Siteground vs Lyrical Host – Why I’m switching web hosts

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I started my self-hosted WordPress blog with Siteground back in 2017 and have been a loyal Siteground customer ever since. So I’m as surprised as anyone to be admitting that I am switching from Siteground to Lyrical Host. 

In this blog post, I will be comparing my current web host Siteground vs Lyrical Host to show you how I came to my decision to switch to Lyrical web hosting after 4 happy years with Siteground. 

I want to start by reassuring you that whichever of these affordable web hosts you choose, you will be happy. Both Lyrical Host and Siteground are premium hosting services capable of running fast websites and both provide high-quality support, security measures and excellent customer service. 

You are far better off choosing either of these quality hosts over other less favourable major hosting companies like Hostgator, GoDaddy or Blue Host which are renowned for slow sites speeds and poor customer service. 

So let’s dig into why and how I was persuaded to make the switch to Lyrical Host…

(And make sure you grab by Lyrical Host promo code to get a discount at the end if you decide it’s the right platform for you!)

Why I’m switching from Siteground to Lyrical Host

Now as I said above, Siteground is a good hosting company and I’ve been very happy with them for the past 4 years. It’s just that I now believe that Lyrical Host is EVEN better

Siteground are a very large company and so it’s impressive that their customer service is as attentive as it is really, but Lyrical Host’s customer service just blew me away. 

Maybe it’s because the company was built for bloggers by bloggers or maybe it’s because it’s a smaller company with a strong sense of community. But regardless of the reason, Lyrical Host is excelling at customer service. 

I first discovered them shortly before the Core Web Vitals Google update was due and so I wanted to improve my site speed

Someone inside my community recommended Lyrical Host’s site speed course; Speed Boost

I took the course and was really impressed by how useful it was, completely free of jargon. 

Before I enrolled, I was a little concerned that given it was a course by another hosting company that it might just be one giant promotion for lyrical Host.

So I was very pleasantly surprised to learn it was anything but. In fact, they even stressed the point that moving hosts is not always necessary. Their authenticity and transparency impressed me.

I followed up with the team at Lyrical Host with a few questions about the course content. They were so helpful in giving me some great ideas and enlisting their WordPress developer to take a look and give me some personalised site speed suggestions! 

Compare this to my experience with Siteground. Whilst they were quick to run some tests to make sure there were no site speed issues at their end, when asked about making improvements they just tried to upsell me a site speed service. 

And it wasn’t a service where they implemented the changes. It was just an advisory service – basically exactly what Lyrical Host had provided for free when I wasn’t even a customer of theirs!

There had been a few occasions recently where Siteground had recommended hiring a WordPress developer for what I thought was simple advice they should be able to give. 

Now I can’t judge them too harshly on this. When it comes to hosting issues, they are very supportive and I think it’s pretty standard for web hosts not to issue WordPress advice beyond anything directly related to your hosting plan. 

But it’s why Lyrical Host stands out from the crowd and the main reason I am planning to switch hosting plans. 

The other main reason I am switching is that Lyrical Host is significantly cheaper.

Also, on their Boss plan, they offer unlimited SSD space and I have recently come close to bridging my allowance with Siteground with no option to upgrade beyond my current plan. Therefore the unlimited bandwidth on Lyrical plans is very appealing.

Benefits of going self hosted infographic - full control, flexibility, save money, gain authority

Lyrical host vs Siteground overview

Honestly, both hosting companies are a great option for your self-hosted WordPress blog. But there are some differences so check out how they compare side-by-side. 

Features of both hosting options compared 

SitegroundLyrical Host
(see below for
more details)
Between £5.99 – £240/month£9.99-£23.99 for all plans
Price changesPrice increases after
1st year intro rates
Flat rates and no price hikes or unexpected extra costs
Support24/7 live chat assistance9AM -2AM email/FB
messenging but site
engineers on-call 24/7 
Free migration
No, there is a transfer costYes
WordPress develop assistanceNoYes
Site speed 
Paid add-onYes, included
Website speedGood – SSD but mostly
shared platforms 
Very good – SSD plus
managed cloud hosting
Autoscaling hosting facility
(capable of
handling viral blog traffic surges)
On premium cloud 
hosting plans only
which cost >£60/month
SSL includedYesYes
CDN includedYesYes
Free domain
email account
Own premium 
caching plugin
Yes Yes
Daily backups 
Additional featuresFacebook groupFacebook community,
free stock photos, 
blogging resources 
and online events. 
Supports good causesUses renewable energy
and makes efforts to
reduce carbon footprint
in the office.
Yes, supports independent
non-profits and helps
reduce carbon footprint
by planting trees on your hosting 

Hosting packages and plans compared

Plan Number
of visits 
of sites
per month
start up
Grow Big
Go Geek
100,00040GB 10£29.99
Lyrical BossNo limitUnlimited

Neither platform offers unlimited websites but you do get 25 with Lyrical host compared to 10 with Siteground. Though even 10 blogs sounds exhausting!

* Siteground rates are based on regular prices, not the 1st year introductory prices which are slightly lower.

* To get managed cloud hosting with Siteground, plans start at £60/month and rise to £240/month

As you can see, Lyrical Host offers more features at a lower price point with fewer bandwidth limitations. The only downside is that there isn’t 24/7 assistance. However, 9 AM-2 AM is still fairly good access for a small company and Lyrical Host are always very fast to respond. 

Siteground vs Lyrical Host comparison side-by-side

Choosing between hosting companies can be challenging, especially if you don’t understand all the tech jargon. So in this Siteground vs Lyrical Host comparison, I will compare all the most important features side by side.

Lyrical host vs Siteground for Features 

You don’t miss what you don’t have so whilst I was with Siteground, I never missed the additional features Lyrical Host offers. But now I’m aware of them, it makes Lyrical stand out head and shoulders above the rest. 

Firstly bloggers who host with Lyrical Host get access to lots of bonuses which includes a blogger resource library with everything from stock photos to social media templates. They also offer educational trainings on topics related to blogging. 

You can even submit requests for resources!

Lyrical Host is clearly very committed to supporting creative businesses, charities and the environment. 

In recognition of the carbon footprint your website creates, Lyrical Host will plant 5 trees for every year you stay hosted with them. They also help support creative independent businesses and not for purchasing products for the resource library. 

Finally, they offer partner discounts on various tools and educational resources which may interest bloggers. 

Both Siteground and Lyrical Host have active Facebook communities but there are not any other unexpected features that I am aware of with Siteground.

Both Siteground and Lyrical host offer free SSL certificates, access to a CDN and a free domain email account. However, only Lyrical Host offers a free migration service. Siteground charges extra for this.

Both hosting companies also offer their own premium caching plugins. Lyrical hosting comes with it pre-installed and for Siteground, you will need to install the free superfast caching plugin, SG Optimizer.

Who wins for features? Lyrical Host hands down! 

Lyrical Hosting vs Siteground for Site speed

The most important host factor which determines site speed is if it uses SSD storage. Some hosts only use SSD for their cache so even when they advertise SSD storage, it’s not strictly true! 

Fortunately both Siteground and Lyrical host use SSD storage for their servers. They also both offer their own caching plugins which will help to improve site speed. Therefore both are considered fast hosts.

Lyrical Host may slightly outperform Siteground for site speed as it offers managed cloud hosting which is often a little faster. Siteground does offer managed cloud hosting plans too but at a much higher price point starting at £60/month. 

If you want feedback on how you can improve your site speed, Siteground will charge you for a site speed audit. Lyrical Host not only offers site speed audits and advice for free but with WordPress developers on hand, they can implement the advice for you too – at no additional cost. 

Lyrical Host users can also access a site speed course for free. It is also very affordable for non-customers. 

Siteground does have a free PDF guide you can download with some useful tips but it is nowhere near as comprehensive as the Speed boost course is! 

Who wins for site speed? Lyrical Host

Which offers more data storage, Siteground or Lyrical Host?

Siteground’s plans are pretty limited when it comes to space and bandwidth. Neither of my sites are particularly big and yet I’ve come close to the upper limits for the Go Geek plan with Siteground on multiple occasions. 

You can reduce your need for storage by deleting old backups, unused images, unused website themes etc. But ultimately, as your site grows, so will your need for space. 

Lyrical Host offers unlimited bandwidth for just $23.99/month. Siteground does not offer unlimited SSD space on any of their plans even the most expensive cloud-hosted plans which cost up to £240/month. 

Lyrical web hosting also offers the capability to handle more visitors per month on each of their plans with 4 times the blog traffic capability on their basic plan.

Who wins for data storage? Lyrical host again!

Siteground vs Lyrical Host - Why I'm switching web hosts

Siteground pricing vs Lyrical Host pricing 

Whilst at first glance, Siteground’s pricing may seem cheaper, this is actually misleading! 

Siteground offers 1st-year discounts which means that you will notice a big price increase in your 2nd year and beyond.

As hosting services go, they are still fairly affordable though Lyrical Host offers more bang for your buck.

Siteground starts at £5.99/month for your first year and £11.99/month thereafter. 

Siteground vs Lyrical Host - Why I'm switching web hosts

The issue with Sitegrounds plans (as well as the unexpected increase in price) is that the lower plans offer quite limited bandwidth and page numbers. This means it is likely you will have to upgrade quickly – possibly within a few months if your site grows quickly.

So you could end up paying much more than you initially anticipate as you will be locked in for whatever term you agreed when you signed up.

Siteground vs Lyrical Host - Why I'm switching web hosts

For example, Lyrical Host offers 40GB SSD with their most basic plan but to get this much space with Sitegound, you need to be on their 3rd tier Go Geek plan.

Where Lyrical can cope with up to 40K page visits a month on its 1st tier plan, Siteground only offers 10 K visits on its 1st tier and 24K visits on its 2nd tier. 

Siteground vs Lyrical Host - Why I'm switching web hosts

There is also the possibility you will outgrow Sitegrounds 3rd Go Geek plan meaning you would have to upgrade to their far more expensive cloud-hosted accounts which range from £60-240/month! Whereas Lyrical Host will offer you unlimited space and pageviews on a payment plan costing just £23.99/month! 

Another great plus is that Lyrical hosting offers a rolling contract so you can stop your monthly payments at any time. Getting stuck in a long contract with a host can be super frustrating. 

So who wins on price?  Lyrical Host pricing is more affordable

(If you overlook the Siteground introductory price for the basic plan which is not as good as it 1st seems!)

Which offers better customer support – Lyrical host or Siteground? 

Siteground is a larger company and as such, has a much larger customer support team. This allows them to run a 24/7 chat service. Occasionally the question reaches beyond the scope of the support team and they will refer open a tech support ticket. Usually, the tech team respond within an hour or so. Sometimes follow up messages take a little longer. 

Lyrical Host is a much smaller company (at the time of writing they are a team of just 5 people) and so currently their support team are only available from 9 AM-2 AM GMT. You can open up a chatbox on their site that links to their Facebook messenger service or you can submit a support ticket. In my experience with them so far, they are very fast to respond – I have never waited more than 10 minutes or so. 

It’s not quite as fast support as Siteground but the depth of support is better. They refer to the community as the Lyrical family which I love!

Siteground will only support you with hosting services. If you want site speed advice, you have to pay for that. If you have WordPress specific questions, they will suggest you hire a developer. 

Lyrical Host goes above and beyond to help you with any query you may have related to your site. Even if that query is about something like email marketing or SEO! 

That’s the benefit you get when you choose a hosting platform set up for bloggers by bloggers. 

Whenever I read Lyrical host reviews, the bloggers were always gushing by about the amazing customer service. 

They also have WordPress developers on their team who can advise and assist you to make changes to your WordPress site.  

Both Siteground and Lyrical Host have 24/7 engineers on site. 

So who wins on support? It’s a tie! Siteground’s support is more easily accessible whereas Lyrical Host offers more in-depth holistic support

Siteground vs Lyrical Host - Why I'm switching web hosts

Sitgeround and Lyrical Host server locations 

Siteground has 6 dedicated server locations; Iowa, London, Eemshaven, Frankfurt, Sydney and Singapore. 

Lyrical Host has 2 server locations, both in the UK in Nottingham and Derby. 

However, you do not need to worry that Lyrical Hosting offers fewer servers because they use cloud hosting. This means that the site’s content will be served from a data centre close to them and they utilise data centres worldwide to keep your website fast from any location.

Lyrical Host pros and cons 

Let’s look at Lyrical Host in isolation and its pro’s and con’s. 

Lyrical Host pro’s 

  • You get managed cloud hosting without the managed hosting price tag. (Cloud hosting starts at £60/month with Siteground!) Lyrical Host is very affordable.
  • It uses full SSD server hosting to host fast websites 
  • WordPress developer and site speed assistance with no upsells unlike alternatives like Siteground.
  • They charge flat rates and won’t increase the prices once you have your feet under the rug.
  • They have the most helpful support team I’ve ever experienced
  • They offer a free site speed course as well as one-on-one site speed advice and assistance. 
  • They have a thriving Facebook community. 
  • Their migration service is completely free. 
  • Free malware scanning and fixes
  • Free CDN, SSL certificate and domain email account.
  • If you have a large website, you won’t run out of space – the Lyrical Boss plan offers unlimited SSD bandwidth.
  • Lyrical Host is ready for viral surges in traffic
  • Being hosted with Lyrical host gets you access to their resource library with training, templates, blogging discounts and beautiful stock photos
  • Lyrical host supports independent non-profits AND plants tree’s on your ‘anniversa-tree’ to offset your carbon footprint! 

Lyrical host cons 

  • No 24/7 support access
  • No instant chat service 

Siteground Pros and Cons

Siteground pro’s  

  • 24/7 chat so if you happen to be online at 3 am and notice your site has gone down, you can flag it immediately. 
  • The live chat usually gets an almost instantaneous response 
  • You get access to an active Facebook group 
  • Uses full SSD server storage for fast websites
  • Free CDN, SSL certificate and domain email account.
  • Easy to use control panel – recently updated and much more user friendly than it was before.
  • It has a lower starting price point for beginners (though the price can be deceptive as discussed above.)

Siteground cons 

  • They don’t offer site speed or WordPress assistance – instead, they will try to upsell you a site audit or tell you to hire their recommended WordPress developer. 
  • They hike the price up after your first year so you might get a shock when you see your renewal rates! 
  • You get less for your money with all plans – less storage and fewer visitors. 
  • Migration service costs extra. 
  • The lower plans may not be able to accommodate surges in traffic when your article goes viral. 
  • Managed cloud hosting becomes very expensive with Siteground

Summary – which is best? Siteground or Lyrical Host?

I was a loyal and happy customer with Siteground for 4 years and I still believe they are a fantastic host which is far superior to other major hosting companies such as the likes of Hostgator, GoDaddy or Blue host. My personal experience was that I felt supported with their 24/7 chat service and I’ve never had any major issues with site speed. I was generally satisfied with my choice of hosting provider. 

I hadn’t gone looking for a new host and stumbled across Lyrical Host almost by accident as I was addressing my site speed and core web vitals ahead of the May Google update. 

But their customer service really blew me away and I realised I could get more bang for my buck with Lyrical Host – more storage, more assistance with site speed and WordPress, more bonuses and perks like access to limited edition stock photos or templates to grow my business. 

I was quickly outgrowing Siteground’s Go Geek plan and moving to Lyrical Host allows me to save money whilst not worrying about running out of storage at any point.

I also really appreciated that there are no hidden costs unlike with Siteground where there are extra costs at every turn!

Yes, I may miss the 24/7 instant chat feature with Siteground, but the additional features more than make up for it for me. 

For me, Lyrical host is the better hosting option.

Siteground vs Lyrical Host - Why I'm switching web hosts

Are there any Siteground and Lyrical host alternatives worth considering? 

Another premium hosting service to consider is Bigscoots. These fully managed plans are more expensive (plans start at $34.95/month) and the cheaper plans have limited SSD space so realistically, you are probably looking at a pro account that costs $98.95/month. 

Whilst their prices might sound like a bit of an owch, Bigscoots specialises in hosting larger sites with >80,000 monthly visits. These sites are usually fairly profitable so the prices can be justified. 

Bigscoots is probably one of the best hosts for site speed and they have hundreds of case studies on their site to prove that. I’ve also heard nothing but praise from Bigscoots customers. 

Kinsta is another hosting option worth checking out. They get rave reviews and are used by many of the big players in the SEO industry. See how Kinsta compares to Siteground here.

It really comes down to how much of your blogging budget you are willing to spend on hosting! 

Switching to Lyrical Host FAQs

Is it free to switch from Siteground to Lyrical host?

Yes! Lyrical Host offers a free migration service meaning that everything will be managed for you so that you can sit back and relax. This includes domain transfer.

How far ahead do you need to book the migration service?

When I just checked the booking sheet, the next available migration slot is about 2 weeks from now. That said, they do open up last minute slots and if you are in a hurry, you can always email them. 

The maximum you can book ahead is by 2 months and they recommend no less than 48-72 hours before hosting is due to expire or 7 day before your domain name expires. 

How long does migration take?

Typically, migration time takes up to 5 hours and during this time, you shouldn’t do any work on your site as you may lose the changes. 

Will there be any downtime during the migration process?

Usually, there is no downtime at all. On rare occasions, it can take a while for the changes to take place globally but they have stated on their site this has only happened twice. This actually happened to me when I was with Siteground and turned off my CDN – my site was unavailable on some networks for a few hours. However, it sounds like this is pretty unusual during the migration process. 

When should you inform your previous host that you are migrating?

You should wait until the migration is complete before cancelling your previous plan. 

You may also need to inform your ad network of the move.

Is there any risk of switching from Siteground to Lyrical Host?

No, it is risk-free because they set up a backup copy of your site before they begin. All switches are also managed by an experienced team member rather than automated. 

Will my email addresses also be switched during the migration process?

Yes, Lyrical host will set up your domain email account and bring across your email address for you. They will also help you to hook this up to your preferred email client.

Is theme installation included? 

Yep, theme installation is included in the migration process! So you can either bring across your existing theme or take your choice of themes and have a little blog refresh.

They will also spend up to 30 minutes making theme adjustments  for free if you need this and 

Do both hosting companies offer security features? 

Yes, both Siteground and Lyrical Hosting offer plenty of security features. Lyrical Host also offers free malware removal which is also a nice feature. 

Do both Siteground and Lyrical Host offer an affiliate program? 

Yes, they both have an affiliate program so you can earn affiliate commission by recommending it to fellow bloggers.

Can you get a Lyrical Host discount coupon? 

Yes! You can use my Lyrical host promo code SUPERSTAR10 which will get you 10% off your plan! 

I also offer a bonus for anyone using my link to purchase either Siteground or Lyrical host. Just use the links below and email me your invoice ( and I will send you my affiliate marketing ebook, Click and Convert which is designed to teach you how to make more money with the content you already have! 

Hopefully this Lyrical host vs Siteground comparison guide has helped you to decide which premium hosting company is right for you!

Any questions? Pop them in the comments below!

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