3 creative ways to use quizzes to monetise your blog

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Let’s face it, everyone loves a quiz! We all want to know how we stack up against our peers and understanding what our superpower or personality type is, right?!

And the FOMO is real. What if you click away from that quiz and never know which Friends character you resemble most? Or whether you are an introverted extrovert or an extroverted introvert?!

Curiosity usually gets the better of us and we can’t resist engaging with the quiz.

So it makes sense that quizzes can be a powerful tool to help us monetise our blogs. Yet it is also one of the most under-utilised monetisation strategies used by bloggers.

This means that if you adopt quizzes into your business model, you are already 10 steps ahead of the competition.

In this article, I am going to show you 3 ways to monetise your blog using online quizzes.

I will also talk you through some of my recommended tools for creating your own quiz such as Convertbox and Interact Quizzes.

Types of Online Quizzes

Quizzes fall into three main categories. You can use any of these for each of the 3 types of quiz monetisation strategies we will discuss in a moment.

3 creative ways to use quizzes to monetise your blog

1. The Knowledge Assessment

This quiz is designed to test your reader’s knowledge of a topic. Often if they score well, your reader will feel compelled to share their results on social media. Therefore you should always include share buttons on knowledge quizzes – your quiz might even go viral!

Knowledge quizzes can also be helpful for gauging someone’s level of expertise on a topic so that you can make more personalised recommendations. For example, if you are a crafting blogger recommending a tool to use, there may be one tool that is easier to use and better suited to beginners and another more complex, expensive and suited to a crafting professional.

Examples of knowledge quizzes

  • How many of these countries have you visited?
  • Test your nutritional knowledge prowess.
3 creative ways to use quizzes to monetise your blog

2. The ‘What type are you’ quiz

As humans, we are always intrigued to learn about our own personalities, strengths and skillsets. A ‘typing quiz’ helps you to achieve exactly that.

Type quizzes are often successful due to human curiosity. Curiosity is a powerful tool when utilised effectively. These sorts of quizzes can be great for growing your email list.

Examples of Type quizzes

  • Which Harry Potter character are you?
  • What is your hidden super-power?

3. The Advice quiz

This type of quiz asks a number of questions to determine someones knowledge, requirements and budget to make recommendations which are personalised for them.

This could be advice for how to achieve a goal or it could be advice for what product or service to purchase.

This makes advice quizzes a great way to make recommendations for both affiliate and your own digital products. It is also a great way to grow your email list by incentivising sign-ups with personalised advice delivered to their inbox.

Examples of advice quiz

  • Which skin type are you?
  • What’s stopping you from losing weight?
  • Which trip should you choose?

Okay, let’s look at how you can make money with quizzes…

3 creative ways to use quizzes to monetise your blog

Option 1 – Use quizzes to promote affiliate products

One of the most common reasons for potential customers abandoning their cart is decision fatigue. These days there are so many options available to us which on the surface seems like a positive thing. But really, it can leave us feeling overwhelmed, confused and worried we will make the wrong choice.

This is a feeling I can personally identify with as a shocking decision maker! Seriously, it took me over a year to choose some office furniture!

Quizzes can help to reduce decision fatigue by guiding your reader through the purchase decisions and helping them narrow down their options.

This can help them feel more confident to make a purchase.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to use quizzes for your affiliate marketing strategy.

You can use the quiz to help you determine which is the best product for that reader. At the end, they will be told their result and the button will link to the product.

Your other option would be to include a signup form so that their results are delivered by email. That way you can follow up with an email campaign to promote those affiliate products. But we’ll talk about lead generation in just a moment.

Here is an example of a quiz I created using Convertbox to advise bloggers which email marketing platform they should choose. There are 3 platforms I recommend but each has its pros and cons so I use the quiz to determine what is important to them, what their goals are and what they can afford to pay.

Please remember that you must still disclose affiliate links in quizzes to be complaint with the FTC guidance.

Option 2 – Using a quiz to grow your email list.

This might be the most popular type of quiz that bloggers use. The quiz is used in ordert to entice readers onto an email list. From there you have opportunities to send that new subscriber into a sales funnel either for your own products or services or for affiliate products.

Even if you don’t have a funnel built yet, you can still monetise your weekly email newsletters by mentioning sales on affiliate products you recommend and also by getting more traffic back to your website which you can monetise with ad networks like Mediavine.

But most people’s inboxes are crowded with overflowing spam folders. So people are often reluctant to hand over their email address unless there is a tempting incentive!

There are two ways you can grow your email list with quizzes

  1. Get them to opt in to receive their results which are then emailed to them.
  2. To give them their results upfront but then to tempt them onto your list with a highly personalised incentive or lead magnet such a a PDF guide, ebook, template or discount coupon.

I’m in the process of building out a quiz like this which will help guide bloggers to understand what they should be focussing on next. This will lead them into the right funnel which will guide them through the process of addressing that specific part of their business.

I’ll link it here when it is done!

Option 3 – using quizzes that link to product pages

This is the type of quiz which can help you to promote your own products or services such as ebooks, digital courses, templates and coaching.

You could use a quiz to help determine which product is right for them. This is especially useful if you have products for different levels of experience.

For example, I have ebooks and courses aimed at both beginner and advanced bloggers. I wouldn’t recommend my SEO ebook to advanced bloggers but also, I’d prefer that beginners take my free affiliate course before moving onto my advanced affiliate course so that they understand the basics.

You could also use this sort of quiz to determine if they are a good fit for a product. This could be a useful quiz to use during a product launch and will help to increase your reader’s confidence that the product is suited for them.

The important thing here is you have to be willing to tell someone when a product ISN’T a good fit for them. This will help to develop trust with your audience. It will also help to reduce your refund rate!

How to set up a quiz

There are various tools which will help you to set up a quiz – both paid and free!

In general, free tools will NOT help with email list growth as they do not hook up with your email platform. This is usually a premium service. But you can set up a quiz to promote affiliate products or just to improve your reader’s user experience.

I’m personally using Convertbox. It’s actually primarily a lead generation tool but one of the features is that you can create beautiful quizzes with it.

Convertbox is one of my favourite tools and currently has a lifetime deal for a limited time so I’d recommend checking it out. It helps you create beautiful (and non-obtrusive) pop-ups (or inline forms) to grow your email list faster.

But where it is different from other similar tools is that it exchanges information with your email service provider. So next time your subscriber lands on your site, you can display a different pop up (perhaps with an affiliate offer) instead of the lead generation pop-up (since they are already on your list!)

You can also send information from Convertbox to your email service provider which is super useful when you are creating quizzes because you can add multiple different tags to your subscribers based on their quizzes choices (not just the final answer.) The more information you have about your subscribers, the better able you will be to monetise your email list effectively by sharing relevant offers (affiliate or your own!)

If you do not want to use pop-ups on your site and want to focus purely on lead generation by creating quizzes, then you should check out Interact Quizzes. They are very affordable (and even have a free plan) and can help you create beautiful user-friendly quizzes. They also have lots of templates you can use if you are feeling stuck!

3 creative ways to use quizzes to monetise your blog

How to choose the outcome

There are two ways to structure quizzes.

  1. Scored quizzes
  2. Conditional logic quizzes

Scored quizzes can only analyse one variable. Based on their answers, they will get a score that you can either share with them directly or use in order to put them into categories.

For example, if you had a quiz to determine which trip someone should take next, the variable might be how adventurous they are. You can then make 3 recommendations depending on which category they get assigned to.

  • Score 70-100 =Very adventurous – Safari camping expedition or hiking Mt Everest etc
  • Score 40-69 = Moderately adventurous – a guided tour around Sri Lanka
  • Score <39 = Not adventurous – a European city break.
3 creative ways to use quizzes to monetise your blog

Conditional logic quizzes will guide someone between questions based on their previous answer like a flow chart. So if they choose option A, they will be delivered a different question next compared to someone that choose option B.

These are more complex and can take into consideration multiple variables.

3 creative ways to use quizzes to monetise your blog

My email marketing quiz is an example of a quiz based on conditional logic.

3 creative ways to use quizzes to monetise your blog

Where to promote your quiz.

Once you have completed your quiz, you will want to get lots of eyes on it.

One option is to create a page specifically for your quiz so that you can link to it from social media.

Alternatively, you can embed your quizzes in to articles or showcase them as a pop-up when the reader goes to exit your site.

You may want to use a mixture of these methods as the more eyes you get on your quiz, the more engagement you will get and the more money you have the potential to earn.

Are you feeling inspired to start creating quizzes to monetise your blog? Which type will you create? Let us know in the comments!

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3 creative ways to use quizzes to monetise your blog

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