How I earnt $5329.96 blogging in December with just 40K page views

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December was a fantastic month for me. Yes, page views were down but I expected that as it’s normal to see a seasonal dip in both travel and digital marketing niches Pre-Christmas. But despite lower than normal page views, I had my most lucrative month to date.

In December, I made $5329.96 with under 40K MPVs using ONLY passive income strategies . That is $133 per 1000 page views.

I started writing income reports as I wanted to dispell the myth that you need millions of page views to have success with affiliate marketing.

Don’t get me wrong, traffic helps. I’m super excited that my traffic has picked up since Christmas and is currently 50% higher than December stats. I love January travel traffic!

But if you have a solid strategy, you can start making decent money even with a small-ish blog.

What is passive income - can money grow from trees? This piucture depicts small plants growing out of pots with money

Hopefully, my income report can help to inspire you a little. I won’t be writing them every month as that could get rather boring – for you AND me! But if I’ve tried something different and it’s worked, I’m going to tell you all about it.

So with that in mind, let’s take a look at my December stats in a little more detail.

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My December Blog Income Stats

My income can be broken down into 4 sources.

  • Travel blog ads revenue $877.57
  • Travel blog affiliate revenue $4077.50
  • Affiliate income from this 4-month-old blog $168
  • Sales from digital products $37.50
screen shot showing awin affiliate marketing income in december
Just one of my affiliate networks.

This is based on the following page views

Travel blog: 36.8K

This blog: 3.7K

Total: 40.5K

As you can see, affiliate marketing accounts for over 80% of my income hence why I am passionate about teaching you how to do it properly.

I will be launching an affiliate marketing course this year with an early bird discount so if you want to be one of the first to hear about it, you can sign up here. In the meantime, why not join the FREE 5 day affiliate marketing challenge?

What I did differently in December to increase my blog income by 30%

Creating and Promoting Gift guides

To be quite honest with you, I didn’t promote these as hard as I should have. I’ve been so busy getting ready for the affiliate marketing challenge that everything else was on the back burner.

I should have sent these out to email lists earlier and created lots of new pins.

The beauty of writing these posts is that you can bring them out every year. Just make sure you check the products are still available! Even though I didn’t promote these as hard as I would have liked to, they still brought in a nice steady stream of income.

I have 4 gift guides. 3 on my travel blog and 1 newer gift guide for bloggers on this website.

Whilst I created a few new pins, luckily I’d had the foresight last year to create a seasonal pin loop in Tailwind. So all of my best-performing pins for Christmas gift guides were being circulated regularly throughout December without me doing anything at all.

One of my gift guides had also climbed the Google rankings and was on the first page which really helped!

New to affiliate marketing? Read my beginner’s affiliate marketing guide.

Promoting other peoples products

After taking the Pin Practical Influence course in the Genius Bloggers Tool kit in October, I had a bit of a lightbulb moment. Bloggers often offer much larger commissions than many companies and often have ebooks, courses or digital products which can be promoted to my audience. What’s more, Pinterest is a super quick and easy way to do this!

I started promoting other people’s courses and quickly earnt back the money I paid for the blogger’s toolkit. I have so far made $92.10 profit just by promoting these courses on Pinterest.

At some point, I’ll write proper reviews which I expect to convert much better. But for the time it took to create a couple of quick pins in Canva, it was pretty lucrative!

If you want to do this too, I suggest you sign up for the next Genius bloggers tool kit then become an affiliate so you can make money promoting the next bundle AND any courses you enjoy inside the bundle.

Read my Genius Bloggers tool kit review here

Creating my own products

A small trickle of income came from creating my own digital products.

It’s a drop in the ocean compared to my affiliate income but I tell you what, it felt AMAZING to sell something I made myself.

Creating these products was quite impulsive (I’m like that!) So as a result, I hadn’t properly planned a sales launch or sales funnel. I made a few sales but I definitely think this launch could have been done better.

But every time we try something new, it’s a learning curve. I’ve learnt from this and have a better idea for how to properly launch products going forward so that trickle can be a little more substantial.

Try not to see your failures as disappointments but an opportunity to learn. Then maybe even an opportunity to teach based on what you learnt from your mistakes…

If you want to check out my new products on sale, you can visit my new shop page!

Or if you want to learn to make your own digital products, read how you can do that here.

Sending more emails

Until I started this website, I totally neglected my email list. Even now, whilst I love sending out emails to my Passive Income Superstars community, I still don’t utilise my travel mailing list anywhere near as much as I should.

I’m working on that.

But I realised that when I do send emails, it can be quite lucrative. It’s a great way to promote products you are passionate about to people who are interested in what you have to say.

I think the key is to provide a LOT of value. Make people look forward to opening your emails.

Don’t make them too salesy. Instead offer tons of value and only promote products you are passionate about. Let your enthusiasm come across and treat your email list like friends.

Picture of someone typing on a laptop

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog income report and found it inspiring or useful. Have you done anything differently this month which has helped you earn more money? Feel free to comment below so we can all share our best ideas!

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