You've spent hours crafting your articles, optimised them for affiliates but no one is reading, let alone buying what you recommend?



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Teaching you how find lucrative keywords and attract the RIGHT traffic.

THIS e-book is for you if...

You want to find a way to get your article in front of the perfect audience every time.

You want to make money through affiliate marketing but understand that you need to attract the right audience to be successful. 

You’re willing to put in the work to improve your websites SEO and understand it can take some patience to see the results 

You want to learn about SEO without being bored to tears. You just want to know what to do to see REAL results.

You don’t have time to sort the waffle from the wisdom – you just need a fast shortcut to blog success!

What you'll Learn...

SEO for Affiliate Marketing Success Ebook

Learn both on-page and off-page SEO strategies which will make Google fall a little bit in love with your website helping you get on the 1st page of Google every time. 

SEO for Affiliate Marketing Success Ebook

Learn how to find lucrative keywords which when searched for, demonstrates a high level of buying intent. In other words, you only have to gently nudge someone into that affiliate sale!

SEO for Affiliate Marketing Success Ebook

Learn the Pinterest SEO strategies to get your articles to the top of Pinterest search page. Yep, Pinterest is a visual search engine and SEO matters just as much! You’ll also rank quicker! 

graph showing rapid increase in pages views when i started using seo as an amateur blogger
SEO for Affiliate Marketing Success Ebook

HOw I learnt to love SEO

It took me ages to bring myself to learn SEO. It seemed confusing, complicated and quite frankly, kinda snooze-worthy!

I finally succumbed when I realised sharing my articles on social media wasn’t going to cut it.

I wanted to be a successful blogger. I wanted to make money blogging. I needed a strategy.

Within a year, my traffic had grown by a staggering 400%!

And you know what? SEO wasn’t actually so boring after all…! (In fact I sort of loved it…)

But when I really started to earn the moolah was when I started to focus on lucrative keywords, even when they had a teeny-tiny search volume, I learnt to recognise their potential!

I want to teach you to do the same… Are you in?!


SEO for Affiliate Marketing Success Ebook


“I’m only just starting to monetise my blog. It’s difficult to know where to start and frankly, most of what I’d read before was full of waffle or jargon that didn’t make any sense.

Leanne’s eBook ‘SEO For Affiliate Success’ is clear and concise in easy-to-digest chapters which tells you EXACTLY what you need to know without the fluff.

I can’t wait to start implementing her amazing advice on making money through using SEO for affiliate marketing. It really does feel achievable now. She also debunked some myths that I once thought too. It’s so reassuring to read that even as a new blogger without huge traffic, I could make a decent income from this method.

I’ve wasted hours trawling the internet for this type of valuable information, I’m gutted I didn’t know about this eBook sooner. I know precisely where I should be putting my efforts now to earn the most out of my blog’s traffic. Thank you so much, Leanne.”

“After reading ‘SEO for Affiliate Marketing Success’  I look at SEO (and affiliate marketing) in a different way. This ebook is no-nonsense, thorough advice, easy to read and easy to apply!

If you’re sitting on the fence, I recommend diving on into the SEO for Affiliate Marketing Success ebook and get on your way to success with affiliates!

SEO for Affiliate Marketing Success Ebook



Yes, absolutely. This starts with the absolute basics of SEO and covers everything you need to know about SEO to start driving traffic to your website.

I actually recommend bloggers start learning SEO as early as possible. Going back to update all your old posts is such a headache – much better to do it right from the start!

This ebook is designed for beginner-intermediate level bloggers so if you are already doing well growing your traffic with SEO strategies, this may not be the ebook for you.

However, you may have learnt about SEO but if it’s NOT working for you then your strategy needs tweaking.

(Though also remember you need to allow a few months to see if a strategy is working as SEO is a marathon and not a sprint!)

This ebook is based on tried-and-tested methods that should work for every niche.

I do recommend investing in a keyword research tool as otherwise you are stabbing in the dark.

If you target keywords without knowing if anyone is searching for them or if they are hard to rank for, you will find it very difficult to see the results you want. 

Of course you can still apply the rest of the SEO theory but your growth will be slower. 

I will give you a discount code for my fave keyword research tool inside this ebook 


It can take some time for your articles to reach their full maturity and reach the top spots on Google. 

Therefore, you will need a little patience to allow Google to learn about your website and rank you against your competition. 

Sometimes your articles will rank quickly, within a few days. Other times it may take a few months.

SEO is a long game but one absolutely worth playing.  

Many people do not realise that Pinterest is also a visual search engine. Therefore Pinterest SEO and optimising for keywords is just as important. 

This book is not a complete Pinterest strategy but it will help you optimise your Pinterest profile, boards and pins to help them be found. 

This ebook is designed to be an adjunct alongside my other affiliate marketing resources and courses. It is not an entire affiliate marketing strategy.

However, it will support your affiliate strategy by teaching you how to find and rank for lucrative keywords which show reader purchase intent.

The book is written to change your mindset and help you focus on keywords with the right user intent rather than huge search volumes.

If you are looking for  a deep dive into affiliate marketing strategy, then you should check out Affiliate Marketing Superstars or if you just want done-for-you templates, check out the Affiliate Superstars Toolkit. 

There are a lot of free SEO guides online. But to get the scope of information covered in this ebook, you would have to search far and wide. 

This means wasted time which you could be spending working on your SEO strategy and monetising your website. 

Teaching yourself SEO will take time. But the advice in this ebook will cut through all the noise and teach you exactly what you need to know to starting growing your blog traffic and ranking for lucrative keywords much sooner.

There certainly is! If you enjoy this ebook and you’d like to promote this ebook to your own audience, you can earn a 30% commission.


SEO for Affiliate Marketing Success Ebook


This is your chance to finally start growing and monetising your website!

No more disappointing page views. No more crickets every time you post. No more missing out on affiliate sales because no one read your review. 

It’s time to grow and start monetising your website!