Streamline your affiliate marketing strategy
save time and stress less!

Get the tools and templates you need to make affiliate marketing a total breeze…


You want to make money blogging but you feel stressed trying to juggle all the tasks you know you need to do.


THE VIP Affiliate SuperstarS TOOLKIT

Affiliate Superstar Toolkit

All the tools and templates you need to save time and start making more money today

This toolkit can help you if...

  • You want to start making money quickly and just need some tried-and-tested templates to help you to achieve this quickly
  • You’re struggling to get accepted to affiliate programmes and some of the companies you want to promote don’t even seem to have programmes. You feel stuck at a crossroads. 
  • You find yourself feeling overwhelmed by all the things you need to do when you publish an affiliate article and need a little help to make sure you don’t forget something important. 
  • You know you should be tracking your affiliate income but you feel stressed just at the thought!


If you are looking for a more in-depth course and a deep dive into affiliate marketing strategy, then check out the full course Affiliate Marketing Superstars. 

You will get access to all of this...


Never feel stumped by an email or suffer writers block again. With 5 affiliate article templates, 8 affiliate pin templates and 3 email templates for getting accepted to any programme, suggesting a joint venture partnership and asking for a commission raise.  Emails will be a breeze from now on


Want to make sure you never miss something important when you click publish? Like adding your disclosure and staying legal! Or need a checklist to keep you on track for affiliate open-close cart promotions? There are checklists for both!


Most bloggers fail at affiliate marketing because they don’t have a plan or a strategy! So use this printable affiliate marketing planner to plan and track your affiliate strategy so you can see at a glance, what is working, and what isn’t and make changes accordingly.

Affiliate Superstar Toolkit

I remember back in my early blogging days feeling the total overwhelm by how much there was to do and how much I had to learn. 

Back then I was just adding affiliate links randomly throughout my content HOPING it would convert. But, alas, crickets!  

Fast forward a few years and I know exactly which articles will make me money and how to structure them. I’ve navigated joint venture partnerships and negotiated commission raises. I have systems in place to streamline my efforts and save me time. 

I’m earning a full time salary whilst finally achieving work life balance. I want the same for you which is why I created this toolkit to fast track you there…


Thanks Leanne for this awesome planner. I am not new to affiliate marketing or SEO, but having a neatly drafted annual planner helps to stay on track when there are millions of things going on. The affiliate marketing planner has helped me to set goals and look for opportunities that I should be focusing on. Love it!

Frequently Asked questions

Inside your printable affiliate planner and tracker you will find

  • 12 x Month reviews
  • 12 x Month planners
  • 1x Blog Statistics tracker
  • 1x Social Statistics tracker
  • 1x Ad Revenue statistics tracker
  • 1x Income tracker
  • 1x Annual affiliate sales planner
  • 10 x Affiliate programme planners
  • 10 x Affiliate programme trackers
  • 10 x Affiliate article trackers
  • 2 x Affiliate links tracker
  • 1 x Affiliate application tracker
  • 2 x Get focussed questionnaires.
  • 3 To do lists – daily/weekly/monthly
  • 1 Goal planning worksheet
  • 1 Resource page

Simply download and print. Print as many duplicate pages as you need. It is also not year-specific so you can use it year on year!


Inside you will find templates for 5 of the highest converting article types designed to convert affiliate commissions including

  • The review
  • The comparison 
  • The listicle 
  • The tutorial
  • The interview

You’ll get access to 3 email templates designed to 

  1. Help you get accepted to any affiliate programme
  2. Help you set up a joint venture partnership when no affiliate programme exists
  3. Help you approach that awkward subject of getting a commission raise. You know you deserve it…

There are two checklists included.

The first is a checklist to use whenever you click publish to make sure you’ve done everything possibly to make your article a money-making success! From keeping legal with disclosures to using the right types of links and the right distribution.

The second is for navigating open-close cart affiliate promo sales. These fast paced sales are super lucrative but also have the potential to be very stressful! Take the stress out with this checklist to keep you on track!

You will need to have a blog already to gain the most from this toolkit but yes, it’s absolutely suitable for beginners. 

It’s never too soon to start affiliate marketing as long as you have realistic expectations and understand it takes a while to get traffic to your blog to drive affiliate sales. 

Yes, you will also get 3 video trainings. 


You’ll get video training on writing those tricky emails to affiliate managers as well as additional training on how to structure an affiliate article to earn the most commissions. 

You’ll also receive a bonus video training teaching you how to get into the mind of your ideal reader and work out which affiliate products you should be promoting to solve their problems and earn more moolah!

Absolutely, you can adapt all of these templates to any niche. 

For example, tutorials in the travel niche would include travel itineraries where the activities and accommodation is part of the step-by-step instructions.  

Tutorials for food bloggers may be in a recipe format. 

But the building blocks and format remains relevant for any niche!

Due to the digital nature of this toolkit, refunds are not possible. However, I’m confident that you will love the toolkit and find it helpful!


This is your chance to fast track your way to affiliate marketing success!

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