Twitter posts and Linked in posts in the time it takes you to create 1 post with the regular version.

Essentially you have been 7 times as efficient!

Remove backgrounds

This is super helpful for anyone who uses lead magnets or sells their own digital products. You can create product mockups then download without the background so that the products become a floating sticker.

You can now add these to opt-in forms, sales pages, pins, articles and social media images keeping your designs looking beautiful and professional.

Share templates

If you want to sell your Canva templates, use them as a lead magnet or share designs with a virtual assistant or social media/Pinterest manager then you can only do that with the pro version. I’ve found this feature so helpful.

Should you upgrade to Canva Pro?

Well, it will depend on where you are with your blog and business right now. If you have just launched your blog, maybe you do need all the Canva Pro features just yet.

picture of a question mark with a blue and pink backround helping to depict the debate if to get canva pro or not

These are the people who I think will benefit from Canva Pro most..

Those who are trying to grow their traffic quickly.

Pinterest can be a great way to do this but lately, Pinterest is demanding a constant stream of ‘fresh’ pins which can get kind of exhausting, right?!

By getting Canva Pro, you are able to access 6 million stock photos and also more pin design templates so you’ll never run out of inspiration for designs. And more pin designs = more blog traffic! Hurrah!

The folders feature will also be your friend. Save all your new pin designs to a folder or use them to organise templates so that you can get started with new pin designs in seconds instead of searching high and low through all the designs you ever created to find the exact template you want to use.

Those who need access to a lot of photos but don’t want to pay the high priced subscriptions for premium stock image websites.

Getting Canva Pro gives you access to over 6 million stock photos and you’ll find the quality and variety of the pro images is much better than the free images.

And Canva states you can use the images in any designs for any purpose. So if you create a design by making a photo with a subtle white or black frame around it then it’s a design! So you are now free to use it inside blog posts as well as using the images to create pins, social designs, lead magnets etc.

Those who are just trying to save time.

Being able to resize images in a click for all social platforms, being able to stay organised with folders and being able to access brand colours, preferred fonts and logos instantly is going to save you a lot of time. So if you are short of time then Canva Pro is perfect for you!

a woman sat on a sofa with her laptop reading this Canva pro review to decide if its right for her

Those who are trying to grow their email list

If your focus is growing your email list then you are going to need lots of awesome freebies to tempt those readers to become subscribers.

At this point, the folders feature is going to become essential for you!

Also, once I started creating my own products I found the feature which allowed me to remove backgrounds to be incredibly useful.

I create little mock-ups of my lead magnet which I save as PNG images with the background removed. I can then use them as though they were stickers so they blend seamlessly with my designs.

I use these ‘stickers’ on my opt-in boxes. Including this visual representation of what your reader will get if they sign up is very tempting and will result in higher sign-ups than using text boxes alone! Here is a little example:


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Is Canva Pro Worth it for Bloggers? A Canva Pro Review

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    Those who are creating digital products to sell

    The remove background feature becomes EVEN more useful when you are selling products as you will need to use mockups a lot.

    I use them on sales pages, pins, Facebook ads, within relevant blog posts as well as on the initial lead magnet sign up boxes or pages at the start of the funnel.

    I also save these mockups to one of my folders (again the folders feature is my friend) and I can use these on any new Canva designs really quickly without having to try to find them on my desktop then upload them each time!

    Also, the ability to resize images has come in very handy. If I’m creating images for social media ads or promotional graphics for my affiliates, I just create them once as a square design. I then resize to fit Instagram stories, pins, Facebook posts and Twitter posts in just 1 click. So I can create designs for 5 uses in the time it takes to create 1 design.

    You could also consider selling Canva templates. They are easy to create and an in-demand commodity and you can sell them easily if you have Canva Pro. One of the pro features allows you to get a link to share a design with your customers. Simply create a PDF design which has a ‘download your templates here’ button which links to the URL you can create as a pro user.

    This was actually the reason I finally tried Canva Pro for myself. In fact, I planned to create these designs, share the URL, and then cancel my membership before the 30-day trial was up. But within 48 hours with access to the pro version, I knew I wouldn’t want to be without it!

    Those who work with a team

    Canva Pro allows you to work seamlessly with a team sharing brand kits and designs for feedback. Perfect for any bloggers and business owners who are scaling their business and taking on VA’s and social media managers.

    How much does Canva Pro cost – Canva Pricing uncovered

    Canva Pro is one of the most cost effective tools that I use in my business. It saves me a lot of money on premium stock photos.

    If you are in the US, Canva Pro will cost $12.95/month if you pay annually or $9.95 paid monthly.

    If you are in the UK, Canva will cost £8.99/month paid annually or £10.99 paid monthly.

    There is also an enterprise version which is for large businesses which require a higher level of control over collaborations. In the UK it cost £24/month and in the US it is $30/month.

    You can get a FREE trial for 30 days before you commit.

    Try out all the features and decide if you will use them. You can always set a reminder on your phone to alert you before the 30 days are up which is what I do anytime I make use of a free trial.

    I do still use a stock photo membership for this website but more for the constant stream of Canva templates they offer! But my membership is specifically for laptop lifestyle images for this site. It doesn’t help with my travel site and I used to have to pay top dollar for images of specific locations when I didn’t have the right photo myself. This got pretty expensive if I needed a whole collection of images. Now I just use something from Canva Pro’s HUGE library.

    How to upgrade to Canva Pro

    Upgrading to Canva Pro is really simple.

    First, click HERE and you will be taken to a page which offers you a free 30-day trial.

    You’ll sign up with your credit card details and your 30 day free trial will start straight away.

    If you decide to stay with Canva Pro, you don’t need to do anything at all.

    If you decide to change back to a free account, it’s really simple to do.

    Simply click on your ID icon in the top right corner of the homepage. Choose account settings then billing and teams and scroll down to subscriptions. You can cancel at the click of a button – no emails required!

    Canva Pro FAQ’s

    Can you use Canva for commercial use?

    Yes, you can! You can sell any of the designs you create with Canva. The only exception is anything you created using a pre-made template. You need to create your product from scratch or use a template you’ve purchased which allows permission for commercial use.

    But if it’s a design you’ve created from scratch – go for it!

    Can I share templates without Canva Pro?

    No, if you want to sell templates yourself (or share them with friends and colleagues,) you will need a Canva Pro account. You can then choose to share a design to edit.

    Can you pause a Canva Pro subscription?

    Yes, if you are on a monthly plan or are due to renew your annual plan in the next 2 months, you will have the option to pause your membership so if you are taking some extended leave (lucky you) then you can pause your Canva payments.

    How long is the mobile app free trial?

    The trial via the phone app is shorter, just 7 days. You are better off getting the 30 day free trial on desktop. You’ll still be able to use it on your phone too.

    Can I cancel my Canva Pro membership anytime?

    Yes! You are not locked into a contract. If you pay monthly, you can stop anytime. However, they do not offer refunds.

    Is Canva better than photoshop?

    I’ve used both and prefer Canva just because it’s so easy and fast to use. Photoshop is more suited to designers where as Canva is suitable for anyone including those without any design skills. I also know plenty of graphic designers who use Canva professionally.

    So is Canva Pro worth it?

    Yes, 100% I wasn’t sure at first because you get so much with the free version but with Canva Pro, you get so many features I wouldn’t be without.

    Tools like Magic Resize and assigning folders saves me time. Being able to share templates helps me make money. Being able to remove the backgrounds for images and access so many beautiful stock photos help make professional design and branding a breeze.

    Upgrading to Canva Pro is absolutely worth it! Get a free trial here to see for yourself.

    Has this Canva Pro review helped you decide is Canva Pro is worth it?

    If you found this article helpful, can you do a blogging gal a favour and pin it to your Pinterest board? Thanks a million!

    Pin it for later!

    Is Canva Pro Worth it for Bloggers? A Canva Pro Review

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