How to geo-tag affiliate links to redirect readers to location-specific programmes

Geo-tagging affiliate links - picture of a world map

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Since Amazon Associates slashed commission rates, many bloggers are looking for alternatives affiliate programmes.

There are many brilliant affiliate programmes out there if you look hard enough but not every affiliate programme will work for all of your audiences. That’s where geo-tagging affiliate links comes in.

Say you usually sell books via Amazon. You may find an alternative place that sells books in the US but doesn’t ship to Europe. In Europe, you find another great affiliate programme. However, usually, if you select one, you may be missing out on commissions from the other location.

Amazon gets around this by offering Onelink which redirects readers to the right Amazon programme for their locations.

However there is another way around this issue. In fact there are two way. The free way and the headache-free way!

Geo-tagging affiliate links - picture of a world map

How to deal with affiliate programmes in different locations for free

If you’re feeling cash strapped, this can help you get around the situation. It requires you to use Gutenberg in WordPress to create buttons.

If you rely on text links, you’ll have to decide which programme to refer your audience too. However with the aid of a free plugin ‘Ultimate add-ons for Gutenberg,’ you can create 2 buttons side by side.

Once you have activated the plugin, search for ‘multiple buttons’ and you will find ‘Multiple buttons’ added to the blocks you can choose from.

You can also change the colour, appearance, text and make it open in a new window.

You can put as many buttons as you like, though two or three looks the neatest. I would then link each to a different affiliate product and label them by location. Such as ‘click here to purchase if you are based in the US’ and ‘click here to purchase if you are based in Europe.’

On a mobile, these buttons will appear neatly stacked above each other.

It’s not ideal but it is a free solution if you can’t afford a paid tool for geo-tagging affiliate links.


  • Free


  • Can only link to a couple of locations
  • Isn’t as professional looking
  • Can’t use a variety of affiliate links such as including links with texts and tables.

The headache-free way of geo-tagging affiliate links so you don’t lose a penny.

The headache-free way of approaching this problem is to pay for a plugin called Thirsty Affiliates. It’s still very affordable and only requires a one-off payment.

There is a free version of Thirsty Affiliates and a paid version. The free one is great for organising your affiliate links into a library of links which you can access from within the post editor which is super convenient.

It also allows you to make your links automatically no-follow without needing to add code) and cloaks your links. This makes them look more like a regular link which keeps them safer from commission poachers and allows you to share your links on social media without them looking like a complete mess.

The paid version, however, has some other really useful features including the ability to add geo-links to affiliate links.

This means that you can divert your audience to the right affiliate product for their location from a single link. It’s as simple as adding the link within the library and selecting the country from a drop-down box.

When someone clicks on your link, they will be automatically be redirected to appropriate store which allows shipping to their location.


  • Can redirect to as many locations as you need
  • Can be used for any type of affiliate links – buttons, text, within tables etc.
  • Other handy features included in the plugin


  • Not free but it is affordable especially as you get so many other perks which are going to make your life a breeze!

Check out my full Thirsty Affiliates review here

Other benefits

  • It’s a brilliant way to store affiliate links in a library which will save you lots of time, especially if an affiliate link changes – you can change it just once and it’ll change across the entire site
  • You can assign keywords to your affiliate links so that if you forget to add affiliate links to your articles (or if you have old articles mentioning the product) they will automatically turn into affiliate links so you won’t lose commission
  • You will have access to detailed reporting so that you can successfully track which links are converting and which aren’t. This helps you to refine your strategy and increase your income.
  • You can choose to uncloak some links when needed such as for Amazon.
  • You can redirect links to alternative URLs for short time periods e.g. during sales periods.
  • You can add automatic affiliate disclosures to every post.
  • You can import amazon links from within your WordPress dashboard with Amazon API.

So there you have it, your free and headache-free way of adding geo-tagged links for affiliate programmes in different countries.

Does that make you feel happier about looking for better paying Amazon alternatives?

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How to geo-tag affiliate links to redirect readers to location-specific programmes

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