An Affiliate Marketing Framework – The Rule of P

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A framework is a list of ideas or rules to follow to help achieve specific goals.

I created this Affiliate marketing framework to help you keep the core principles of affiliate marketing in mind every time you write a blog post, email or social media caption.

Whenever you create an affiliate-focussed content, keep in mind the rule of P!

The Rule of P – Affiliate Marketing Framework 

To be successful with affiliate marketing, there are various factors to consider.  To help you remember the most important factors, I developed this framework: the Rule of P. 

Each of these 6 P’s covers one of the core principles for an effective affiliate marketing campaign. 

  • Passion
  • Personality 
  • People 
  • Problems 
  • Psychology 
  • Purchase intent

Let’s break this affiliate marketing framework down a little. 


Are you genuinely passionate about the product you are promoting? Can you see how it can clearly improve someones life in some way? 

Maybe it will save them time, make them money or help them to live their best life?

If you are half-hearted about a product, that will be very obvious. My biggest affiliate successes have always stemmed from promoting products I am genuinely excited about. 

Enthusiasm is infectious. If you are enthusiastic and excited about the product you are promoting, then your reader will be too.

An Affiliate Marketing Framework - The Rule of P


Think about it, if a friend and a complete stranger both suggest a product, whose recommendation will you follow? 

People make purchase decisions based on advice they receive from people they know, like and trust. 

So let your personality shine through your articles. 

Encourage readers to become subscribers and spend time nurturing your audience. 

Ways to nurture an audience 

  • Provide more value than your competitors 
  • Responds to every comment or email 
  • Give away free information.
  • Celebrate your audience’s wins
  • Only promote products that you completely back. 
picture of a girl looking confused


You need to understand ‘your people.’ Create your ideal reader avatar and keep them in mind every time you create content.

  • How old are they?
  • Are they married? Single? Have a family?
  • What do they like doing?
  • What do they not like doing?
  • What do they want to achieve?
  • What roadblocks do they have?
  • What problems do they have?
  • What social media platforms do they hang out on? 


People make purchases when products solve problems or help them get past road blocks. They need to see how a product can clearly get them from A to B. 

For example:

DIY disaster 👉 gorgeous home decor they are proud of 

Acne prone skin 👉 crystal clear complexion 

Unfit and unhealthy 👉 Feeling in the best shape of their life

Blurry photos 👉 Beautiful photos worthy of showcasing on your wall

An Affiliate Marketing Framework - The Rule of P


You know the product you are promoting is great, but how can you instil the same confidence in your readers? 

Understanding how people think and how they make decisions can help to increase conversions.

This requires using strategies to evoke certain feelings and emotions. 

Even something as simple as the colours or fonts you use can influence emotion. 

For example consider how the following colours might make us feel these emotions:

  • Yellow 👉 happy
  • Blue 👉 calm 
  • Green 👉 adventurous

Words in particular can be really powerful and so you need to start using power words in your copy. 

  • Words and phrases that evoke trust 👉 Tried-and-tested/guaranteed/proven 
  • Words that evoke confidence 👉 easy/simple/fail-proof 
  • Words that evoke a sense of urgency 👉 last chance/don’t miss out/limited time 
  • Words that evoke excitement 👉 opportunity/jaw-dropping/mind-blowing
  • Words that evoke curiosity 👉 little known/secrets/never seen before

There are many psychological strategies you can use to increase conversions, this is just a little taster! I cover many more inside my affiliate marketing course, Affiliate Marketing Superstars

Purchase intent 

If you reach your audience when they are already showing signs of purchase intent, you will find it much easier to get conversions. 

For example, when someone types ‘how to lose weight’ into a search engine, they are clearly seeking a solution and may be willing to purchase a weight loss program. 

If they search [weight loss program A] review or [program A] vs [program B] then they are showing even more purchase intent. 

Therefore it is important to target these purchase intent keywords and aim to reach people when they are ready for a solution to their problems. 

An Affiliate Marketing Framework - The Rule of P

If you keep this affiliate marketing framework in mind every time you create affiliate-focussed content, you won’t go far wrong. 

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