4 surprising ways to make money with the Ultimate Bundles Affiliate programme

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Trying to find affiliate programmes with good commission rates, decent cookie periods that provide a huge amount of value to a wide variety of blogging niches, is sometimes like searching for a needle in a haystack.

That’s why when I learnt about the Ultimate Bundles affiliate programme, which fulfils all the above criteria, I couldn’t wait to tell you about it!

That’s because the Ultimate Bundles affiliate programme offers

  • Between 40-70% commissions
  • A 30 day cookie period
  • Is suitable for many different niches.
  • Has the potential to help you make more money by promoting individual courses within the bundle, usually at 30-40% commission rates.

But before we delve into the benefits of joining the affiliate programme, let’s look at Ultimate Bundles in a little more detail.

Please note, if you click on any of the programmes here and get led to a page which says ‘Oops you missed it,’ do not fear! It has not been cancelled. The flash sales are coming up (see below) so you can just ask to be alerted when they become available.

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Are you a total beginner with affiliate marketing? Then I suggest you read this beginners guide to affiliate marketing first

The Ultimate Bundles Affiliate Programme

What is Ultimate Bundles?

Ultimate Bundles is a website offering periodic flash sales of bundles of digital products across many niches. Each bundle contains a huge number of courses, ebooks, templates and digital downloads at heavily discounted seemingly too-good-to-be-true prices.

ultimate bundles

What type of bundles are there?

The bundles only get announced a few weeks before the sale as they rely on creating a sense of urgency to sell the courses en masse.

By signing up to be an affiliate, you will be emailed every time a new bundle gets announced, getting early access to review it and plan your sales funnels and marketing strategy.

Whilst you won’t find all the topics announced on the website, the following are just some of the topics which they have covered before and we expect they will cover again over the next 12 months.

  • Travel
  • Parenting
  • Meal planning
  • Productivity
  • Health and fitness

The following bundles are scheduled over the next few months

January: Ultimate Productivity bundle and the Genius Bloggers Toolkit flash sale

February: The Ultimate well woman’s bundle

March: The Smart Travel Super Bundle

April: The Grow Your business bundle and Ultimate Homemaking bundle

There are also some evergreen bundles available now. But you should know Evergreen does not mean evergreen with Ultimate Bundles. It usually means for 12 months as opposed to just a few days in a flash sale.

Current Evergreen bundles:

Watch the video to see how I made money with Ultimate bundles…

How can they offer the bundles at such a low price point? Is it a scam?

This was my number one question when I first heard about Ultimate Bundles and it made me super sceptical.

But when I understood how they can afford to offer such mega deals, I was a lot less suspicious! It was at this point I bought my first bundle – The Genius Bloggers Toolkit and I absolutely loved it.

You can read my full Genius Bloggers toolkit review here.

So the reason they can afford to offer these generous deals is that they sell en masse. They make a small profit on each bundle sold but a large profit overall.

They also rely on their excellent affiliate programme as their affiliates sell the product for them without them having to spend a fortune on ads budget.

The contributors benefit from getting a cushy 70% affiliate commission. It is going to be easier to sell their product at a discounted price as part of a bigger bundle than it is at full price by itself. So they make a generous commission through the affiliate programme.

Not only that but every time someone reads their e-book or joins their course, they get a new email subscriber. If they nurture their new subscribers and if the product in the bundle was good quality and helped that person solve a problem, they may go on to make more sales from them for other products.

It is therefore in their best interests to only submit quality products which are going to add a lot of value.

The Genius Blogger's Toolkit 20184 surprising ways to make money with the Ultimate Bundles Affiliate programme

4 Ways to make money with Ultimate Bundles

So let’s get down to the good stuff – here are 4 ways you can make money with Ultimate Bundles.

  1. Join their affiliate programme and earn 40% commission by selling the bundles which are relevant to your audience
  2. Contribute a product and benefit from 70% affiliate commission plus the potential for more sales on your other products down the line
  3. Promote products from within the bundle and join their affiliate programmes directly
  4. Refer other people to the affiliate programme and earn 10% of what they earn for their first year

Who can join the Ultimate Bundles affiliate programme?

Any bloggers can apply to join the affiliate programme and I haven’t heard of anyone yet being rejected, unlike other affiliate programmes.

Bloggers in the following niches could benefit from joining the Ultimate Bundles affiliate programme

  • Blogging and online business
  • Parenting
  • Food
  • Lifestyle
  • Health and fitness
  • Finance
  • Women’s health or mental health
  • Travel
  • Photography
  • Alternative therapies
  • Homemaking

How do I join the Ultimate Bundles Affiliate Programme?

It’s simple to join the affiliate programme, you can do so here;

Once you join you will be added to an email list and alerted whenever there is a new sale coming up.

Remember don’t worry if you don’t see your niche listed yet. It will only be listed a few weeks ahead of the sale – have patience, my friend!

What are the benefits of joining the Ultimate Bundle’s affiliate programme?

  • 40% commission for most affiliates
  • 70% commission for affiliates who also contribute a product to the bundle
  • 30 day cookie period
  • Very high conversions and a high EPC (earnings per click.)
  • A huge array of bundles with something to suit almost any blogger
  • Early access to the bundles
  • A free bundle for contributors
  • A free bundle if you sell 5 bundles
  • There are big prizes for the highest-earning affiliate for each campaign with prizes like an Ipad Pro
  • Potential to earn recurring commissions for other affiliate marketers you refer
  • A very supportive Facebook group full of talented affiliate marketers – it’s a great place to learn!
  • So many helpful materials to help you sell the bundles from free webinars to Pinterest and Instagram story graphics. They even have email and social media swipe files making selling the bundles easy
  • Some of the Ultimate bundles affiliates earn upwards of $20K during a flash sale!
  • Access to the affiliate programmes of contributors.

How else can I make money using Ultimate Bundles

We touched upon it briefly above but one of the best ways to make money with the Ultimate Bundles bundles is to join the individual affiliate programmes of the course/ebook/digital product creators.

Often they will offer 30-40% commissions and long cookie periods.

By joining the affiliate programme for any product you loved, you can promote it to your audience throughout the year – not just during the bundle.

I earned back the money I paid for my Genius Bloggers Tool kit and earned a nice little profit on top of this JUST by creating a few Pinterest pins leading to the courses I enjoyed.

At some point, I will write detailed reviews which have an even higher conversion rate.

The other way you can make money with Ultimate bundles is to refer your friends or other bloggers to the affiliate programme – you will then earn 10% of anything they earn in their first year.

Suddenly buying a bundle seems like a no-brainer right..?!

What is passive income - can money grow from trees? This piucture depicts small plants growing out of pots with money

How should I promote Ultimate Bundles?

There are various ways you can promote the bundle. I would always recommend investing in the bundle yourself so that you can write a detailed review – these always convert best.

You only need to sell 3 to have made your money back plus some profit!

Once you are an affiliate, you will be emailed in advance of product launches and given early access. You also get a lovely 40% discount on the product.

Here are a few ways you can promote the bundle

  • Tell your social media followers
  • Write a review
  • Make some pins that go to your review. Others that go directly to the affiliate link – then review which works best
  • Mention it in other relevant blog posts
  • Consider paying for Facebook or Pinterest ads for the higher ticket bundles if you think you can convert enough sales (maybe see how well your article converts 1st)
  • Refer your audience to the free webinars
  • Write an email sequence promoting the bundle and showing how it benefited you and how it can solve your audience’s problems
    • Tell a story and show them how you had a similar problem and how you found a solution within the bundle
    • Tell them about a lightbulb moment you had from using the bundle
    • Write a case study to show how you benefited
    • Refer them to the webinars
    • Write content related to some of the content within the bundle. Eg if you are promoting the productivity bundle you could talk about time management tips or goal planning
    • Offer an ‘opt-out of sales’ option so if your audience doesn’t want to hear about bundles, they won’t unsubscribe.

Don’t forget that the cookie period is only 30 days. Promoting the bundle before then will not lead to any commissions.

Instead, change your links to divert to a landing page which explains the offer is not currently live but if they join your mailing list, you’ll let them know soon as it is.

I use Thirsty Affiliates plugin which means that I can change just one link and it’ll change across my whole site. So I will just swap the affiliate link for my landing page when the sale ends.

thirsty affiliates

Join the Ultimate Bundles Affiliate programme Facebook group

The Ultimate Bundles affiliate Facebook group is brilliant and you should definitely join up if you are interested in promoting any bundles.

There are some huge bloggers in that group discussing strategies and I’ve learnt so much just by hanging out there.

Also, the affiliate managers answer any of your questions within an hour or so – they are so helpful!

Join the Facebook group here.

Sign Up to the affiliate programme here:

Personal Information
Additional Information

Hopefully, your brain is buzzing with ideas about how you can monetise your blogs using bundles now!

It’s also worth checking out The Bundles Co which is a similar website with an affiliate programme. I get the impression the bundles are a little less frequent.

I’ve emailed the affiliate manager who’s going to let me know when they launch anything in the blogging / business / productivity / travel / photography niches so watch this space. I’ll always announce these opportunities in my Facebook group when they become available.

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