Want to save time creating lead magnets and Digital products?!

I have the solution…


You know you should start creating more digital products to grow your email list BUT...

I'd like to Make your life a little easier with these

50 lead magnet canva templates

50 lead Magnet Canva Templates


These lead magnet templates are for you if

You are a busy blogger who wants to grow your list but doesn’t have time to be spending days creating lead magnets for every article!

You want to create beautiful lead magnets but design skills but graphic design is not your forte.

You also want to create products which are professional enough to sell and grow your passive income but you’re not sure if your design skills are up to the task.

What you GET with this template bundle

50 lead Magnet Canva Templates

50 unique templates

Never be at a loss for what to create with this huge library of templates from quizzes to 30 day challenges to PDF guides, planners and checklists  You can adapt these to ANY niche!

50 lead Magnet Canva Templates

Easy to edit

These templates can be adapted in Canva which is a super simple drag-and-drop design tool. It also comes with a Canva tutorial showing you how you can easily edit the templates to match your branding. 

50 lead Magnet Canva Templates

No additional purchase necessary

Canva is a free tool and you do not need to purchase the pro plan to use these templates. 


  • You could create irresistible lead magnets and digital products to sell in under an hour
  • Every day you attracted new subscribers to your email list who actually look forward to your emails
  • You were able to monetise you email list on autopilot by creating and selling digital products – WITHOUT spending days, even weeks designing them!
  • You finally managed to find that work-life balance you’ve always dreamed of. 


With increasingly crowded inboxes, you need a good incentive to persuade your reader to let you into their mail!

Offering free lead magnets which are related to your niche can be the perfect incentive. 

There is also the potential to sell these digital products and earn more passive income!

These templates can be easily edited in Canva which is a simple, free drag-and-drop design tool. I will also include a tutorial showing you how to use them

Yes! Feel free to use these templates to create both lead magnets to grow your list and digital products to sell and earn passive income. 

However you cannot sell the templates for other people to use as templates!

  • 4 front covers
  • 1 copyright page
  • 2 about the author pages
  • 1 contents page
  • 3 instruction pages
  • 5 checklist pages
  • 1 general to-do list page
  • daily / weekly / monthly planner
  • 3 goal planning pages
  • monthly trackers – with 3,4,5,6 and 7 column options
  • 1 project planner
  • 1 blog post planner
  • 3,4 and 5 step plan pages
  • 4 planning or review pages
  • 30-day challenge page
  • Quiz or assessment tool
  • 3 resource pages
  • 2 quote pages
  • 1 affiliate programme page
  • 1 exclusive offer page
  • 1 final words page
  • 1 back cover
  • PDF guides
  • checklists
  • workbooks
  • trackers
  • diaries/journals
  • project planners
  • Blog planners
  • 30 day challenges
  • quizzes and assessments
The options are endless…

If you are giving away your lead magnets to grow your email list then I recommend saving them to a Google drive folder. You can then grab a shareable link and use it in your welcome email!

Honestly, it’s simple!

No the photos are for display purposes only but chances are they wouldn’t reflect your niche anyway! 

Canva has millions of free stock photos you can choose from or you can use your own images

Yes I do. If you enjoy using these templates and wish to share them with your friends and followers, you can earn 30% commission over a 12 month cookie period. 


You could have your first lead magnet up and running, growing your email list (or even monetising it) in under an hour! 

50 lead Magnet Canva Templates


I’m the blogging coach and designer behind these templates! I’m here to help you grow your blog into a profitable biz, fully automated so that you can make passive income whilst your taking a nap or down the pub with friends!