The Best Appsumo Deals For Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

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Appsumo is the best thing to happen to bloggers since the Genius Bloggers Toolkit (my other absolute fave blogging bargain.)

But unlike the Genius Bloggers Toolkit, Appsumo deals run year-round. And they have some incredible offers suitable for bloggers and entrepreneurs.

These Appsumo deals have the potential to save you a lot of money on tools you need to grow your blog and biz.

But before we delve into some of my favourite Appsumo deals, let’s talk about what Appsumo actually is!

 girl on a laptop sat next to a jar of money which she has saved with these appsumo offers

What is Appsumo?

Appsumo is a website which offers popular products at big discounts. They are a popular platform with a large audience and so product owners agree to sell their products at a heavily discounted price on the Appsumo website in order to gain exposure and reach a larger audience.

Some of their deals are temporary such as Black Friday deals. But many are semi-evergreen offers meaning you can save money at any point when you need these products. I say semi-evergreen because many of these deals have a limited number so once they’re sold out they’re gone so it’s still advisable. toact fast when you see an amazing deal.

Today, I want to share some of my top picks and the best Appsumo deals for bloggers and entrepreneurs which I think you are going to love!

The Best Appsumo Deals For Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

Any disadvantages of buying via Appsumo?

Just that offers can disappear as fast as they appear. Brands collaborate with Appsumo to get more eyes on their products but it does require selling it at a cost lower than its actually worth. So at some point, they are likely to remove their product and go it alone.

Brands also may set limits for numbers to be sold at the lower prices and so often you will find some products get sold out quickly.

For example, one of my favourite Appsumo deals for bloggers is the Deposit Photos offer. (See more details below.) However, when I checked today, it’s sold out. That said, Deposit Photos and Appsumo have had a longstanding arrangement so I suspect they will increase availability soon – probably for Black Friday.

Therefore, if you find a great deal on Appsumo, even if it’s evergreen, you shouldn’t wait too long deciding if to purchase the product!

The Best Appsumo Deals For Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

The Best Appsumo Deals for Bloggers and Biz Owners

Here are some of my top picks that are available as of October ’20.

1. Stock Unlimited

Using premium stock photos is a good idea if you don’t have enough of your own images to use. Yes, there are free stock photo websites but everyone is using them meaning the same images are popping up everywhere and you want your business to be unique right?

Also with free stock websites, there have been more and more issues arising with copyright problems. People removing their photos then demanding proof of copyright and slapping creators with huge fines. When that started happening, I personally moved away from free stock sites.

Also with larger libraries of vetted photos, it’s refreshing to be able to find whatever I need without having to compromise.

collage of stock photos depicting a variety of lifestyle images - stock photos are just one of the best appsumo deals for bloggers

The collage above is just a few of the stock photos I have used in the past from the membership sites I use.

There are some great premium stock photo Appsumo deals for bloggers. One of those is with Stock Unlimited. You’ll get a 3-year membership with access to over 1 million stock photos for just $99 with unlimited downloads available.

2. The Template Tribe

Templates save me so much time. Sometimes I create my own and store them inside Canva folders and other times I purchase templates to be able to quickly add some diversity to my designs when mine need a bit of freshening up!

You can use templates to speed up the process of so many parts of your blog or business such as

  • Creating lead magnets to grow your email list
  • Creating ebooks to sell
  • Creating sales pages
  • Creating endless ‘fresh pins’ as Pinterest keeps demanding and endless stream of new pin designs
  • Designing media kits to land sponsored work
  • Creating designs for Facebook ads
  • Creating workbooks for courses and lead magnets
  • Creating planners and printables which you can sell
  • Creating engaging social media posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin

Check out 10 ways to use blogging templates to streamline your business.

One of the Appsumo offers that really caught my eye was The Template Tribe. You can get a 66% discount on a huge bundle of beautiful social media, lead magnet and digital product templates.

The designs are stunning and there’s a huge variety so it should be suitable for any niche.

Mockup of an ebook created with templates from the app sumo deal for the template tribe

I haven’t purchased this yet as I also have a membership with The Styled Stock Society which also gives me access to a huge library of templates. However, the Styled Stock Society (which also gives me access to stunning stock photos) is a monthly membership so a long term commitment.

I think this deal with Appsumo is great for anyone who would rather pay a one-off fee for lifetime access to a huge library of templates to grow their business.

3. Kingsumo

If you’re looking to grow your email list quickly then you may wish to host a giveaway.

Most free giveaway website hosts like Rafflecopter only allow you to grow your social platforms, they don’t capture email leads.

Kingsumo on the other hand allows your audience bonus entries for joining your email list as well as sharing your giveaway with their friends and their social followers making your giveaway more likely to go viral.

Top Tip | If you run giveaways to grow your list or social channels, make sure the prize is highly relevant to your niche to make sure you are getting quality leads who will be interested in what you have to say well past when the prize gets announced!

Usually, it would cost $198 for a lifetime license with KingSumo. But by taking advantage of this Appsumo deal, you can nab it for a 75% discount at $49.

This was one Appsumo deal I couldn’t miss out on personally, so I just snapped it up – expect more competitions coming up soon!

4. Fresh Stock

Freshstock is like the vector version of a stock photo site, perfect for anyone looking for vectors, illustrations and graphic design elements they can incorporate into their brand design and take their websites to the next level.

With this brilliant Appsumo offer, you can get lifetime access to the Freshstock library for $69 where as usually it costs $49 per month!

5. Wiser Notify

Do you sell digital products, ebooks or courses? If so this Appsumo offer may interest you.

Have you seen those little popup notifications when you’re on a sales page notifying you about who last purchased the product? Or popups with mini-reviews?

This is a form of social proof. People feel more secure making purchases when they know other people trust the product.

Wiser Notify is a tool which helps you create these pop-up purchase and review notifications on your own website. With this deal with Appsumo, you can get lifetime access for $69 and see your conversion rates soar!

The Best Appsumo Deals For Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

6. BigVU

If you create videos then you may be interested in the BigVU offer with Appsumo. This allows you to use a teleprompter to perfect your lines when you speak and you can also add subtitles and music to your videos.

You can get this lifetime deal for $69. The monthly fees usually vary between $15 and $80 so even with the basic account, you have earned your investment back within 5 months.

7. Deposit Photos

Deposit photos is a HUGE library of over 100 millions stock photos. You’re almost guaranteed to find the perfect photo inside this library.

This deal allows you lifetime access to 100 images. So you don’t get unlimited downloads like you do with the Stock Unlimited but you do get access to a much larger library so you are more likely to find the perfect image.

This deal often sells out so if it’s available when you check, I’d recommend purchasing!

8. Continually

Continually is another great Appsumo deal for bloggers who sell their own digital products and courses.

Continually provides a chatbot which you can pre-programme with answers to common questions. However you can also override it so if you happen to be online, you can override the answers and give your potential customers a more personal experience.

Usually it requires a monthly fee which can add up but with Appsumo, you can get a lifetime deal for $59. This is another deal which often sells out so if it’s available when you check, then I’d recommend purchasing it.

The Best Appsumo Deals For Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

What did you think of these Appsumo deals for bloggers and entrepreneurs? Did you find anything which could help your business?

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