My brand new course ‘Affiliate Marketing Superstars’ is in development and will be available soon…

This comprehensive affiliate marketing course will show you how to make a  great passive income with affiliate marketing even if your blog isn’t exactly huge… 

Even when I had less than 40K page views a month, I was making over $5000 in passive income with affiliate marketing. I want to show you how you can do the same. 

Just some of the topics we will be covering;

  • Choosing the right affiliate network and how to get accepted to any programme
  • Refining your affiliate strategy to best serve your audiences needs
  • The psychology of sales 
  • How to be successful without selling your soul or being ‘salesy’
  • Different strategies for 1st click vs last click affiliate programmes
  • My personal tried-and-tested cluster strategy
  • How to get oodles of traffic to your affiliate article
  • How to craft an article which converts (including templates you can steal)
  • How to improve your click through AND conversion rates 
  • The secret-sauce to make sure they use YOUR affiliate link
  • How to get people to add your product to their shopping cart on Amazon giving you an extra 87 days cookie period
  • How to use affiliate links on Pinterest for evergreen and open-close cart sales. 
  • How to promote affiliate links successfully on social media 
  • How to build an email list and promote your affiliate products to your most loyal fans 
  • How to ace an open-close cart affiliate sale (content plan included)
  • How to get a commission raise 
  • How to analyse your progress and refine your strategy
  • Article templates, email templates, checklists and workbook included…
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How will this course be different to everything else out there already?!

Most of the courses out there already about affiliate marketing are written by bloggers who have HUGE blogs. They have a million page views a month.That’s a long way off for most bloggers starting out and can make their results feel totally unobtainable. I, on the other hand, started making $500 a month when I had 5000 page views. By the time I hit 40,000 page views, I was earning over $5000 a month! 

Hopefully this sounds a LOT more obtainable for you?!

I’m passionate about teaching strategies that work for EVERY blogger. Whether you want to make your first affiliate sale, have your first $1000 month or $10,000 month! These affiliate marketing strategies have been tried and tested and work without having fame, fortune, a huge team behind you and over a million page views a month! 

It is also way more detailed than ANY other affiliate marketing course I have come across. This is going to be a true one-stop-shop for all things affiliate marketing!

I’m in and can’t wait to know when this course launches!