Frase Review 2021 – This SEO AI Tool Can help You Rank #1

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If you want to get your blog or online business to rank on Google, then learning search engine optimisation is an absolute essential. However, as the blogosphere gets more crowded, the competition for the coveted number one spot on Google gets tougher and tougher.

It’s no longer enough to write quality articles, sprinkle them with keywords and hit publish. You need something which helps you to take your SEO strategy to the next level.

In this Frase review, we will be taking a look at the new SEO AI tool on the market and I will show you how you can use it to take your SEO strategy to the next level and outrank even the toughest of competitors boosting your website traffic.

AI-powered tools are the future of search engine optimisation. The sooner you hop on board, the better advantage you will have over your competitors.

Frase review roadmap infographic

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What to expect in this Frase review:

  • What is Frase
  • Key Features
  • How to use Frase to get more organic traffic
  • Pros and cons – my personal Frase review
  • Frase pricing plans
  • What other people are saying
  • Should you purchase Frase for your blog/business?

What is Frase?

Frase is an SEO AI tool that uses artificial intelligence to pull all the information you could ever need to create detailed content briefs enabling you to write the absolute best content to address your topics.

This has the power to help you rank higher on Google with your piece of content.

As competing for the coveted top spot on Google search rankings gets tougher in the future, SEO AI tools are likely to become vital for anyone taking SEO seriously.

(You don’t have to take my word for that, just check out these impressive Frase case studies!)

Compared to similar AI products, Frase is a much more affordable option making it a great tool for bloggers and newer business owners looking to get a competitive edge.

There are 4 key areas Frase can help you with.

  1. Topic research – helps you to find questions people are searching for related to topics or products.
  2. Content research – it pulls all the relevant information you need for your article research into a handy sidebar. Includes SERP information, LSI keywords, stats, topic facts, recent news articles, authority sources, questions asked on forums etc.
  3. Content creation – whilst you type, Frase is continually scoring your content against your competitors and making suggestions to improve your content and position you as the expert.
  4. Chatbot answer engine – helping to guide readers around your site and deliver them content and answers relevant to their queries.
picture of a tablet with AI written and lots of computer code and symbols around it

What is SEO?

If you’re reading this wondering what on earth SEO is, it stands for search engine optimisation and it is essentially a way of leaving clues for Google so that it understands us and our websites helping them to rank relevant content on their search engine.

Understanding SEO is vital to growing sustained traffic to your website. So if you haven’t started learning about it, I recommend checking out this super simple SEO beginners guide. To get the most out of Frase, you will need at least some understanding of SEO first.

picture of someone picking up building blocks spelling SEO

Why is SEO AI important?

Only 0.78% of searchers look beyond the first page of search results of Google according to a study by Backlinko. They also found that the article in the number one spot is 10 x more likely to be clicked than that in position 10.

This shows just how important it is to get into one of the top 3 positions on Google search – preferably the number one spot which sees over 30% of those clicks.

The popularity of voice search continues to get more popular with 48% of consumers regularly using voice search.

40.7% of the answers returned come from featured snippet according to Backlinko. This demonstrates that optimising our content for the questions people are specifically answering is incredibly important. SEO AI helps us to achieve that by scouring the major question and answer sites to find all the most commonly asked questions for our search topic.

A study by BrightEdge showed that the following were the most anticipated SEO trends

  • Consumer Personalization 28.66%
  • Artificial Intelligence 25.69%
  • Voice Search 21.23%

All three of these come under the umbrella of SEO AI and optimising your content for what people are actually searching and how they are searching for it.

So hopefully you are convinced that using an SEO AI is the way forward to help you boost website traffic? So let’s dig in to why Frase might be the SEO AI content marketing tool to help you beat the competition…

someone typing on a laptop which says content is king - a commonly said phrase about seo Key Features

Generate topic ideas

Similar to Answer the Public, Frase can help you identify questions and search queries related to your niche or affiliate products.

You will get lists of question ideas which you can narrow down by the source e.g. Reddit, Quora, People also Ask…

You can also get details about the keyword search volume and difficulty score by upgrading to get the add-on keyword package.

Personally, I still use Keysearch to find the best keywords for my topic but Frase helps to inspire my topics and direct my keyword research.

frase question ideas with arrows pointing to different question and answer tools such as reddit, quora, people also ask

Content Research – create detailed content briefs 

This is my favourite way to use Frase.

Frase researches your keyword and pulls extensive information on the topic into a tab on the right side of your article editor.

Example of Frase pulling SERP information

Frase analyses your competitors from the top 20 ranking articles for your chose search term.

It pulls SERPS information, LSI keywords, header titles, key stats, authority links and a list of questions people are asking about the topic on the likes of Quora or Reddit.

Say for example you are writing a product review. Frase will pull information such as questions people commonly ask about that product and information like which features your competitors are reviewing.

Usually, you would have to trawl sites like Quora and Reddit for that information.

This information would take you several hours to collate which means that Frase is a great way to save time.

And yes, I used it to write this Frase review!

Some content creators might skip this research step but then ranking that article is a little like searching for a needle in a haystack!

You can choose to browse the content it pulls and click to add to your content brief. Or alternatively, you can ask it to auto-generate a content brief and then tweak the topics as you like.

You can then share these detailed content brief with guest bloggers or content writers who are creating content for your website – they don’t even need their own Frase account to be able to access this!

Content creation

As you work, Frase scores your content compared to your competitors and finds ways that you can improve your content. Your goal is to make your content the absolute best available information for your chosen topic.

Example of frase keyword content gap finder

Say, for example, you are missing a keyword that 8 or the top 10 blog posts currently ranking mention 5 times each.

Frase will not only give you the nudge to include it but also to make sure you are mentioning it often enough. It will also tell you which words you are over-using so you can potentially swap them out for keyword gaps.

I also find it really useful for finding authority sources for outbound links and finding statistics that I can include to increase my authority on the topic.

SEO add-on – optional extra

If you decide to get the SEO add-on tool, you will get access to the following features. I am personally still using Keysearch instead of upgrading. It works out a little cheaper though of course is a little less convenient.

  • Unlock information about search volumes
  • Add 5 related keywords to one article to make sure you are optimised for all of them.
  • Get domain authority and backlink information about the ranking sites
  • Incorporate backlinks and DA into the topic score to give you a realistic chance of ranking based on authority as well as content relevance.
  • Filter the results to just 5 options so you can compare yourself against your biggest competitors and filter the noise.

Frase Answer engine – optional upgrade

Frase Answer Engine is essentially a chatbot that you can train to answer common, simple questions by identifying answers on your site (from your FAQs) or referring someone to a related blog post or even one of your freebies or offers.

Example of answer engine chatbot - cute robot picture with a speech bubble asking if it can help the reader

Over time, the chat bot learns more about your site based on people upvoting or down voting the response.

Initially, I only planned to test out Frase Answer engine for the purpose of writing this Frase review. As a control freak, I struggle to even hand off tasks to a VA, let alone a robot!

But I have to admit, I was really impressed with the accuracy and also with how easy it was to set up. I think the robot may be here to stay!

Frase answer engine creator tool showing how you customise the tool with questions

You can also train your chatbot by adding datasets with common questions and answers. You can also add buttons to these data sets with calls to actions.

This could be a great opportunity to add links to your lead magnets or even to affiliate links. You can even gather emails to follow up with potential leads directly.

For example, I just added a dataset with the question ‘what is geotagging?’ Then I gave a description of what it is and linked to Thirsty affiliates which is the tool I use to geo-tag my own links.

Example of data assets being added frase answer engine

This could be so powerful. For example, if you were a travel blogger, you might want to add datasets for hotel recommendations. Then if anyone searches anything related to hotels in a certain location, your recommendation will pop up with a link to book via.

One of Frase’s most useful features with Answer Engine is that it stores all the information about what people are asking which helps you with the following:

  • Identifying frequently asked questions which you can add to your FAQ section
  • Identifying content gaps where you can create new content
  • Identifying opportunities to promote lead magnets, products or services and affiliate links.
  • Understanding the type of language and search terms people use so that you can mirror their style in your copy making it more relatable
  • If there are questions being asked which your chatbot doesn’t understand, you can create custom answers using datasets.
Frase answer engine analytics showing how you can filter queries and find opportunities

Frase Integrations

Hubspot Integration

Frase integrates directly with Hubspot, a customer relationship management tool allowing you to add contacts from the Frase Answer engine when someone opts to input their email address. 

Google Search Console Integration

By integrating your Google search console, Frase will analyse the content you are ranking for and group it into cluster.

It then makes recommendations such as finding terms you are already ranking for without specifically trying to. It then recommends either creating specific blog posts for these keywords or optimising the content you do have. 


By integrating Frase with WordPress, you are able to directly import and publish blog posts direct from Frase which could be a great time saver.

Frase FAQ schema.

Applying FAQ schema markup to blog articles helps you to tell Google what type of content it is which helps you rank for Google snippets or under ‘people also ask.’ This can be done manually with HTML or with the use of a plugin like Mediavine’s Create.

However, Frase offers another easy option. Just install a javascript code that Frase gives you into the <head> section of your website. Frase will then detect and markup any questions as FAQs with no extra work on your behalf.

There are other types of schema markups such as for recipes, how-to-guides, lists and reviews. So it would be nice to see Frase introduce some of these at some point too.

Frase Customer Support.

I wanted to take a moment to mention the customer support team in this Frase review. They are very responsive and supportive and have scored themselves an average score of 4.9/5 for customer service on Capterra! Impressive.

Capterra frase review showing 4.9/5 for customer service

And I have to say, they were very responsive when I needed help installing some code on my site. When you submit a support ticket, you are told to expect a response within 24 hours but for me, it was a matter of just a couple of hours.

In additional to Frase’s support team that you access via email, there is also a very active Facebook group with a good admin presence. Of course, Frase also offers it’s own Answer engine chatbot along with several blog post how-to guides so you’re never feeling stuck for long.

The Frase team are also very transparent at showing you what is on the agenda over the next few months and have published this public roadmap.

How to use to rank higher in Google searches

Below is an example of how I use Frase to rank higher on Google search.

Finding a topic

I start off by using the topic research tool to research a broad term. Either a topic or sometimes a product if I am writing an affiliate focussed article.

Frase lists questions people are asking about that topic or product. As I am mostly focussed on writing affiliate articles, I search for any questions which show purchase intent such as ‘is product A worth it?’

Keyword research

I take these queries over to Keysearch (though you have the option to upgrade to get the keyword package meaning you could do this all in the same dashboard.)

I do two types of search. First I head to the quick difficulty tab and type in all the questions or search terms I have shortlisted. This gives me information about those specific terms but doesn’t give alternative suggestions.

If any of these look viable, I will save them to a list and then hop over to the main keyword research tab and start searching in more detail, doing a bulk check of any potential viable keywords.

Creating a content brief

Once I have decided on a keyword, I head back to Frase to start creating my content.

home page frase showing document progress

There are two tabs, one for creating a content brief and the 2nd for writing your draft. You can also share the content brief with any ghost writers or guest writers and they will be able to use Frase to draft that article for you.

On the right side, Frase will pull a lot of information and suggestions based on articles that are already ranking well.

Example of Frase pulling SERP information

Just click on the copy symbol and it will get added in list format to your content brief.

I start with subheadings to make sure I am covering every conceivable angle. I then create a list of LSI keywords I want to include.

I always try to include a FAQ section in my articles and pulls all the questions asked about my keyword on popular forums such as Quora and Reddit. So I’ll make sure to include all relevant questions inside my FAQ.

Using an FAQ schema means I might rank for the answer to one of these very specific queries.

I then look for relevant news articles, statistics or authority sources to link to. Sometimes these are similar links that my competitor has used but I also use it as inspiration to seek other sources.

Frase Review 2021 - This SEO AI Tool Can help You Rank #1

Once I have my list of keywords, subheadings, questions, stats and authority source links, I head over to the editor tabs and start the creation process.

Creating optimised content

Usually, I keep the topic score tab open whilst I write inside the content editor as it points out topic gaps and gives me ideas for LSI keywords to include.

I use the content brief I have created in the 1st tab to help me structure my answer-focused, seo-friendly content.

Once the content is written, I focus in on these topic scores in more detail. I start with searching for content gaps.

Example of frase keyword content gap finder

This is where I have completely missed keywords that most of my competitors are using. Frase even tells me how many competitors are using that keyword.

If I see a keyword that I haven’t included but that has been included by 8 of the top 10 ranking articles, I’m going to want to add that somewhere.

I then head back to the original topic score tab which also shows me keywords I have over used or underused. All are colour coded:

  • red – overused
  • yellow underused
  • grey – not used yet
  • green – used the optimal number of times

Often I will have used one keyword too much but underused another keyword with the same meaning. I can highlight the overused keyword and swap it with one of Frase’s suggestions. This is going to help me rank for more LSI keywords.

As I work through adding more related keywords, Frase is scoring me. My goal is to get as close to 100% as possible.

I can see how other articles are scoring my clicking on the SERP tab. If my article is scoring 100% and all other SERP articles are scoring under 70% I have a good chance of outranking them.

Frase serp scores demonstarting my own serp score for this article at 100 and competitors below 83%

You can also turn on topic scores just for headings. This is a great way to review your headings and make sure you are including as many keywords as possible.

Once I have created and formatted my post I can either import directly to WordPress or I can just copy and paste the article in it’s entirety. All the formatting such as bold text, links added, tables, images and heading levels move across seamlessly.

If you integrate WordPress then you can actually import the content and publish directly from Frase.

My Frase Review: Pros and Cons

I am personally loving using Frase and definitely feel it gives me a competitive edge even with a domain that is only 18 months old (at the time of writing this Frase review.)

Frase advantages

Here are some of the reasons I am crushing on this tool so much!

  • Firstly it’s affordable. When you compare it to competitors like Market Muse where the prices make your eyes water, Frase is far more accessible to newer bloggers and businesses. It might not be the cheapest SEO tool on the market, but used correctly, Frase should pay for itself by helping you to rank affiliate articles or earn ad revenue by ranking your articles higher in search.
  • It’s easy to use. The content research and creation process is very smooth with Frase and doesn’t require a large learning curve.
  • You can share your content brief with guest bloggers or content writers who don’t have Frase and they can still access all the features. Perfect for anyone who outsources article creation.
  • There is a free version. If you want to try it out to see if it will work for you and your business then you can create a free account. You will only be able to create a few documents each month but it’s great for those just getting started.
  • If you are in a hurry, you can choose to ‘automate content brief’ which is going to do the leg work for you and then you can just make a few tweaks before you are ready to start creating the content or pass it off to a ghost or guest writer.
  • You can also import existing content to optimise it to beat the competition. Useful when you have an important article that is on the first page of Google but struggling to reach the top position despite gaining backlinks etc.
  • The Frase basic pro plan allows 30 documents a month. That’s more than some AI tools give users. Unless you are using a lot of ghostwriters to create content and are posting more than 1 article a day, then 30 will be more than enough for your needs!


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Frase Review 2021 - This SEO AI Tool Can help You Rank #1

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    Frase Disadvantages

    Frase is still quite a new tool and so they are often making tweaks to improve it. I think now is actually a great time to purchase it at an affordable price as I do imagine the prices will go up in time as the product improves.

    • Sometimes the subtitles can be glitchy. So when I input an H2 title, sometimes it looks smaller than an H4 title and isn’t obvious that its a heading when I am creating content. This only happens occasionally and fortunately isn’t an issue once you copy everything over to WordPress, all the H2/3/4 headings etc will be correct inside WordPress where it matters.
    • The keyword research tool (Frase SEO insights) isn’t included with all plans so unless you are willing to upgrade, you will still need a keyword research tool. I use and recommend Keysearch which is very affordable.
    • Occasionally a word will show as being overused which is a very short keyword and very relevant to the article so is pretty much unavoidable to not use it many times, especially if your article is longer than your competitors. Therefore use the suggestions in context. AI is smart but you are smarter. I have however noticed in the last few weeks that this feature is getting better. It seems to be working off keyword density rather than overall numbers now.
    • When you are updating previously published articles, you cannot import straight back into Wordpress to publish the changes. Currently you need to copy and paste changes. Adding changes in a different colour can help with this. However, the good news is that they are working on a WordPress plugin which will allow you to make these changes from inside the WordPress dashboard which will make it super conveient. Frase does seem to be good at listening to reviews and acting upon constructive criticism. 

    Frase pricing

    Frase has a free plan where you can access the features to create 5 articles a month. This is a great opportunity to try the tool out but chances are, you will want to upgrade at some point if you want to create frequent content.

    Even the pro plans are very affordable when compared with other similar products. I mentioned Market Muse earlier – their prices start at $79/month (as of February 2020) but realistically to get all the features Frase offers, you’ll need the pro plan of Market Muse which costs a whopping $499/month!

    Luckily Frase is a lot more affordable than that!

    The Pro plan starts at $45 a month.

    If you want access to Frase Answers too, (the chatbot) you will have to pay more – starting at $200 a month.

    frase pricing as of February 2021

    I anticipate that most people will be more than happy with the Content assistant tools to help them rank higher on Google.

    I do wonder if these prices will rise soon inline with their competitors. For that reason, if you are considering getting it, I would do so sooner rather than later!

    Some changes to Frase to be aware of 

     You may read some Frase reviews that mention topics like Co-occurences and concept maps and then struggle to find them.

    Because Frase is still quite a new tool, they are making changes and improvements based on user feedback. The two main changes I noticed were that co-occurrences were no longer visible but also the concept maps are now not available on the sidebar during your research phase. I’m unsure why as it did seem like a nice feature! 

    But you will, however, be able to find concept maps in the related content tab under Wikipedia. This will allow you to bring up concept maps for all related content which you can use to develop your article.  

    concept map generated in frase

    Other Frase Reviews: What other people are saying 

    Frase seems to get excellent reviews across the board. Here are the average ratings for Frase reviews on 3 popular sites: 

    • G2 – 4.6/5 based on 25 Frase reviews 
    • Capterra – 4.8/5 based on 274 votes 
    • Trust Pilot – 4.4/5 based on 28 Frase reviews

    I’m someone who spends a lot of time reading reviews before I purchase any product and Frase was an easy choice. There were 147 Frase reviews on Appsumo and 124 of them received 5 stars!

    You can also check out case studies on Frase’s website to see how Frase has helped businesses to rank better and also to capture more leads using the answer engine. Frase appears to be well loved by both bloggers and major corporations alike.

    Would I buy Frase again?

    I snapped up Frase when it was offered by Appsumo so I got a good discount which unfortunately is no longer available.

    (Appsumo offers insane deals with newer products but with limited numbers so if you ever see a good deal on any tool there, you need to snap it up asap!)

    So would I buy Frase again at full price if I knew what I know now?


    My articles have been taken to the next level. In fact, let me show you a mini frase case study.

    This Frase review article was written first as a regular article written in Gutenburg. The reason was that I needed to publish it quickly as I had an opportunity for a backlink with a HARO query that popped up.

    I didn’t have time to optimise it so I made a very quick content brief with Frase but wrote the article inside WordPress.

    But I knew from using Frase for previous articles, how much better I could make it with a little AI assistance.

    So once I had some more time, I went back and optimised my article with Frase. My original article was getting a SERP score of around 57% and my article was under 2000 words.

    I added a little Frase magic and now it is 4400 words with a SERP score of 100, lots more LSI words included and generally a more helpful article optimised for organic search.

    Another article I wrote only last week for a keyword with a search term of 74000 shot straight to position 15 with a little assistance from Frase. Not a bad starting point and time will tell how high I can get my ranking there but this tool is showing a LOT of potential!

    I’m pleased as punch and I’m sure you will be too!

    Frase Review Conclusion: Should you purchase Frase for your business?

    When weighing up if to purchase Frase, consider how much additional income you could make if your articles were ranking higher on Google. More ad revenue, more affiliate income…

    Frase could very easily pay for itself many times over.

    That said, if you are a newer blogger, ranking on Google for the first few months will be a challenge even with Frase on your side. Frase gives you a competitive edge but it is not a miracle worker so you will still have to be patient and put the work in to gain backlinks to your content – for example by responding to HARO requests.

    Therefore, I think Frase is best for bloggers and online business owners who’s sites are at least a few months old. I would also say it is only worth purchasing if you have a good understanding of basic SEO principles. Using an SEO AI tool like this cannot replace SEO knowledge and the importance of writing quality content.

    However, if you have a fairly good understanding of:

    • Basic SEO
    • User intent
    • Keyword research

    …then I think Frase could be a fantastic asset to give you a competitive edge and grow your blog faster. Why not book a free demo and see for yourself?

    I certainly think that SEO AI tools will be becoming more important (if not essential) in the future. By getting started using AI SEO tools early, you will have the advantage.


    Struggle to remember all the things when it comes to SEO? Nab this free checklist to keep organised and explode your blog traffic

    Frase Review 2021 - This SEO AI Tool Can help You Rank #1

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