If you are investing in a course, toolkit or even an ebook, you need to know if it’s the right fit for you. Below you will find testimonials and reviews from my previous students and customers. 



If you want to take a deep dive into affiliate marketing strategy, this is the course for you. 

So many affiliate marketing courses only scrape the surface. Not this one! 

Starting at the absolute basics, it works up to advanced strategies including email marketing, Pinterest marketing, using affiliate bonuses and flash sales. 

It’s self paced and I’m there inside the Facebook group to support you at every turn. Many AMS students have gone from earning pennies to 4 and 5 figure months – even those in niches negatively impacted by the pandemic!

Affiliate marketing superstars testimonial
This course is an incredible resource no matter where you are in your blogging journey. It starts right at the beginning for those who are completely new to affiliate marketing, and then goes on to more advanced strategies. Even if you’re already making a decent income from affiliate marketing there is loads of detail on advanced strategies like open-close cart sales, email marketing and sales funnels that, personally, I’d never really thought much of before. I’ve taken other affiliate courses before but was disappointed by how basic they were. Leanne’s course goes into a lot more detail and looks at a lot more advanced techniques that have helped me redefine my affiliate strategy! I can highly recommend it to anyone looking to step up their affiliate marketing game
If you are looking to monetize your blog and you have no idea where to start, Affiliate Marketing Superstars is the perfect simple, step-by-step approach to affiliate marketing. Whether you are a new blogger interested in monetizing, or you are a seasoned blogger looking to increase your affiliate revenue, you will find tremendous value in this course. Leanne provides tons of affiliate marketing knowledge, with a touch of humour! The course is detailed, thorough and most of all very easy to follow. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is ready to make money through affiliate marketing!
I really enjoyed the course, it was filled with actionable ideas and tips that I stopped and went to put into action straight away. I now feel I have a series of approaches for affiliate marketing from the more passive ones through to create dedicated posts to push up those clicks, all because of this course!
The course walked me through affiliate marketing step by step. It gave me lots of ideas and I am glad I took the course and can't wait to take action and see the results
Affiliate Marketing Superstars is the program to invest in if you are serious about utilizing affiliates programs and making passive income. The information is easy to digest, not overly techy and amazing value for all of the information and bonuses you'll receive. Invest in yourself today!
As always with Leanne's products, the clear and concise instructions with detailed step-by-step guides really help to up your monetization game. The course has ample content for every aspect of making money through your blog, from links to products, reviews, email funnels and more. It really is the no-BS way to learn about affiliates. If you're like me and often on the fence and a bit jaded from the disappointment from all the courses out there that never deliver...give this a go. You won't be disappointed.
A great course for beginners and experienced affiliates alike. Leanne’s course reminded me that not all traffic is equal, and by focusing on the right kind of posts and thinking with buying intent in mind, you can easily multiply your passive income. I’ve had great results in just a few months and now feel like I have a strategy in place instead of randomly adding affiliate links to posts (and getting nowhere!). Can't wait to see how much passive income I can make in 2021!
In Leanne's Facebook group she answers questions in a straight forward way and always gives more than you expect and this translates to the Affiliate Marketing Superstars course too. I'm gaining invaluable knowledge on the affiliate process as well as learning new skills. I've implemented a couple of strategies for the first time this month and so far have made 36 affiliate sales. The course has been updated a couple of times since its launch so I know the information is up to date and relevant. Leanne is authentic and transparent. I have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone wanting to learn more about affiliate marketing and increasing their income.
Leanne is truly an expert at affiliate marketing, so when she launched her ‘Affiliate Marketing Superstars’ course earlier this year, I thought it was a no brainer to sign up - especially as the cost was about four times cheaper than I was expecting! I’ve dabbled in affiliate marketing before but I never really had a solid strategy; I was just popping links in where I thought they’d fit and rejoicing every time I got a bite (perhaps once every couple of weeks). Within roughly six months, the course has more than paid for itself through the commission I’ve got from selling just one product. It’s a mid-ticket item as my husband and I aren’t big spenders, so we’re less likely to promote expensive products on our blog, but I’m thrilled with the frequent sales that are coming in for it. And all this when the travel industry has practically come to a halt because of the pandemic! I’ve also only implemented around three or four of Leanne’s strategies from the course as well. I’m so excited to see what our affiliate sales will look like once everything returns to normal and once I’ve worked through the rest of the course. If you’re on the fence, go for it! If you put the work in, I’m convinced you’ll be surprised at the results you’ll see from trying even just a handful of Leanne’s strategies. Good luck!
The Affiliate Marketing Superstars course contains a treasure trove of in-depth information, expert advice and how-to-do-it examples and tips. As a relatively new blogger, I am able to implement Leanne’s strategies almost from the outset, and set myself on the path to monetisation sooner, rather than later, which is great. But that’s not all! There’s also a private Facebook group to discuss business with other bloggers, and Leanne herself is always on hand to answer questions and help us out. The icing on the cake is an additional FREE service where Affiliate Marketing Superstars students can ask questions and chat directly about their individual blogs. I took part in one of these Voxer days (done every few months) and Leanne was not only incredibly generous with her time - the replies to my queries were first-rate, and have definitely save me many wasted hours of trial-and-error marketing. Thanks, Leanne!
I particularly like this course because it touches on more advanced concepts like open cart sales but also it explores Pinterest and Instagram affiliate marketing, which not many courses do. My favourite part of the course is the affiliate article templates, which are GOLD. She shares exact article templates for 5 different types of affiliate articles you can write. So valuable.
I'm barely half way through but already learning a ton! It helped me refocus my strategy a lot. More importantly, it made me focus on the right things instead of being a bit all over the place. The course is very clear and there are loads of details. The templates and other downloadables are great too! It's broken down in a nice way (I've been reading it slowly during my lunch breaks). It's definitely worth every penny! I was debating initially but I'm so happy I signed up, definitely one of the best investment I made for my blog so far. Also, your support is amazing and you're always here to help us when we have questions.
Valuable comprehensive content presented in an easy to follow format to learn the nuances of affiliate marketing. There are others with materials not nearly as good who charge WAY more. Leanne is the real deal. I also love that she comes out of a travel blogger background, so often the examples were relevant to me. She knows her stuff, and has earned the right to call herself an expert in affiliate marketing.


A deep dive into affiliate strategy from the basics to advanced techniques such as email marketing,
Pinterest marketing & promoting flash sales
$ 197
  • Affiliate marketing basics
  • Evaluating and joining affiliate programs
  • Affiliate technical aspects eg link cloaking, geotagging
  • Crafting affiliate articles that convert
  • Psychology based ethical affiliate strategy
  • Pinterest affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate marketing on social media
  • Automated affiliate email funnels
  • Flash sales and open-close cart promotions
  • Using incentives to close the deal
  • Lots of bonuses including everything inside the Affiliate Superstar toolkit!


SEO and affiliate marketing are like fish and chips, good by themselves but so much better together! 

SEO optimising your blog will help you to get the right eyes on your affiliate links. People who are ready to pop open their purses and spend money because your affiliate products solve specific problems they are seeking answers for. 

But SEO can be hard to understand, it can also be pretty dull. But inside this ebook, it is neither! Learn how to find and rank for affiliate keywords WITHOUT being bored to tears or getting bamboozled by tech jargon!

I’m only just starting to monetise my blog. It’s difficult to know where to start and frankly, most of what I’d read before was full of waffle or jargon that didn’t make any sense. Leanne’s eBook ‘SEO For Affiliate Success’ is clear and concise in easy-to-digest chapters which tells you EXACTLY what you need to know without the fluff. I can’t wait to start implementing her amazing advice on making money through SEO & affiliate marketing. It really does feel achievable now. She also debunked some myths that I once thought too. It’s so reassuring to read that even as a new blogger without huge traffic, I could make a decent income from this method. I’ve wasted hours trawling the internet for this type of valuable information, I’m gutted I didn’t know about this eBook sooner. I know precisely where I should be putting my efforts now to earn the most out of my blog’s traffic. Thank you so much, Leanne.
After reading ‘SEO for Affiliate Marketing Success’ I look at SEO and affiliate marketing in a different way. This ebook is no-nonsense, thorough advice, easy to read and easy to apply! If you’re sitting on the fence, I recommend diving on into the SEO for Affiliate Marketing Success ebook and get on your way to success with affiliates!


Learn how to grow your traffic whilst targetting the most lucrative keywords for affiliate marketing success
$ 45
  • SEO basics
  • On page SEO
  • Off page SEO
  • Keyword research
  • Domain Authority
  • Advanced backlink strategies
  • Affiliate keywords
  • Using AI in SEO
  • EAT strategies
  • Using schema markup


Want to fast track your affiliate results without ploughing your way through a detail course? Then the Affiliate Superstar Toolkit is for you. 

A collection of affiliate article templates, email scripts, checklists, planners, trackers, spreadsheets and pin templates to give you some affiliate quick wins. 

This is NOT an in-depth affiliate marketing course. (For that you need Affiliate Marketing Superstars.) It is a template based toolkit designed to help you get results in a follow-by-numbers kind of way!

Before this toolkit, I had failed to get 3 orders from Amazon to keep my account, 3 different times. Since implementing what I learned from the affiliate blog templates, I had 6 orders from Amazon in one day! I only have 1000 views a month and still managed to get more orders. My affiliate revenue went up like crazy!
The templates from the toolkit are a great way to outline articles that convert! They are practical and helpful and easy to use and understand. The templates reach across niche lines so that they can be used in any category. I was struggling to convert clicks into sales I barely made any money from affiliate marketing, besides a few very random sales and lucky clicks. But after getting help from the toolkit, I was able to promote specific products that I love and get conversions at the same time. Now I am regularly making affiliate sales within my niche, and it's all with products and services that I love, and that I feel comfortable promoting.
Very clear step-by-step features to follow. My strategy is clearer and I now know exactly what is necessary to become a successful affiliate. I'm a complete newbie to affiliate passive income and I was struggling with the know-how and how to set everything up. It was just so overwhelming. Then I came across this toolkit and haven't looked back! I'd say 'Go for it' and if you can, get the Affiliate Marketing Superstars course as well as the toolkit. Well worth it if you want to start and grow as an Affiliate.
Thanks Leanne so much for your affiliate superstar toolkit - it is the best selection of tools for affiliate marketers that I have ever seen. Whether a person is new to affiliate marketing, or advanced, I imagine that everyone will find it very useful. My favourite part of the toolkit was the affiliate article templates. I see many people mentioning that they don't know what to put on affiliate content for their blog and this is the best example I have ever seen. I 100000% recommend this toolkit to anyone that wants to improve their affiliate marketing strategy or those just starting out. This was the product i didn't realise i needed until i got it. A real all in one for improving affiliate content.
Leanne's VIP Affiliate Superstar Toolkit is great for anyone looking to start affiliate marketing the right way. The tips and templates aren't like anything you'll find in other resources. I say this because it helped me know how to add links to the right areas in my blog and get lots of clicks and purchases.
This toolkit is a great way to get your affiliates in line and make sure you are checking off all the boxes to make the most out of every affiliate opportunity to better serve your audience. Leanne makes it simple and easy to understand and the blog post templates make putting it all together a breeze.
What makes this different is that it's not just another affiliate marketing course. It's basically a done-for-you system. I love the affiliate article templates! Now I know exactly how to write blog posts for affiliate products. I love that it came with pin templates for affiliate products. This toolkit takes the guesswork out of creating affiliate content.
Because of the VIP Affiliate Superstars Toolkit I actually have an affiliate marketing strategy now. Before I was stumbling along blindly without understanding at all what I needed to do to reach my goals. Now I have a strategy and the tools to take my affiliate marketing to the next level. And the affiliate article templates make it so easy to structure and write my affiliate-based posts. It almost feels like cheating!
I love your videos. They are so relaxed and genuine. It feels as if we are at the same table, having tea, and you started talking about what you do with affiliate marketing because you love it. This course is great, and the downloadable are very helpful, thanks!
It's a completely different take on the normal affiliate courses available and something to consider taking. I love the advice and the printouts that are available for not only tracking affiliate programs but helping you plan how you are going to promote the product.


Fast track your way to affiliate success with this toolkit packed with templates, email scripts, checklists, planners, trackers and pin templates
$ 85
  • 6 affiliate-focussed article templates
  • 3 email scripts for liasing with brands
  • 8 affiliate pin templates for Canva
  • 2 affiliate checklists
  • Affiliate year planner
  • 3 bonus video trainings


Blogging is hard work and there are SO MANY hats to wear. You are juggling SEO, photo editing, social media management, blog monetisation, Pinterest management, pitching brands… The list goes on! 

The Blog Boss System is a way to streamline your blogging methods by creating a blogging HQ. A system which will help you feel organised, focussed and in control. 


The blog boss will give you your sanity back whilst helping you to achieve better results!

Leanne has worked her incredible magic and created the ultimate blogging organiser that will save you time, track your posts, and help you organise your ideas. As bloggers, there are so many moving pieces (and so many pretty notebooks) but Leanne's tool is an all-in-one HQ for everything and anything blogging related! If you're thinking about investing in this resource, do it. You'll save HOURS of time with Leanne's streamlined system
As someone who has more than one blog, I need to be super organised or stuff just doesn't get done. But you end up with sheets of paper, files, bits in Notion and no real sense of being in control. With Leanne's system, I now have a central hub for my business that can be customised for each blog and makes use of the power of Airtable, one of my favourite tools. You cannot afford not to have this if you are serious about your blog - and even more so if you want to succeed at affiliate marketing!
Leanne you are a GENIUS! I just spent the past 3 hrs creating Excel spreadsheets (I'm currently organizing how to tackle starting a new blog) Thank you for your hard work, creating this product. You have taken one of my goals in a new direction....I can implement an airtable for various components related to my niche, by introducing this platform to me. I have been searching for a way to stand out in my niche and here it is!
The Blog Boss Management System is offered at such a nominal cost for ALL of the benefits you receive. So very worth it! You will save SO MUCH time in organization and control over your business. It's YOUR roadmap on how to get there, you can leave the program as is or personalize it any way that better suits you or your business. Very customizable and user friendly.
picture of a screenshot of facebook testimonials raving about how a product helped them


Your one-way ticket to a productive, efficient, organised blogging ecosystem
$ 59
  • Strategy planning
  • Education resource hub
  • Blog/email content planning
  • Social media management
  • Affiliate results tracking
  • Finance and tax records
  • Blog post decision calculator
  • Affiliate decision calculator
  • Audience survey template
  • Airtable organisation tutorials


What often puts bloggers off creating digital products isn’t the creation itself – it’s understanding how to effectively market their products. 

Sales pages can take a long time to build and even longer to perfect conversions rates. 

Steal these tried-and-tested Elementor page templates to create sales pages, webinar sign up pages, tripwire offers, lead magnet landing pages and much more…

I've got enough resources to last me for years! I'm actually in awe at how much value is in this bundle. It would have taken me days to come up with such professional-looking sales pages from scratch. Also, I just wouldn't have known where to start with designing something like this. Honestly, these templates have saved me so much time, allowing me to really focus on building my business.
Setting up sales funnels, tripwires and sales pages can be tricky, but the Sales Page Bundle makes it so simple to do. A video guides you through the basics of Elementor and how to use it. The template pages are laid out for you and so easy to change and make your own. Creating your own marketing pages are a doddle with the templates, I wish I had them years ago.


Everything you need to promote and sell digital products directly from your blog
$ 89
  • Lead magnet page template
  • Tripwire page template
  • Webinar sign up page template
  • Full sales page template
  • Affiliate sign up page template
  • Offer expiration template & more


Ideal for those who are more focussed on growing their email list
$ 45
  • Lead magnet page template
  • Tripwire page template
  • Offer expired page template
  • Tripwire timeout template
  • Pin & product mockup templates
  • Full video tutorials included

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