Grow Your Business Bundle 2020 Review – Is it Legit?

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Exciting news, the Grow your own business bundle 2020 sale is ALMOST upon us and I CANNOT WAIT! Over $18,000 worth of courses and resources for business owners being offered at an insane 97% discount!

I bought my first bundle last year. It was the Genius Bloggers Toolkit and I have to admit I was sceptical.

It claimed to be valued at over $7000 and yet it was retailing at $97 – it must be too good to be true right?!

But I was starting a new business (yep this one!) and I needed some help with list building, Facebook ads and taking my blogging to the next level. So I took the plunge.

I will admit it now. I was wrong.

It was the best thing I bought last year. (And that’s a bold claim as I also have a shopping addiction..!)

I learnt so much from just scratching the surface of all the detailed learning resources. The rest are saved to a folder on my desktop and I am slowly working my way through them as my business grows.

So when Ultimate Bundles announced they were bringing out a Grow Your Business bundle in 2020 I was BEYOND EXCITED!

Now, this bundle is not for everyone. But if you are looking for something next-level to scale your business then this is absolutely it!

I can’t wait to dig into it. The only problem is deciding which resources to dig into first…

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But first, I want to fill you in on what to expect from the Grow Your Business Bundle 2020…

The Grow Your Business Bundle Review

What is Ultimate Bundles?

Ultimate Bundles is a business which promotes flash sales of bundles of digital products in a huge variety of niches.

Each bundle contains e-courses, e-books, printables, planners and other digital products relevant to that niche.

Because the bundles are only available for a very short period of time, they are able to offer them at HUGE discounts. usually between 95-98%!

Just some of the bundles they have promoted this year include

If you see any there you’d like to promote on your blog, you can sign up to become an affiliate HERE.

What is the Grow Your Business Bundle?

The Grow Your Business Bundle is a collection of 36 online e-courses designed to help you scale your business.

There are courses on sales, branding, launching products, leadership, personal growth, public speaking, optimising ads, marketing traffic and lead generation and much more.

If you are a blogger purely monetising through affiliate marketing, ads or sponsorship, this is probably NOT the bundle for you.

However, if you are a small business owner or if you are a blogger turned budding entrepreneur planning to expand on your income streams by developing and launching your own products, courses or mentorship programmes then keep on reading…

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How much does it cost?

Ok, heads up, this is not the cheapest bundle that Ultimate Bundles offers and it will set you back $497.

BUT, you would be hard-pressed to find better value elsewhere as collectively, these courses are valued at over $19,000!

In fact, some of these courses are individually priced at $1497 throughout the rest of the year so not only are you getting a 66% discount on that individual course, but you are also getting access to 35 other amazing resources.

And since all of these resources are aimed at growing and scaling your business faster than if you struggled along without any assistance, you will likely make this money back and more besides.

You may even be able to make some of the money back by joining the courses individual affiliate programmes and promoting them to your audience if they are relevant for your niche.

You will also have the opportunity to upgrade to the package with the cheatsheets. This is an additional $100 but is extremely useful for anyone who is pressed for time. They are essentially summary sheets of all the courses and resources so you can glean the most important take-home messages at a glance.

Even if you can’t afford to buy the bundle just now, you should register for the freebies on offer.

The insanely successful Mike Michalowicz is hosting a free webinar: How to Find the ONE Big Thing You Should be Focused on Right Now. There will be 4 time slots on March 30th and 31st.

They are also offering a FREE ebook with 125 Business Tips from Successful Entrepreneurs.

>> Register for the webinar by clicking here <<

>> Grab your free Ebook with 125 business tips here <<

Grow Your Business Bundle 2020 Review - Is it Legit?

When is the Grow Your Business Bundle available?

Because most of the contributors sell their courses year-round, Ultimate Bundles only has permission to sell them as part of a bundle for a short period of time. Once the sale is over, you would have to pay full price for individual programmes direct from the course developers.

So make sure you mark these dates on your calendar so you don’t miss the sale!

Grow Your Business bundle goes on sale: 08.00 (ET) April 1st

The sale is over: 23.59 (ET) April 6th

If you are early to the party, just click here and register your interest – they will send you a reminder email when the sale is live!

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Is the Grow Your Business bundle legit?

Yeah, I get why you asked.

In fact, I asked similar questions before I bought my first bundle.

But I can happily confirm it’s completely legit. I am now an affiliate for Ultimate Bundles and I ONLY promote products that I believe in 100% If you’ve read any of my articles about affiliate marketing, then you’ll know how important that trust is.

In reality, Ultimate Bundles is just a very clever business model.

They offer a 60-70% commission for sales for anyone who contributes a product to the bundle. So the product owner benefits in multiple ways.

They get exposure to their product and potentially future affiliates to help them promote it. They also get 70% of every sale so they are still earning a considerable amount, even if it’s not as much as what they get when they sell their product during the rest of the year.

It is in their best interests to only submit quality, valuable products because it is also a brilliant opportunity to promote their other products to a new audience. They won’t want to mess that up!

Plus, Ultimate Bundles sets a very high standard for any products they accept into the bundle.

There are individual resources in the Genius Bloggers Toolkit that offers so much value that they are worth well over the bundle cost alone. As a bundle, they are even more powerful.

I am sure this bundle will be no different having taken a look at the product list and some of the big names being featured!

You have the opportunity to learn from absolute legends like Ruth Soukup and Monica Froese.

Grow Your Business Bundle 2020 Review - Is it Legit?

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Whilst I’m absolutely certain you are going to love this bundle if, for any reason you don’t, they offer a 30-day happiness guarantee. So essentially this is a risk-free purchase because if it doesnt live up to expectations, you can ask to be refunded in entirety.

grow your business bundle 30 day guarantee sign

Is the Grow Your Business Bundle right for me?

As I mentioned earlier, this is not a bundle for most bloggers. You should wait for the 2020 Genius Bloggers Toolkit (which will probably be out in the Autumn.)

Whilst there are resources some bloggers will find useful, you would get more value from the GBTK which is also offered at a much lower price point.

But if you are a small business owner OR a blogger looking to expand into course and product development or offering additional services via your blog, then this bundle of courses will be invaluable for you.

Check out the list of courses and resources below and see if there are any that jump out to you!

What’s in the Grow Your Business Bundle 2020?

An Overview of the Grow Your Business Bundle

You can expect 37 courses valued at over $18,000 covering the following subjects;

  • Branding
  • Business Acquisition
  • Business Growth & Operations
  • Content Creation
  • Creating Your Offer
  • Customer/Client Acquisition & Retention
  • Finance & Tax Strategies
  • Leadership & Personal Growth
  • Marketing
  • Optimizing Ads
  • Product Development
  • Profit Margins & Revenue
  • Public Speaking
  • Sales
  • Traffic & Lead Generation

Highlights of the bundle

Here are a few of the products I am especially excited about

Bestseller Book Launch Blueprint: Launch and Leverage Your Book for Long-Term Sales Success By Amber Vilhauer

An in-depth course on creating, launching and selling books for potential authors. This course alone is worth a whopping $1497.00!

5 Days to Captivating Copy by Anna Powers

Learn how to write captivating sales pitches which actually convert sales. This is usually worth $97 alone.

Pin Practical Masterclass by Monica Froese

Whilst I haven’t yet taken Pin Practical Masterclass, I have taken some of Monica’s other more advanced Pinterest courses like this one and I was always blown away by them.

She takes things a step beyond the Pinterest platform and talks about how you can convert pinners to customers and loyal fans. Her courses are always worth the money. This one usually retails at $197

grow your business bundle PinPracticalMasterclass

Profitable Paid Traffic: The Proven Method to Plan, Build, and Launch Profitable Ad Campaigns by Justin Wise

Starting using paid ads is one of the most complex things I have had to learn as a business owner. My first ever ad earnt me a grand total of…

Drumroll please…

ZERO leads.

Yep, zero. Don’t do the same. Learn from someone who knows what they are talking about before you invest your money!

This course alone is worth $997 – twice as much as the bundle itself!

The Power of Products Workshop by Ruth Soukup

If you are planning to build your first online course, you will want to learn from the legend that is Ruth Soukup. She created a 7 figure business selling online blogging courses with the Elite Blogging Academy. This one is worth $197

grow your bsuiness bundle PowerOfProducts

There are so many other courses I am excited to get stuck into. Read the more detailed breakdown to see what excited you!

You will see there are some HUGE names behind this bundle…

A detailed breakdown of what’s in the Grow Your Business Bundle


  • Aligned Business Foundations: Creating a unique business and model that perfectly fits YOU by Tash Corbin $497.00 A practical, supported program to help you design the right business, with the right model, and a unique value proposition that fits you perfectly. 
  • The Archetype Influencer Mix by Jen Kem $250.00 Access the unique, psychologically-based brand positioning that will attract more of the clients you dream about working with.
  • Message Mastery by Suzy Ashworth $640.00
    Nail your MESSAGE and everything else will fall into place.

Business Acquisition

  • Buy Then Build: Six Months to CEO by Walker Deibel $499.00
    Learn the why and how of acquisition entrepreneurship so you can outsmart the startup game, help you navigate the opaque and fragmented private markets, and run a successful business from day one.

Business Growth & Operations

  • Clockwork Kickoff by Adrienne Dorison $497.00
    Exactly what you need to start hiring with confidence and get back HOURS of your time.
  • Fix This Next: Make the Vital Change That Will Level Up Your Business by Mike Michalowicz $225.00
    An e-course and a print book that introduces a simple system to identify exactly where to direct attention for rapid growth.
  • GrowBIG® Foundations: Critical Skills to Grow Your Business by Mo Bunnell $497.00
    5 hours of in-depth sales strategies that you can use immediately to reframe the way you approach business development.
  • How To Get Your Small Business Unstuck: How to Get Customers Banging on Your Door by Barry Moltz $379.00
    How to get your business unstuck and moving forward.

Content Creation

  • Content that Converts by Christina Jandali $194.00
    Stop the scroll and captivate your ideal clients minds with a simple content strategy and schedule that engages and converts into paying customers without wasting hours drumming up content ideas that just fall flat.
  • Repurposing Content Master Class by Rachel Ngom $97.00
    How to exponentially grow your social media following, increase income, and work smarter (not harder) by repurposing content WITHOUT spending a ton of time or wasting money on Facebook Ads.

Creating Your Offer

  • Art of Offer Craft by Danny Iny $1,000.00
    Effortlessly and ethically multiply your sales (even without a big audience) by crafting offers that speak directly to your customer’s deepest desires.
  • The Perfect Pitch by Kevin Harrington $397.00
    Teaches you how to become a “Pitch-Master” and how to unlock a skillset for Entrepreneurial Alchemy.

Customer/Client Acquisition & Retention

  • Customer Clarity by Brian Dixon $197.00
    This course is designed to help small business owners, bloggers and authors, and anyone interested in connecting to a customer to grow their business.
  • Gift·ology Program by John Ruhlin $997.00
    Want to feel confident in choosing the perfect gift every time, for any recipient, any occasion, and any budget? Let’s ditch the guessing game and implement a strategy that will blow minds and win hearts. 

Finance & Tax Strategies

  • Profit First for Ecommerce Sellers by Cyndi Thomason $997.00
    Will show you how to transform your e-commerce business from a cash-eating monster to a money-making machine. 
  • Tax Essentials for Entrepreneurs by John Briggs $299.00
    From choosing the correct entity for your business to identifying everyday tax write-offs to highly effective tax strategies, each decision you make either creates a tax burden for you or saves you on taxes. Learn what you need to know to keep your money.


  • Bestseller Book Launch Blueprint: Launch and Leverage Your Book for Long-Term Sales Success by Amber Vilhauer $1497.00
    The only course you’ll need to launch and leverage your book for long-term sales success.
  • Test Drive Your Content: Deliver On Your Promise and Build Demand Before Launch by AJ Harper $500.00
    Learn how to deliver targeted, transformational content that truly matters to your audience, get ahead of their doubts and criticisms, and build advance demand for your book or course – with just one test drive!

Leadership & Personal Growth

  • Mastermind Principles Masterclass by Dan Miller $100.00
    You may have goals, strategies and tactics for achieving a high level of success, but without a Mastermind group, you’re polishing a Ferrari with no gas in the tank. Find out how to start your own Mastermind Group from a best-selling author and coach.
  • Thought Readers Master Class by Lisa Larter  $197.00
    A one-of-a-kind business book club focused on prioritizing one thing that will help you take action to grow your business. 


  • 5 Days to Captivating Copy by Anna Powers $97.00
    Get quality leads and make consistent sales when you master how to write captivating copy! 
  • List Building Bundle by Bobby Klinck $247.00
    Learn THE RIGHT WAY to build and nurture an email list full of people ready to buy!
  • The 1 Page Marketing Plan by Allan Dibb $997.00 Increase your qualified leads 10x with a plan that takes you from confusion to clarity in your marketing. 

Optimizing Ads

  • Profitable Paid Traffic: The Proven Method to Plan, Build, and Launch Profitable Ad Campaigns by Justin Wise $997.00 Gives you the simple, powerful, and strategic levers you need to plan, build, and grow profitable Facebook Ad campaigns.

Product Development

  • 7 Figure Affiliate Program: The Proven Formula for Explosive Business Growth by Matt McWilliams $1,000.00 Walks you through every aspect of setting up and running your affiliate program.
  • The Power of Products Workshop by Ruth Soukup $197.00
    Create and sell the product your audience is already asking for.
grow your business bundle 7FigureAffiliateLaunch---1200x1200

Profit Margins & Revenue

  • Bootstrap to Big Money by Susie Carder $997.00
    Helps you uncover hidden revenue opportunities in your business, dramatically boost income and profits, and transform your business from a self-created job to a wealth-creation vehicle.
  • Get Clients First and Make More Money Now by Ray Edwards $497.00 A simple, complete client-getting system for writers, coaches, consultants, info-marketers or service providers.
  • Master Your Money Mindset Training by Dr Shannon Irvine $197.00
    Join this training so that you can remove what’s blocking your abundance and finally have the clients, sales and impact that match your vision.

Public Speaking

  • StoryBoss Academy: Use Your Story to Give the Talk That Captivates Your Audience by Mike Ganino $1,497.00
    Develop the signature talk that you LOVE delivering to your ideal audience who loves experiencing it. 


  • The 5 Proven Steps to Make Every Sale by Wes Schaeffer $497.00
    For professional salespeople, sales managers and entrepreneurs who are ready to get their sales ducks in a row.

Traffic & Lead Generation

  • 5x Your Followers Formula by Kim Walsh Phillips $495.00
    Unlocks the secret algorithms of Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter to multiply your following, leads and sales.
  • Freedom Xcelerator: Work Less, Play Hard and Earn More by Ted Prodromou $497.00
    Helps small business owners receive hands-on marketing and mindset support to grow their business.
  • Pin Practical Masterclass by Monica Froese $197.00
    Learn how to turn a Pinterest visitor into a loyal customer instead of losing them to a 30-second page view.
  • Secrets to Closing the Sale via Facebook by Jacob Salem $497.00
    This training program will teach you how to leverage the power of Facebook to generate qualified leads and close more sales. 

Bonuses with the Grow Your Business Bundle

All Ultimate Bundles have bonuses but we are still waiting for them to be announced for this bundle. In the GBTK it was things like a few free months of Convertkit, Tailwind etc. So I’m expecting to see something similar with this business bundle.

How to use your copy of the Grow Your Business Bundle.

When you first get access to a bundle like this, it can feel overwhelming as there is just SO MUCH to look at.

grow your business long banner

Since you get access for 6 months, I’d recommend the first thing you do is to download any e-books or digital resources. Set up a folder on your desktop to keep them organised.

Then you will want to register for all the courses in the bundle. Once you register, you will have life-long access.

Since 6 months is not long to work through the insane amount of resources, you will want to do this so that you can take your time and leisurely soak up all the information at your own pace. Again, I set up a bookmark bar within Chrome for this.

If you are likely to forget all of your login details, then you can use a tool like LastPass to save all this info for you.

Now you’ve got the boring bits out of the way, it’s time to start goal planning.

Try to list no more than 5 goals or targets and then put these into an order of importance.

For example, it might be more beneficial to learn about list building before you focus on sales as you will need a list to sell to…

Then give yourself a realistic amount of time to address each topic before you move onto the next.

Take notes to help consolidate your knowledge – it will be useful to review at a glance later. And try not to get distracted by the huge range of shiny new courses. Stick to one until you’ve finished it. Flitting from one to another will never be helpful.

I hope you have found this 2020 Grow Your Business Bundle Review helpful in deciding whether or not this bundle is for you.

If you do go ahead and purchase, I’d like to offer a little bonus for you.

If you purchase through this link, send me an email with your invoice number to leanne@passiveincomesupertstars. I will then send you some additional freebies;

  • My affiliate marketing Superstars Toolkit – value $55. A 74 page affiliate planner + 5 affiliate article templates + 3 affiliate email templates + 2 checklists
  • The Big Template Bundle – value $59. 84 templates to help you create beautiful digital products like e-books, planners and workbooks

Total value = $109 for FREE just for using THIS LINK

Don’t forget to do a fellow blogger/business owner a favour and pin this to your Pinterest boards!

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