Feeling stressed, confused or just overwhelmed by all the moving parts in your online business?


Book a Passive Income Strategy Day and we will map out a money making action plan that feels good for you and your blog or online business

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Does this sound familiar?

🌧  Your website is growing but no one is using your affiliate links and successful affiliate marketing feels like a mystery…

🌧 Your email list is growing but you struggle monetising it without feeling sleazy or getting a heap of unsubscribes…

🌧 Launching a digital product feels like the next logical step but you have no idea where to start or what to create…

🌧 Or you launched and it was a flop. You need a little help to work out how you can turn it into a lucrative money maker..

🌧 You have so so many exciting money making ideas but you just don’t know where to start or what to prioritise next to finally move the needle….

🌤 Let’s change that, shall we? 

By the end of your passive income strategy day you will step into 2022 with the complete confidence that you will crush your money-making goals and total clarity about how you will achieve them

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You are not alone struggling to monetise your website.

I have helped thousands of bloggers and business owners just like you to earn more passive income from their blogs.

And now there's a new and exclusive way to work with me 1-on-1 to start getting the income results you deserve.

Imagine getting Paypal notifications whilst you're doing the weekly food shop or meeting friends for a coffee?

Let's create you a personalised plan for you to finally move the needle with your blog/biz.



Struggling to get the page views your content deserves? Let’s chat about SEO!


No one clicking on or buying through your links? Let’s chat strategy!


List growing at a snails pace or not sure how to nurture or monetise your list? 


Not sure what to create to use as a lead magnet? Or what your next paid product should be?


About to launch your first product? Or perhaps your last launch flopped and you need some guidance?


Want to regain some work-life balance? Let’s chat about ways we can automate your business…


1. Select a date and book a strategy day or half day

After you have paid for a session, you’ll be taken to a calendar to book a time.

You don’t need to be free all day. The beauty of a day of Voxer is that you can get on with life and enjoy a steady, relaxed conversation about your biz throughout the day. 

Need to nip to the shops or walk the dog? No worries, I’ll be here when you get back.

Half day sessions run for 3 hours and full day sessions for 7 hours

Choose a time block between 10AM-7PM GMT Tuesday-Thursday

2. We’ll set you up with a free Voxer account 

Voxer is a walkie-talkie app which you can use on your desktop or phone and is completely free. You’ll need to add me as a contact and we’ll check everything is working fine before our strategy day. 

3. We’ll chat all things biz on our strategy day

You can text or leave voice messages – whichever you prefer. I’ll usually reply by voice message unless I’m out and about! 

Zero need to show up at a specific time, get out of your PJ’s or set aside a chunk of your day.  

Instead, we’ll work at a slow and steady pace throughout the day leaving you time to consider and reflect upon the things we talk about.

example of a voxer call screen - it looks like a messenger app like facebook messenger or whatsapp

“I appreciated having the time to digest things that were talked about and also come up with new items during our Voxer chat” Christine Zelina

“Voxer is fantastic for introverts. It made me realize that I spend so much of Zoom calls focused on my appearance on the screen! Voxer takes visual distractions out of the equation and allows you to communicate by voice or by typing, whichever is good for you. “ Kate McCulley

” It was my first time using Voxer and I loved it!” Jeanne Lund

"Leanne's Voxer days are absolutely amazing. It's such a good opportunity to actually get some personalised directions. Courses are great but having the opportunity to actually get feedback on your work and talk about your strategy is so valuable. I've had several Voxer sessions with Leanne and they were all so helpful. It's also a great opportunity to talk about strategies that you don't tap on quite yet. She always provides helpful feedback and really cares about our success."
picture of pauline in a blue dress and sun glasses sitting on a giant multicolour chair which says florida keys.
Pauline Vergnet
Travel Blogger

Half day strategy call

3 hour Voxer session
$ 347
  • Focus on one topic or area you need help with
  • Pick my brain about a specific problem or goal
  • 3 hr window of access (NOT 3 continuous hrs)

Full day strategy call

7 hour Voxer session
$ 497
  • Focus on 2-3 topics or areas you need help with
  • Pick my brain about multiple problems & goals
  • 7 hr window of access (NOT 7 continuous hrs)

Hi, I'm Leanne! 👋

Want to know a little more about your blogging/business coach?!

I’m a travel obsessed doctor – turned travel blogger – turned passive income strategist. When I’m not teaching bloggers and online business owners how to make more moolah, I’m usually travelling the UK in my badly behaved campervan named Nel.

I escaped the 9-5 grind and replaced my doctor salary using only passive income strategies – WITHOUT a huge blog or oodles of page views and followers. 

I’m here to show you that you don’t need 10K Instagram followers or 100,000 page views a month to make a full time income. You just need to be strategic. 

I started making consistent $5K months with just 40K sessions on my blog and nowadays I make up to $13K a month via affiliate marketing, email marketing and selling digital products. 

Can I help you to do the same?!

Let me help you to...

🙌 Break down limiting beliefs, make mindset shifts and get laser focussed in your business

🙌 Shift your focus and start prioritising strategies which are going to actually move the needle

🙌 Make plans that feel right for you and your online business and that get you the results you desire

🙌 Work out why a particular strategy or launch hasn’t worked for you and help you to turn things around

🙌 Start earning more money with blogging, affiliate marketing, email marketing or selling your own digital products

🙌 Reach your full potential and regain your work-life balance with a business that you wake up excited to work on…


"I was so impressed by both the depth and breadth of Leanne's knowledge in the passive income world. She was able to conjure brilliant insights seemingly out of thin air, and I have so many thoughtful things to work on. I also appreciated how focused Leanne was! One thing that surprised me was when Leanne recommended several podcasts that would be good for me to be a guest on. That wasn't even remotely on my radar. She also offered to introduce me to good contacts. Leanne has super-deep knowledge on a lot of topics, and I think she'll surprise you with things you've never considered. Spend time beforehand planning out exactly what you want to talk about to make sure you fit it all in!"
picture of kate mcculley from adventurous kate website smiling directly nat camera with blue background
Kate McCulley
Travel writer at AdventurousKate.com
"I loved my full-day session with Leanne. I don't think I've had something so focused on my work before. After our session, I came away with so much more clarity on what I need to do to move my blog forward. Leanne was very available and offered even more advice than the questions I asked. Like she knew what I needed. It was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend her expertise!"
christine zelina smiles at the camera
Christine Zelina
Disney Blogger at Treasuredfamilytravels.com
"The question is not 'should you book a strategy day' but 'can you afford not to consider one?' You may not be able to see the wood from the trees anymore in your business, so you need other viewpoints. But you need the views of someone who knows what they are doing and has experience. If you are feeling stuck and not growing this could be the absolute solution for you. I personally really think I can finally get out from between a rock and a hard place now and start focusing on my growth"
Jeanne Lund
Decor & craft blogger at Makecalmlovely.com
"Leanne is incredibly honest and forthcoming with information. A lot of times working with people they are vague and give basic advice. It was not that! Not only was she generous with her time but her input and suggestions were so in-depth and targeted. This is one of the best investments I have made in my business. If you really want a new set of eyes on your content and to help you strategise how you can leverage what you have Leanne is amazing. Be sure to have a clear idea of what you want to get from this session, and block your calendar so you can devote your attention to the time together. It's so worth it."
Amanda Mouttaki
Morocco culture website owner at marocmama.com


Voxer is a walkie talkie app. You can download it on your phone or sign in on your desktop. 

It’s a little like Whatsapp but there’s no need to exchange numbers. Instead you will find me with my username. 

You can type or talk, whatever you feel most comfortable with. 

Regular blogging/business coaching can sometimes feel restrictive. There’s little time to reflect or consider answers or follow up with questions you don’t think of immediately. Plus you are tied to a specific time and have to be at your laptop and life sometimes gets in the way of that, right?!

Voxer, however, is a way to have a more relaxed and productive chat throughout the day, even if you need to go answer the door or pop out to collect the kids from school.

You can reflect on what we talk about, spend some time brainstorming or considering your options then come back for some feedback or to ask another question as it pops into your mind. The more relaxed approach to coaching gives you more brain space to let the ideas and strategies sink in. 

I tested out my Voxer days on my Affiliate Marketing Students and they LOVED the format. 

My office hours are usually Tuesday-Thursday 10 AM-6Pm GMT so you should at least manage a few hours to chat even if you are in a completely different time zone. You may prefer to book a half day session if you are in the PST timezone. 

But if those times don’t work for you, get in touch (before booking) and I’m sure we can sort something for you. 

Life happens and if you need to reschedule that is fine. All I ask is that you give me at least 24 hours notice. 

I specialise in passive income strategies so if you want to talk about growing your Instagram following or working with brands on a sponsored campaign then I am probably not the coach for you!

This is also not a place to talk about setting up a blog or business. This is for those who are already set up but need some help to grow and monetise their websites/email lists or add new streams of revenue. 

If you are a blogger or an online business owner who wants to take your biz to the next level then let’s chat!

If you select a half day session then you will have a 3 hour window to contact me. During this timeframe, I recommend we focus on one area or topic you want to work on so that we can dig in deep. 

If you select a full day session, you will have a 7 hour window to contact me and we will have more time to touch on multiple areas where you need help (I recommend up to 3 topics to get the most from this session.)

This is not a 3 or 7 hour strategy call. I do not expect you to be available and sat at your desk for this entire timeframe. 

Drop the kids at school, go for lunch with a friend or nip to the shops. That’s all fine.  

As long as you have the time and headspace to check in periodically throughout the day and respond to messages then you will gain a lot from this session.

There is no expectation for you to respond to messages immediately. Instead I’d prefer you take your time to really consider the questions and dig deep – that way you will gain far more clarity from your strategy day. 

Yep, Voxer is completely free. Download the app on your phone or login online, your choice.

No problem, just drop me an email at leanne@passiveincomesuperstars.com

"Today was by far the best coaching session I have ever had! I was blown away by the amount of detail Leanne went into and the ground we were able to cover in 7 hours! We came away with a TON of actionable advice- solid, tangible items that we can implement right away and use far into the future. Absolutely LOVED our session and will definitely be back for more! To anyone considering purchasing a strategy day with Leanne, do it! You will get so much out of it! I have had many coaching experiences and Leanne is absolutely at the top. "
Grainne Foley
RV travel website owner at therovingfoleys.com

Ready to take your blog or online business to the next level?

If you’re ready to hash out some ideas, solve that problem that’s been bugging you or gain some clarity about how to move your blog or online business forward then book a day (or half day) of Voxer with Leanne… 

💪 Let’s do this!